Best Chew Bones For Yorkies — Our 6 Best Picks!

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Chew bones for Yorkies, just like any other dog breed natural chewers. Sometimes dogs chew things to explore the world around them, especially for puppies. Other dogs chew to combat boredom and ease frustration and mild anxiety. And you don’t want your dog to chew on whatever object they munch on. That’s why you will need some chew bones for Yorkies.

Having some chew bones for your Yorkie is a great practice to flex their chew power and also to protect them from chewing other objects that can be harmful to them. Particularly for the puppies as they are notorious for chewing everything. Also, chewing bones do more good than harm. They also serve some purposes such as helping to clean the teeth, keeping them busy, and promoting bone health. But you need to make sure it’s the right chew bones for Yorkies.

With that in mind, we have rounded up the best chew bones for Yorkies, and these products we listed guarantee your dog will have satisfaction. Scroll down further to learn more about our featured chew bones.

Chew bones for Yorkies

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Wait A Minute, Aren’t Chew Bones Bad For Yorkies?

chew bones for Yorkies

There are two possible answers: yes and no. Yes because there are bones that are bad for your dogs regardless of whether it’s raw, cooked, or synthetic. There are several factors as to why it is bad for your Yorkie.

Among those reasons is that any type of bone is subject to choking hazards, and some bones have splinters that are dangerous to your dog when ingested especially when cooked.

Speaking of cooked food, if you love your dog, never feed them cooked bones because it’s too dangerous for them.

The same goes for raw bones. Although these bones are much safer than cooked bones, nevertheless there are raw bones that should be avoided for your Yorkie. These are rib bones, pork bones, and bones that are smaller than your doggo’s mouth.

The reason being is that they can be easily cracked or create splinters. In the worst-case scenario, it can get stuck in their stomach or throat which leads to surgery and even death if not treated immediately.

When it comes to synthetic or commercial chews, probably it’s much safer than raw and cooked bones. This is because there are a lot of innovations and added safety precautions in order to make the chew bones safer compared to the real bones. Although, you might want to consider the caveat that even in chew bones, we can never guarantee their complete safety especially if it’s non-edible.

But in fairness to chew bones of today’s manufacturers, most of them are not only safer but also included some benefits. Some of them are a great aid for dental health, keeping the dog busy, it’s cleaner, and above all, there’s some nutritional value in it.

And speaking of chew bones, some of the chew bones that are safe are featured in this article. You may want to see them each and maybe it’s time to replace your dog’s bone with a new healthy and safer chew bone.

Of course, dogs are generally natural chewers because it’s rooted in their DNA and they explore their world through chewing. But you need to make sure you supervise them whenever they chew on something. And better give them the right chew whether it’s a raw bone or a synthetic (edible and non-edible), but be sure to exclude cooked bones regardless of the parts.

Best Chew Bones For Yorkies — OUR TOP 6 PICKS!

Our Top Pick: Milk-Bone MaroSnacks

Our best pick on our featured list is the Milk-Bone MaroSnacks. We bet you saw this coming. Because this is the most well-loved classic milk chew bone. Every pet owner knows the value of this dog treat and it’s ingrained in the culture of the United States ever since this was created.

Also, the flavor is simply irresistible because of the beef flavor and it resembles a bone that’s why every dog will dig this. And it’s among the reason why this is worth a try.

Not only that, it’s a practical snack that makes an excellent treat. Your dog will surely munch on this because of the beef flavor that contains real bone marrow and because of its crunchy bites. There’s also calcium and probiotics which aids the development of your Yorkie’s teeth, bones, and muscle.

Besides that, this also contains vitamins and minerals to supply the needed energy for your dog. What’s great about this is this does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors, or even sugar. Because this brand cares about the health of your dog.

One of the best ways to give this to your dog is through a reward-based system be it in behavior or when they accomplish something in training.

Why buy this? Because it’s the most practical milk chew bone you can give to your Yorkie. Also, this brand is well established and they produced healthy treats to ensure your dog’s happiness. Although you need to regulate the giving of dog treats because anything excess can be harmful.


Nylabone Healthy Edibles

Our second top pick is the Nylabone Healthy Edibles. Nylabone is another trusted brand and a great alternative to raw bones. It is very delicious and savory due to its all-natural chicken and roast beef flavor.

If you want a bone that’s edible at the same time beneficial, then this should be among your option. Also, this is packed with necessary nutrients and minerals that promote the overall health of your little furry friend.

The Nylabone Healthy Edibles is very tasty and we are definitely sure that your dog will love this. Also, with its small-size chew treat, this is ideal for small, medium, and large dogs. Furthermore, it has amazing and well-balanced nutrients and formula for healthy teeth and gums, and bones. You can safely bet on this one because there are artificial flavors and preservatives. and salt it’s all-natural for safe digestion and improved health.

