Are Yorkies Good Family Dogs?

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Yorkie is the nickname of the Yorkshire Terrier, and, as the name suggests, the dog comes from Yorkshire, England, and belongs to the Terrier family. Are Yorkies good family dogs? yes, because the development and creation of the breed are so linked with Yorkshire, the dog breed has this place in its name proudly.

are yorkies good family dogs

Yorkshire is a Northern England county that saw a significant boom during the 19th-century industrial revolution. Most people from Scotland came to Yorkshire for work at that period because it is near the English-Scottish border. 

They brought some small terriers with them. By reproducing many different types of terriers together, The Yorkshire Terrier was unofficially made to have a little dog who could catch rats and mice in the factories.

Their Popularity

In 1872, the Yorkshire Terrier came to North America, and the American Kennel Club registered in 1885. In Victorian England, Yorkies were very popular, and this led to Yorkies also being very popular in the United States.

Currently, according to the American Kennel Club, the Yorkshire Terrier is the 6th most common purebred breed.

Because of this small-sized dog breed, Yorkies are one of the most common lapdogs in both Great Britain and the USA.

Yorkies are no longer used to capture rats since they have been smaller since the Industrial Revolution. Yorkies are now known to be gentle, beautiful puppies suitable for companionship.

Yorkie Temperament

Yorkies are considered to be a big dog in the body of a small dog. Yorkies have a great personality and want to engage in their community. The nature of the Yorkie is positive, curious, healthy, and often caring.

Some Yorkies are highly stubborn and can be overly competitive and safe from their parents. Some Yorkies are very proud and wish their owner’s much attention and often enjoy their owner’s affection. Although the temperament of a Yorkie may be very different, they are likely to be quite alert pets, who don’t think that they’re as small as they are.

Soft, submissive, and ineffective behaviors typical in lapdogs are generally not translated into Yorkies. If a Yorkie displays these behaviors, they are considered improperly educated.

Yorkies can be a little loud, however, when they bark or yap very often. Often they may believe they are watchdogs because they always tell strangers. Socializing your dog is so essential that many people and other animals are used to it. This will make a living with a Yorkie much more accessible in their adult life.

It’s important to keep in mind that the first three months of your Yorkie’s life are crucial in shaping their personality. This is why finding a reputable breeder is essential, as they will have your dog for at least half of this time if not more.

Are Yorkies Good Family Dogs?

yorkshire terrier training

Yorkshire Terriers are among the most common breeds for toy dogs, but they’re not making large children’s playthings. Yorkies and children can’t get mixed because Yorkies are not perfect “kid’s pets.” When you’ve got a Yorkie and kid, you have to show children the correct way to behave with the small terrier and reproach the Yorkie with acceptable forms if she’s barking or snuffing at them. Yorkies are good family dogs with the right treatment.


Yorkshire terriers do not weigh more than 7 pounds at maturity and may weigh as little as 4 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club standard of the breed. These dogs’ small size and relative fragility make them poor paired with families with young children. Kids of infancy and pre-school age can easily injure a little Yorkie, but a scared dog will protect herself in the only way that she knows: with her teeth. If the idea of owning the cute little Teacup Yorkie that you might have noticed in purses and carriers, you should consider the cost of these Teacup Yorkies. The Teacup Yorkie will cost more money and care.


The Yorkie has no sweetest disposition, which became apparent when they feel challenged. Aside from defensive nipping when scared, a Yorkie can also start aggressive nipping when vicious children approach. Yorkies are terriers, meaning their wild personality is a tough little dog. You are not frightened to take bigger dogs on walks or in the dog park, and annoying children may fall into the same category.

Older Children

While Yorkies are not ideal for small children’s families, especially the teacup Yorkie, older children are another story. Once children are old enough to understand how to come and deal with a little dog, they can bond with a Yorkie. Because Yorkies are also very playful, they can make good companions for older children with a tiny canine. Yorkies need intensive care, which gives children one way to learn how to handle these dogs.

