white yorkie

White Yorkie

Why white Yorkies are the best choice for me and my family? White Yorkie Temperament and all about your Yorkie There are many reasons to get a Yorkie dog, and the list could go on and on. To name a…

biewer terrier vs yorkie

Biewer Terrier VS Yorkie

A breakdown on the Biewer and Yorkshire terriers The Biewer and Yorkshire Terrier are two very popular breeds of dogs. Biewer Terrier vs Yorkie In comparison, they are both small, playful, and have a lot of energy. But which group…


Yorkie Separation Anxiety

It would be of no shock if your Yorkie is extra emotional and loves to be around you most of the time. It is because of the natural deposition of Yorkies to embrace their human friend’s love and attention. Yorkie…