Best e Collar for Small Dogs – Our Top 5 Picks!

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Do you want to train your lovable small pooch? Or, do you want to address their unwanted behaviors? If your answer is yes, you can go for the best e collar for small dogs. Although it faces great controversy due to its delivery of electricity into the dog’s body, this device tends to be a handy dog training tool. Some of the modern-day models of this doggy product come with a multiple function mode.

In this blog post, we listed and reviewed 5 of the most popular e collar device available in the market. You can see which features excel on one product from the other. See which one is suitable for delivering your dog’s training needs!

5 of the Best e Collar for Small Dogs

OUR TOP PICK: Educator Training e Collar

Why Educator Training e Collar is the best e collar for small dogs? Basically, this shock collar boasts for its ranking in the Amazon bestselling category. Most dog lovers out there are highly satisfied with the performance of the Educator Training e Collar. And as you will browse and do your research for this e collar for small dogs, you will discover that this shock collar garnered more than 1000 positive customer reviews.

What does Educator Training e Collar really do and how does it lands on the position of being the best e collar for small dogs?

Functionality-wise, this shock collar from Educator eliminates the stress on your small pooch together with the static level. Aside from that, it has a stimulation level ranging from 1 up to 60. Because of that, communication with your dogs will be more effective. As your dog’s handler, you may also have full control over this e collar stimulation level by increasing or decreasing it depending on his size.

Using this e collar for small dogs you can highly offer smooth-flowing stimulation to your doggo without producing jerks on their neck. The Educator Training e Collar is a remote collar so it usually comes with remote control. Both this device and its remote controller are made with premium quality materials. With that, you will be guaranteed that it can withstand any extraneous dog training. The thing that I really love the most about this Educator Training e Collar is the tracking light that it has. Once you turned it on using the remote control, your small pooch can be easily traced upon walking. It also has a lock and set feature that keeps your dog safe.


SportDOG Brand Waterproof Training e Collar

The newest training e collar product on the list is the SportDOG Brand Waterproof Training e Collar. Although new in the game, it already proved itself to be the best e collar for small dogs. Generally, by using this single remote alone, you can simultaneously train up to a maximum of three dogs. Because of that, this e collar tends to be the most cost-effective choice by numbers of dog trainers out there.

This e collar for dogs offers three different models based on the needs of your dog. Each model entails distinct specifications. The first model is the Camouflage e Collar which is highly intended to be used on a brant surrounding showcasing a camouflage look. Next is the Stubborn dog e Collar that is generally suitable for headstrong canines.

Lastly, it has the Collars model which tends to be the uncomplicated one. With that, this e collar for dogs is the best choice for every dog’s temperament. So, regardless of the dog breed, SportDOG Brand Waterproof Training e Collar can be used for training your pooch properly. Aside from that, this e collar from SportDOG Brand is the best e collar because of its Stubborn dog collar model which is not yet available to any of its competitors.

IPETS PET619S e Collar

IPETS generally created an e collar for small dogs in which they put all of the required training functions in a single receiver and remote controller. Using this IPETS PET619S e Collar allows you to handle and train almost a wide range of dog breeds. Its separate buttons allow for easy functionality. This means that you can see three different buttons for beep, shock, and vibration that makes sending command an easy one.  

It has a rotating dial that serves as an adjustment for intensity level. With all of those features, most dog trainers and pet owners love this best e collar for small dogs. There are almost thousands of buyers and users who are already become satisfied with the performance of IPETS PET619S e Collar.

Along with performance satisfaction, other factors that every dog owners fall in love with are its affordability, durability, and the best value for money. It also highlights a waterproof feature so letting your dog swim with this e collar could not be a problem especially in terms of moisture formation.  Its lithium batteries for the remote control and the shock collar are both rechargeables.

And, the good news is you can recharge them simultaneously so you can save lots of your time. IPETS provides a one-year warranty for this small dogs’ e collar. Yet, that warranty period will be extended to 3 years once you register this doggy product.

Pet Union PT0Z1 Training e Collar

With a range of 1200 feet, this e collar serves as a trainer and great controller for pets anywhere. This means that you can handle your dog in your park, backyard, or any open field. By offering all of its extensive features and functions, the Pet Union PT0Z1 Training e Collar is the best e collar for small dogs. It is highlights a completely customizable feature ranging from 1 to100.

To experience the excellence of its auto-protect feature, there is the presence of the wireless unit. It greatly assists in extending the shelf-life of the lithium-ion battery. You can also see a blue backlight within its LCD display. That way, this e collar is highly noticeable during the daylight. It is also one of its attractive features.

Pet Union PT0Z1 Training e Collar comes with a lifetime warranty. You can also save more of your bucks as you will also get some professional advice for free. No wonder why most pet parents choose this e collar for small dogs to train their little pooch.  

Petronics Rechargeable e Collar

Initially, Petronics Rechargeable e Collar is not only the best e collar for small dogs but also a good example of great things that come in a small package. Yes, this e collar for dogs is so small yet offers to be an effective tool of communication through a two-way radio. It is actually a shocking collar generally intended for small dogs. As it comes with 4 different functions, it also excellently boasts wonderful features.