Yorkies as Family Dogs: Their Training With Children

We have discovered that children and Yorkies might not be the best of friends, of course, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get along. In reality, you can foster interaction between dogs and children in your household with the right precautions.

Let’s look at the best ways to make sure that your children and pets are polite and respectful.

Circumvent the issue and wait for your children to become mature.

There is a simple way to make sure all pets and children are happy in your home and wait for your children to be old enough to be responsible pet owners.

If you ever saw a child interacting with a dog before, you’ll understand what I mean—toddlers are dog lovers. They love to play with them but may seem to get a little overzealous.

Let’s just say they sometimes try to ride dogs like horses and dogs don’t like that. Nevertheless, older children will appreciate the difference between a toy and an animal, and the Yorkshire Terrier would be less challenging to care for.

Yet, how old does your child have to distinguish?

Although this reaction differs from child to child, I suggest that children under the age of 5 should not handle Yorkshire Terriers. If you need a Yorkie when your kids are young, you still have plenty to do.

Train the Yorkshire Terrier properly.

A tame animal is handled much more comfortably than an undisciplined animal. Make sure your Yorkies are well-conditioned if you keep young children and Yorkies under the same roof.

As soon as you adopt your Yorkie, you can start training immediately.

When you visit an animal shelter, ask what kind of home your Yorkie comes from. Not all shelters will know, but it’s a good starting place. Any dog from a family of small children would be better trained with other pets to cope with.

Once you find the right dog breed, you can set boundaries as soon as possible.

Yorkies need their own space, especially in young children’s homes. Show your dog and your children where it is all right to communicate and where to go if you need personal space.

If Yorkshire terriers want to get along with young children, particularly children outside the family, they need to be properly socialized.

Socializing a dog requires familiarizing them with non-familiar people and animals. In doing so, you also have to take your dog out and expose them to other species.

Dogs who are not socialized are usually scared when some new person or dog arrives at the door.

Train your Yorkie at times to avoid inappropriate behavior.

Note that these dogs are gentle creatures willing to please their owners. Shouting and yelling also lead you to behave more aggressively and do little to mitigate unpleasant behavior.

Remain calm and call your Yorkie instead of shouting. When your Yorkie refuses you, it might be appropriate to have a gentle pull on the collar for offensive behavior.

The easiest way to teach a dog is to inspire them to be smarter than obedience. Use treatments as a good behavior motivator. It’s one of the most straightforward concepts to understand for your Yorkie.

Participate in the training process for your children.

Your children and dog do not get back together if you keep them apart all the time. Have your children participate in training to strengthen their friendly ties with their dogs.

It’s a beautiful idea to let your children go to the dog. Move alongside your child when keeping the dog’s leash. When leading the dog, teach them that they have to be gentle but still firm enough to guide the animal.

Yorkies are Good Family Dogs: How to Train Them

family dogs

Aid your baby feed Yorkie. Everybody loves to be fed, and if your dog sees the child carrying food, good feelings will increase.

  • Play with your child and with your Yorkie fetch, tug-o-war, or any other activity. Physical activity is an excellent way to create safe and productive relationships and also a lot of fun!
  • Let your child have a treat for your Yorkie. You will never meet a dog who’s going to say no to a gift! If your Yorkie does something sweet, have a treat for your dad. Dogs enjoy the people who praise them.
  • Recall that gentle physical contact builds confidence. Encourage your child to pet your Yorkie carefully. This creates trust between them.

Remember, note that your own illustration is your best children’s teaching resource. Your children will imitate your actions and try to do the same if you are kind to your animals.

Final Words

Some home conditions are better than others to foster good conduct and bring out the best personality in Yorkies. It is desirable to have a home setting that fits around schedules and structure.

It is essential to have daily eating time, walking time, playing time, quiet time, and bedtime. Ideally, to maximize the good quality of your little pal, you will build a home setting.



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