What makes this worth considering is that every chewing bone has low in fat and the flavor isn’t artificial because it is entirely chicken or beef.

This means that your dog is eating a portion of nice beef or chicken, and ensure, your dog will munch this down to the last bits. It’s a great way to make your dog happy especially for a reward.

All in all, your dog deserves a healthy chew bone treat, especially for a Yorkie, and these Nylabone Healthy Edibles should be your priority. Having this will make your Yorkie love you even more.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

If your Yorkie has stomach sensitivity or a grain allergy, the best product for you is the Blue Buffalo Wilderness. This brand is among the well-respected and high quality when it comes to kibble food.

We have tried this on our picky Yorkies and they really love it due to its grain-free and because of the nutritional value, it contains. This is your perfect option if you want a grain-free diet for your dog.

You got to admire the Blue Buffalo Wilderness due to its advantages. Not only this can keep your dog busy, but also it helps to maintain your dog’s dental health and freshens breath as well.

Also, this brand makes sure that the ingredients contain nothing but wholesome sources only. Meaning there are no corn, soy, wheat, by-product meals, and others else. Plus, there are no glutens making this a perfect treat for your adorable Yorkie.

It’s available in different sizes. The best way to give this to your Yorkie is through their good behavior. When they behave well, you can give this to them for positive reinforcement but be sure to not spoil your dog with this treat.

Why buy this? Because if you are a pet owner that opts for having a grain-free diet or your dog has allergic to grains, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Treats is the right chew treat for them. Also, it’s highly nutritious and every bite of this benefits your dog’s health.

Purina Alpo T-Bonz

Our next contender is the Purina Alpo T-Bonz. There’s no doubt that every dog will love the beef flavor especially if it’s filet mignon. Plus, you can see each Tbonz chew bone treat is like an actual bone. With this kind of design, your Yorkie will definitely love this even at first sight. Also, it has a superb formula and is mixed with high protein content. It’s a worthwhile product because of its decent quality and nutritious content.

What’s notable about this is the Purina is carefully formulated with the natural nutrition that a carnivorous dog needs. Meaning, it’s beneficial to your dog’s health as well as rich in flavor. The Purina Alpo Tbonz are carefully processed and accurately made so there’s consistency and making sure the nutritional value is high. Also, it’s made with real beef and made in the United States, so there’s a guarantee that this chew treat has better quality.

However, be careful about giving too much treat because this can be addictive for your dog and they may replace this as their kibble food. Also, if your dog has grain allergies, this may not be the right product.

All in all, if you want an alternative to Nylabone, you should choose this as your viable option. Its beef flavor will make sure your dog will love it. Making this a treat for behaving correctly is a perfect way of giving this.

Pet ‘N Shape Chicken Hide Twists Dog Treats

The Pet ‘N Shape Chicken Hide Twists are another perfect option for your Yorkie. This might not be a chew bone, but it’s an incredible alternative dog treat for your little pooch. Also, it’s specifically designed in order to match the canine’s nature.

This product is worth considering because of its chicken flavor and all-natural ingredients. The product is great because of its one-size-fits-all, which is great for puppies, adults, to senior dogs.

This dog treat consists of chicken meat, rawhide, and glycerin. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives, no wheat, soy, and corn. It’s all-natural which is also well suited for Yorkie with stomach sensitivity and allergies to grains.

What makes this unique from other dog treats is that the chicken strips are wrapped around a rawhide making this rich in flavor. This makes it so enticing to any dog regardless of breed and size.

In addition, it has a perfect formula that is great for digestion as this includes prebiotics and omegas. It’s a high-quality product and another excellent way to give love to your Yorkie by giving this as a treat.

All in all, what makes this great is the unique feature of chicken breast wrapped around the rawhide. Having this dog treat will definitely make your Yorkie happy and healthy.

Greenies Original Dental Chew

If you are looking for chew bones for Yorkies that specifically aid dental health, then it’s the Greenies Original Dental Chew is your best option. Knowing that Greenies is one of the best dog treats is very beneficial, especially in oral hygiene.

This is an effective way to prevent any tartar and plaque build while your dog is busy chewing this. Even pet owners and vets are in favor of recommending this because it’s extremely useful for your dogs.

Each Greenies pack has 45-count dog chews. The classic design is to make sure the teeth are being cleaned while your dog is chewing. Warding off bad breath and bacteria in the teeth.

This is mainly composed of natural ingredients along with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Giving this to your dog on a daily basis will make sure their teeth and gums are well taken care of while being happy. In addition, it also has a formula to aid healthy digestion.

