10 Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Yorkies

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Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies as they are fondly called, are small in size but feisty in nature. This personality and manageable size make them the most popular toy dog breed in the United States. And since this breed is active and always on the move, its coat can get dirty easily. When that happens, you should have the best shampoo and conditioner for Yorkies to bring back the fresh coat of your pooch.

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Too long, didn’t read? Here are our 10 picks for the best Yorkie shampoos:

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Best brush for Yorkies

Grooming needs of a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies have a long and silky coat with very straight strands. If not trimmed regularly, their hair could grow too long that it already touches the floor. And since they don’t have an undercoat, Yorkies don’t shed and must be trimmed manually to maintain their clean look.

If you have a long-haired Yorkie, bathing isn’t an easy task. You need lots of shampoo and patience to untangle any snags and remove every mat. Their coat is so soft and fine that it can get tangled easily, much so if you let it grow too long.

With the nature of Yorkies’ coat, regular bathing is a must. Trimming is also necessary, so your Yorkie’s hair will not get tangled when drying. Unless you’re willing to go through the hassle, you might as well keep the dog’s coat short.

Lastly, daily brushing is imperative to keep the flowy and shiny coat of the dog. You have to do this even if you’re not bathing your dog. Brushing helps remove dust and dirt from the coat, not to mention that it lets you check for skin issues problems and parasites.

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Skin and coat problems to watch for

Yorkshire Terriers are susceptible to some skin problems and health conditions that trigger coat issues. As the owner of your pup you must be aware of the following risks:


A lot of dogs develop allergies to several substances, and Yorkies are no exception to this. You have to watch out for signs of allergies, including itchiness, intense scratching, hives, inflamed skin, and sneezing. Take note that these symptoms can also point to other health problems.

Such allergies can be due to food or external substances. Usually, food allergies will entail rashes and diarrhea. But for external causes like pollen or exposure to chemicals, the reaction would be much worse. A good shampoo would help a lot here as well as removing the allergen.

⚠️Cushing’s disease

Cushing’s disease or hyperadrenocorticism occurs when your Yorkie’s adrenal glands produce too much cortisol, a stress hormone. When this happens, the hormonal balance of the dog’s body is thrown in disarray, causing hair loss, skin infection, and thin skin.

This condition requires medication with the help of a veterinarian. Also, you can use a medicated shampoo to deal with potential skin infections.


Fleas are one of the most common skin problems among dogs. If your Yorkie stays outdoors and is mingling with other dogs, the chance of acquiring fleas becomes high.

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that harbor on your dog’s fur. It loves the warmth of the dog’s skin as well as the immediate source of food. However, flea larvae can thrive on the hidden crevices of your home.

If not addressed right away, your Yorkie’s skin will become red and inflamed. And due to the itchy bites, your dog will scratch incessantly and chew the affected areas. This will result in wounds that may trigger bald spots and widespread skin infection.

One of the solutions to combat fleas is a medicated shampoo. It kills the parasites upon contact and leaves your dog’s coat protected. Aside from that, you must clean your home to remove the harborage of the young flea population.

⚠️Color dilution alopecia

Yorkies are also one of the breeds highly susceptible to color dilution alopecia (CDA). This is a mysterious condition that will cause hair loss on patches of the skin where a varying coat color is found. Some experts believe that this is a genetic condition, though it can be very difficult to diagnose.

The vet can offer solutions to this condition, depending on its severity.


Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. Although this condition isn’t directly skin-related, its effects will show on your Yorkie’s coat.

Some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism are dull coat, falling hair, and brittle hair. If these things are happening to your Yorkie for no apparent reason, you must consult with a veterinarian right away.

Tips in bathing a Yorkie

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Due to this breed’s playful and willful attitude, bath time can be a burdensome task. Also, since your Yorkie has a unique coat type, there are some specific instructions you have to follow. The following are some of our recommendations to make bath time a more worthwhile experience for you and your pet:

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✔️Get the right shampoo. Depending on your dog’s needs, you must get a shampoo that will clean, moisturize, and heal your pet’s skin.

✔️No need to massage the shampoo. Unlike other dogs, you don’t need to massage the shampoo to your Yorkie’s coat. Just run your fingers through their hair to lather and to prevent tangles.