In terms of static shock, vibration, light, and beep, Petronics Rechargeable e Collar is customizable. Through that, it will actually get better corrections. You have the option to use this doggy tool in your backyard or in the park. For a range of 330 yards, it can able to control and train the behavior of your dog.

This is highly rechargeable which tends to be a great solution to your dog’s too much barking behavior, immediate running, chewing, biting, or peeping. Through the help of this e collar, all of such dog’s behavior can be effectively corrected. With just an affordable price, you can generally have all of the amazing features that you are looking for in a dog’s e collar.

Things to Look for Before Buying the Best e Collar for Small Dogs

Shock collars, training collars, or e collars, these words are basically used interchangeably to describe a dog’s collar that can address a certain dog’s behavior. Yet, buying such for your small lovable pooch is really a pain. You can see that there is a wide range of competition for this doggy product in the market. Aside from that, it is also confusing to know that each product highlights different sets in terms of its functionality.

best e collar for small dogs

That’s why it is very necessary for you to have even a little understanding of the product that you will be buying before heading out the door. It is good to know that small e collars and large ones basically offer similar benefits. However, you still need to have a deeper understanding of the purpose of each primary function. You also need to know the following factors that you will be looking for before you buy an e collar.

1-The Types of e Collar

E collar for small dogs generally has 4 available types in the market. These are the following:


Among all of the other forms of e collars, this first type is the most basic and affordable one. Basically, it is used for training and alteration of your dog’s behavior. Most pet owners and trainers usually love this training collar for dogs because of its affordability.

The goal of the training collar is to reduce the period of the dog’s training session and in a quick span of time, the owner can already see a good result. Moreover, a good training collar ranges from 1000 to 500 feet. This range is generally applicable for backyard training or training within an open space.


As it name implies, the anti-bark collar acts to control dogs barking behavior together with their training session. The modern version of this type of e collar includes embedded sensors that feel the beginning of dogs barking.


This kind of e collar for small dogs generally utilizes Geo-fencing technology. It basically works in conjunction with an invisible fence within your place.


Another type of e collar for small dogs is the GPS Collars that are generally helpful in locating and restricting the dog’s movement during a hunting activity. This results in an easy hunting experience because it acts as an eye on your dog.

2-Multi-signaling Modes

The rule of thumb is that a shock tends to be the last option for punishing the dog. That’s why it is crucial to look after the one that provides added functional modes. Usually, most e collars for small dogs have at least 2 to 3 signaling modes. Features offered include shock, beep, vibration, and even the presence of light in it.

Moreover, an e collar device that offers multi-options is a great product to pick. With that, you can be sure that you will receive an excellent combination of stimulation in correcting the dog’s behavior.

3-Intensity Stimulation

Stimulation intensity usually ranges from level 1 up to 100 which you can generally choose by clicking the buttons or the dialer. That kind of stimulation assists in training the dog. However, don’t forget the size of your pooch and take it into consideration. Always keep in mind that a small pooch has a different level of stimulation compared to that of a large dog.

Aside from that, it is also important to note not to stimulate your dog using static electricity. In case your dog is already comfortable at the lower setting, then it is best to apply a minimum of 100 training sessions using that level, initially. Stay on that phase before proceeding to a higher one. This basically means that to end up on the best e collar for small dogs, you need to choose the one that fine-tune the delivered stimulus.

4-Maximum Range

In terms of the e collars, the range defines the optimum effectiveness of the operational distance that comes between the collar and the controller. Generally, high-end products that are available in the market have a range of 300 yards up to one mile. Once you live in an uphill, expect that the range reduces automatically. So, a device that has the ability to cover up until one mile is really a good choice.


Dogs generally love to play in the water. That’s why when they are under the rain they usually become naughty. If that’s the case, moisture can penetrate inside the e collar and it may be a potential hazard. So, a waterproof e collar is the best option for those dog owners in which their pooch loves to play in the puddles. However, this feature is actually optional especially if your dog does not want to get their feet wet.


In the purchasing world, they have this perception that expensive items are the ones that can provide assurance in terms of safety. But, this is not the case here. Buying an expensive or a cheaper one doesn’t really matter. What you’ll need is to keep an eye on the dog device that provides functionality and controllability. Make sure that the e collar is also able for fine-tuning.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Honestly speaking, there is no difference when we say shock collar and e collar. These two terms are usually used interchangeably when it comes to training your pooch or dealing with their unwanted behaviors. So, with that, there is basically no debate here.


A: Regardless of the size of your dog, an e collar or a shock collar is generally useful. In terms of safety, e collars can be used for dogs without any doubt. In fact, the use of e collar is a humane way to reduce the bad behaviors of the dog. Generally, when it comes to training purposes, the concept generally lies around aversion training.


A: Most of the time, shock collars are being misused thus resulting into the dog’s behavior of anxiety, fear, and aggression toward other people and animals. If not properly used, this doggy device does not train dogs the way you want them to be. So, if you do not know how to use it accordingly, then do not.

Final Words

Although equipped with shock, vibration, and beep, training your pooch using the best e collars is not alarming and painful for your pooch. It provides the usage of warning features as well as security setting. Through that, the excessive and progressive shocks will be highly prevented. Moreover, always keep in mind to consider all of the buying factors here before grabbing one. That way, you will have an obedient yet happier pooch.



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