Because this dog chew is not just any dog chew. It has more to offer which is to aid your Yorkie’s overall health. This brand has been among the best manufacturer of dental chews which is very evident. Even our Yorkies don’t have any tartar or plague due to their regular intake of Greenies.

Is the worth buying? It totally is! Because this is not just any ordinary dental chew. This does the job perfectly in oral care maintenance and helping your dog’s optimal health.

Choosing The Best Chew Bones For Yorkies — Our Buying Guide

Each dog has its unique desire when it comes to chew bones and dog treats. Meaning their nutritional needs will be different from each other, and that includes breed, age, and size.

But in this particular, it’s for Yorkies. Normally Yorkies are highly energetic even though they have a small stature. So, you need to ensure the dog chews you are going to buy is appropriate for them.

It’s a fact that there are many available dog treats for your dogs, but not all of them are deemed worthy. Because of your dog’s specific dietary needs, which is one thing, and there are other things you should know about. That said, we have listed below the important attributes when you are buying chew bones for your Yorkies.

Source of Ingredients

If you are the type of pet owner who based their decision on beautiful packaging and with promising labels such as “all-natural flavor”, “real beef”, etc. Do yourself a favor, and check the ingredients first. Because you can’t be sure of the contents and the nutritional value if you don’t read the ingredients. Even though it’s a high-quality brand, you need to make sure you know what you are getting.

Particularly if your Yorkie has a sensitive stomach or has an allergy to certain food. You need to be careful. Also, watch out for chew treats that contain artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers, and other artificial fillers which don’t contribute anything to your dog’s health. So, be sure to read the ingredients first especially if you really care about your dog.


Another very important factor is that the chew treat or dog bones you are going to buy match your dog’s age. Most dog treats have special formulations according to age that’s why they are categorized as a puppy, adult, and senior. Also, not all dogs have the same needs and nutritional requirements.

Besides that, you need to consider its texture, shape, and sizes that match your doggo’s age. For example, a healthy Yorkie puppy will need a chew treat that’s for the puppy not for adults or seniors. Age is another important factor you need to pay attention to when buying chew treats.

Calorie Content

Given that not all chew treats or chew bones are the same when it comes to calorie content, some will have high-calorie content, some have average, and others have low calories. Whatever might that be, you need to make sure that the calorie content is indicated.

This is very important because it will determine how many of these should be given to your little pooch. The same goes for fat content. On that note, always check the label first and see if there’s a fat and calorie count. Remember, giving your doggo too much of what is needed is harmful to their health.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Dental Chews Worth It?

A: In most cases, yes. But bear in mind, they are not that effective if you don’t perform daily brushing on your dog’s teeth and mouth. Dental chews can help in some ways but they should be the replacement for your dog’s daily brushing. Although they are beneficial when it comes to reducing tartar and plaque buildup.

This can even aid your doggo’s digestive health as well as promote healthy skin and coat. Again, it’s better to brush your dog’s teeth and mouth while also giving your dog a dental chew.

Q: Why Some Bones are Safe and Others are More Dangerous?

A: There are several factors to this question. But the reason behind this is that it has something to do with the bone’s structure. For example, raw bone is more flexible and may not splinter off when chewed.

However, a cooked bone regardless of whether it is beef, chicken, turkey, etc, may likely splinter due to the calcium deposits having evaporated. This can also become brittle which can become dangerous to eat for a dog or a puppy and can damage their esophagus, stomach, and mouth.

Q: What are good treats for Yorkies?

A: All of our chew bones and treats listed above are among the best recommended not just by us, but also by different opinions from pet owners and vets. But, our personal favorites are the Nylabone Healthy Edibles and the Greenies Original. This is because our Yorkies love every bite of it and the flavor is also the reason. Plus, it’s also beneficial to their health due to its nutritional value. Although, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Final Thoughts

As for any pet owner, you want to ensure that what goes into your Yorkie’s mouth is healthy and filled with nutritional value be it kibble food, dog treats, and chew bones. That’s why we made sure we have rounded up the best chew bones for Yorkies so you don’t have to spend too much time researching.

Also, rest assured that what we have listed here is healthy and beneficial to your dog’s overall health. Because we are also owners of Yorkies and we deeply care about your dog’s health which is why we carefully curated our list.

But this doesn’t mean all of this is effective or your dog will dig this. Be sure to know your dog’s health if they are picky eaters or have sensitive stomachs. You can refer to our buying guide so you are sure enough that the dog treats you are buying is appropriate for your little doggo.

Have you found out what you are looking for? Do tell us! We love to hear your thoughts about this, so drop a comment below.

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