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Hi, Im Marcus


Yorkshire Terriers are feisty, clever, and jolly canines. They are large in spirit but small in package. Such a personality can be challenging for new owners. So here at YorkshireTerrier.Dog, we aim to help you solve common Yorkie problems, concerns, and issues. We also review and recommend products so you can raise your doggo safely and healthily.

As fellow Yorkie owners for over 10 years, we have dealt with the nastiest problems a doggo can have. From emergency vet visits, injuries, sickness, diet woes, and whatnot, we have been there.

We also realized that there are not enough resources on the web to help Yorkie owners with practical problems. This is why we decided to put up this blog – to help fellow Yorkie owners solve dog problems within the comfort of their fingertips.

From grooming, training, diet, recreation, and more, we discuss our personal tips and suggestions on this blog. We aim that you will toss at least a bit of information that will make your life easier as a parent.

If you have suggestions or topics that you want us to discuss, feel free to let us know. Our team will try to accommodate you as soon as possible.

P.S. Please pet your dog for us!

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