How to Groom a Yorkie with Matted Hair

Yorkshire terriers (or “Yorkies,” as they are considered to be more widely called) are very famous animals, so pet groomers are not surprised to see many of them in their lounges. Many pet Yorkies are kept in a short, convenient haircut rather than a show coat. Yorkies are gentle little puppies but do not always mean simple little puppies. Their straight hair reveals every mark on their coat, and your best friend is thinning shears while caring for these dogs. You need to know how to groom a Yorkie with matted hair to make sure that their beautiful coat remains healthy.

how to groom a yorkie with matted hair

Introduction to Yorkie Grooming

There are smooth, silky coats and delicate fur in Yorkies. Thankfully, they don’t shed too much, but they’re somewhat allergic, which most frequently turns out to be itchy. Let’s look at Yorkie grooming, including critical topics such as how to clean a Yorkie’s face, various Yorkie hairstyles, and shampoo for Yorkies. Here’s a guide on how to groom a Yorkie with matted hair.

This helpful guide will not take long to learn the fundamentals of a Yorkshire Terrier grooming session.

1. Yorkie Brush Preferences

The correct Yorkie brush begins with an appreciation of your Yorkie’s coat structure. The perfect Yorkie coat for breeders is a single layer of dense, silky, luscious fur.

Many breeders compare this beautiful Yorkie coat with human hair. Nevertheless, Yorkies may also have silkier and woolier coats, more delicate and more synthetic, or even double coats.

So, the first step is to see what kind of coat your Yorkie has.

You may select the right brush for the type of Yorkie hair, which penetrates without abrading your dog’s hides, thanks to the texture of your Yorkie coat and the number of layers (one or two).

2. Check the best Yorkie shampoo and conditioner.

The everyday life of your Yorkie will decide how much he needs to be bathed. Some “just inside” Yorkies could get away every 2 to 4 weeks with a bath.

Many Yorkies “indoor-outdoor” could get dirtier faster and need a bath every week. You want to find the best bathing duration so that your Yorkie’s coat is clean and safe, without using natural oils.

You’ll want to find out if your Yorkie has sensitive skin or dry skin or itchy skin. With that information, you could make a better choice of good shampoo for your little 4 leggers.

If you are unsure, your veterinarian will look at your Yorkie’s skin and hair and give you advice. Just use the best Yorkie shampoo and conditioner for bathing your Yorkie’s coat, not the human shampoo, but you want dog shampoo for your 4 leggers. Good high-quality top-rated Yorkie shampoo is pH-balanced, lighter, and alkaline for your dog’s skin than human skin.

You can also add a natural moisturizer to your Yorkie’s bath routine to fill any natural skin and hair oils that are lost due to regular bathing or skin allergies.

You consider your Yorkie to be the best dog so your Yorkies coat deserves a good dog shampoo with natural ingredients.

3. Yorkies Cut

There are so frequent haircuts for a Yorkshire Terrier.

When you first visit the groomer and look at all the styling options for cutting Yorkie’s coat, it may seem like you have more choices than your own hair!

As you select your own hairstyle with your face shape, hair type, and preferences in mind, you can also find the right Yorkie cuts that work with your Yorkie’s coat, thickness, length, and preferences.

More complicated cuts can involve the first creation of your Yorkie’s coat.

One example is the popular show style in which the hair of the Yorkie will grow long and be lined just underneath the floor, so it spills over the paws.

You may want to go natural and pick “Yorkie puppy cuts,” if your Yorkie is only a puppy (also known as “Yorkie teddy bear cuts”). It cuts the hair equally on the neck, body, tail, and paws of a Yorkie.

If you are looking for a short Yorkshire terrier haircut, there are many choices for you, including an easy-keeping short, sassy Yorkie summer cut, and a Yorkie kennel cut. This cut is just a hair over the torso that is tapered on the head, nose, lower legs, paws, and tail.

How to Get Tangles Out of Your Yorkie

yorkie's tangled hair

According to the American Kennel Club, the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most common dog breeds in America. Yorkies, who are lovely friends, requires a great deal of attention. Both have thick, silky coats, which need regular care and brushing.

Long hair dogs are susceptible to tangles and mats. Brushing or combing tangles can irritate your Yorkie; excessive hair pulling may damage the dog’s skin. It may take time and multiple attempts to eliminate stubborn knots. How do you groom a Yorkie with matted hair?

Apply a detangler solution to the tangled hair. Use plenty to get the region moist. Dog detanglers can be purchased in any pet supplies store. It will be next to the shampoo and toiletries.

Keep the tangle base, nearest to the skin of the Yorkie, to avoid pulling. Comb slowly. Act out of the tangle, where the matting is less. Work your way to the worst area.

Attempt to use a mat rake if a standard comb doesn’t fit. Mat rakes have sharp teeth designed to cut severe tangles. Using the mat rake the same way that the comb is used, but rake the hair layer along. The sharp teeth are designed to cut the surface. Break the head. If the mat rake doesn’t do the job, break the tangled hair into vertical strips, then peel out little bits.

How to Groom a Yorkie with Matted Hair

Mats don’t just annoy the coat; they literally contribute to a dog’s discomfort and cause skin irritation. If this occurs, the dog bites or attempts to chew on the surface, so that the mat increases in size and the hair becomes tangled further. You have to warn that this biting will discolor your hair and cause infections of the skin.

Small knots can be quickly separated when the dog is handled twice a week or hourly. Larger knots arise when part of the dog’s coat is for some time ignored.

A rough, matted dog is not a happy dog. So here’s how to groom a Yorkie with matted hair.

Sensitive Dog Areas You Should Know

Here are some areas that you should be aware of when grooming your dog!

The base of the tail is behind the head, under the legs.

Also, some long-haired dogs don’t like brushed body pieces with good preparation and socialization in the clinic.

Under the front legs are regions that frequently knot if not often brushed behind the ears and at the bottom of the tail.

Some places are particularly responsive to the dog, so dog demonstrations occur when these places are washed.


Hair should be separated from the paw pads. There the hair begins to grow and, when removed, can start forming mattresses that cause trouble on the feet.

The hair between the pads on your dog’s feet is easy to wash. If you want to do this yourself, the hair can be separated from the pads by scissors or cutters.

Around the Butt

Long-coated dogs around the anus are frequently overlooked, a region that can turn matted. This is one place, but rarely fun, it must be clean and mats-free.

If not correctly trimmed, feces will stick to the hair causing constipation that results in fecal effects. For the dog, this is really painful. The hair is quickly removed with clippers. You may also use a pair of blunt-tip scissors, but be especially careful in this area. This area has sensitive skin that you don’t want to cut. Do this in a well-lit area.

Dogs are usually anxious and run about and sometimes scoot their backsides on the floor, so keep it trimmed or take your 4 legger to the groomers.

Useful Tips You Can Use

yorkie grooming tips

Here are some tips on how to groom a Yorkie with matted hair.

Tip One

Train the dog to take advantage of the medication first, so he can live long enough to get his mats out! Start your pup brushing when he’s young, even if he doesn’t need it. Offer praise and high-value services so that he can mix toiletries with good things.

Tip Two

Watch closely the places that mat easily: the ears and thighs, the armpit, the undercarriage, and the rubbing of your Yorkie’s collar or halter.

Cream or spray removers keep your Yorkie’s coat from being clumped and can be used to make the after-bath time brush out smoother. Use only specially made items for dogs.

Tip Three

Whether your Yorkie’s coat has been heavily dressed or has not been cared for in a while, contact the veterinarian. An uncared-for coat and extremely matted dog hair can cause skin irritation or infection that a doctor needs to treat.

Speak to your groomer to learn the best way to brush your pup and the type of brush to use. Your groomer is happy to chat, the more you do, the easier her work is.

Tip Four

Don’t forget the paws. The hair between the pads will turn matte. Keep hair short. Keep it short. If you need a touch-up between clinical treatments, purchase some dog clippers. It’s better than scissors on the delicate paw pads of your puppy.

Clippers are also useful to keep the backside of a dog clean and smooth. This area can quickly become messy between sitting and pooping. A clean anal area between you and your dog deserves a bit of humiliation.

Tip Five

A good diet allows him to have a healthy coat, which means less matted dog fur. Look for omega-3 or fish oil in food and supplements for your dog. Of course, consult a veterinarian to know the right food to give your dog.

Shaving a Matted Yorkie

yorkie's matted hair

The most common areas of matting are below the ears and joints between the dog’s arms and legs. If the mats are messed up in time, they will attack the entire dog’s skin, causing immense pain.

If your dog is severely matted, shaving may not be pretty, but it may be the sweetest alternative, enabling you and your dog to continue to clean with daily care.

Phase 1

Ask permission to watch a dog shaving process from your usual groomer if you are anxious. Dogs can sense your mood and sense if you are anxious, so being relaxed will help you and your pet if you rub your dog. While only watching can help you to relax, you’ll probably also pick up some useful tricks while watching the groomer grooming your dog.

Phase 2

Place your dog on a table and keep it by the collar tightly. Place a leash on the back of the chair for hands-free clothing and move the chair in. Hook the dog to the other end of the leash to keep the dog from running to get out of his clippers.

Phase 3

Ask a friend to support you if your dog is particularly tender or tilting-resistant.

Phase 4

Put the No.10 blade on your clippers and continue shaving the head of the dog. Be careful about the face, especially the eyes and ears. Keep the clippers at least 1 inch away from your dog’s eyes.

Phase 5

With the No. 10 razor, shave the dog’s underarms and tail area. Hold the clippers flat against the skin of the dog to avoid injury. Avoid brushing, if your clippers get too hot wait for it to cool down.

Phase 6

Shave the dog’s back from the head to the tail. If your dog’s mats are severe or are close to the skin, use the ten-blade to shave the entire body. If the mats are not so severe, a slightly larger blade can be used.

Phase 7

Shave the dog’s sides down and the legs down next. If the fur of the dog is severely matted, the whole coat can look like a sweater in one piece. Check the clippers regularly for overheating when your dog is getting shaved, as they can overheat and can burn your Yorkie’s sensitive skin.

Phase 8

Shave the belly. Your dog can have itchy skin after shaving. Give her a cold bath to clean the skin, relax it, and try not to rub or scratch it because it can cause hot spots.

Final Words

That’s it! That’s how to groom a Yorkie with matted hair. When your dog’s coat is kept short, it is easier for the groomer to brush him down rather than expose him to some painful de-matting.



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  1. Hi Guys, I found your site because my Yorkie dog s hair sometimes gets tangled. I was looking for any ideas I could do at home instead of going to the groomer. The coronavirus thing has so many places closed for business, so here I am. My Yorkie has a more wiry type of hair. It’s not matting it just gets tangled, so what is some good advice you could give me in my situation?
    Maria Antonia

  2. Hi Maria Antonia, a Yorkie dog s hair is not hard to manage. I suggest trying a good shampoo and conditioner, and a good brush. A Yorkie being a small dog will save you some money on grooming. Using a good shampoo and conditioner like the earthbath will soften the hair a bit, and comb his hair with a quality brush once a day. The CHRIS CHRISTENSEN WOOD PIN BRUSH would work well for you.

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