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✔️Use a conditioner. A Yorkie’s hair has similarities to human hair. It’s thin and silky so an additional pump of dog conditioner would help a lot. You can also look for a shampoo with a 2-in-1 action.

✔️Brush before and after. To make things easier, we recommend brushing your Yorkie before you even give it a bath. You should brush again after drying its hair to prevent painful tangles.

✔️Use a blow dryer. Yorkies can chill fast so you should dry them equally quickly as well. The fix is using a blow dryer with minimal heat. Also, you must move the dryer constantly to prevent burning your dog’s skin.

✔️Consider a quality leave-in spray. If your dog has easily-dry skin, you should consider using a leave-in spray or moisturizer.

Different kinds of dog shampoo

In terms of the best Yorkie shampoos, you literally have dozens of options in the market. The following are the most common types and their specific purposes:

✔️General Purpose

General purpose shampoos are meant to clean and moisturize the skin. It’s widely used for healthy Yorkies to maintain their coat. You can purchase this in various scents and ingredients. This shampoo can be used on all types of dogs across life stages.


Hypoallergenic dog shampoo is formulated for sensitive skin. It usually uses an all-natural formula to prevent irritation. With that, it tends to be a tad pricier than general purpose dog shampoos.


Medicated shampoos are blended with medication to help combat skin problems. It’s widely used to treat skin infection due to fleas and exposure to external substances. It can also aid allergies when there are symptoms on the skin.


No-rinse dog shampoos are used to augment the days between baths. This is useful to remove subtle dirt on your dog’s coat without giving it a full bath. Usually, no-rinse dog shampoos are foamy and have to be massaged or combed through a dog’s coat. After that, it will be wiped with a clean towel. However, no-rinse formulas should be used sparingly among dogs because they can easily cause matting.

✔️Puppy formula

Puppy formulas are made gentler to suit the young skin of pups. It has fewer ingredients and very mild to no smell. Most of the time, general purposes shampoos are also made safe for puppies.

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Buying Guide for Yorkie Shampoo

To find the best Yorkie dog shampoo, you must try to look for the following:

🧴Your dog’s needs and allergies

One of the first things you have to consider is whether your dog is allergic to one of the ingredients of the shampoo. Although this is rare, some dogs tend to be sensitive to specific chemicals, even natural ones.

Aside from that, you should purchase a shampoo that meets your dog’s needs. If your Yorkie has fleas or skin infections, medicated shampoos are ideal.

🧴Proper pH level

Next, you should consider the pH balance of your dog’s skin. One of the reasons why you can’t use human shampoo on dogs is due to the difference in the skin’s pH level. Human shampoos have a more acidic pH level that will strip off the natural oils of your Yorkie’s skin.

A dog’s skin has a more alkaline pH level that’s around 6 to 7. This is close to neutral and far from human shampoos containing 4.5 to 5.5.

So what’s the importance of balancing your dog’s skin pH level? Improper pH level increases your pet’s susceptibility to infections. It will also make the skin dry and flaky.

🧴Nourishing ingredients

Above all, you should get a bottle of dog shampoo with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Some of the excellent choices are colloidal oatmeal, Aloe vera, some essential oils, Vitamin E, almond, and so on.

Always opt for natural ingredients since these are deemed safer. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget about your Yorkie’s sensitivities.

As much as possible, you should look for a dog shampoo with minimal ingredients. This way, whenever adverse reactions occur, the vet can easily pinpoint the culprit.

Opt-out of synthetic chemicals at all times. Most of these are abrasive and may cause problems on your dog’s skin. Puppy shampoo usually contains natural ingredients.

🧴Moisturizing property

Shampoos aren’t just meant to clean; it should also moisturize your Yorkie’s skin. By moisturizing, your dog will have less risk of developing a flaky and dry coat.

Some moisturizing shampoo products are bundled with a separate bottle of conditioner to complement the cleaning benefits. There are also dog shampoos that are already infused with moisturizers, so you only have to use one product. Whatever your choice is, both of these work well for most dogs.

🧴Check relevant approvals

To guarantee the safety of the shampoo for your dog, you must look for approvals from authorities. The most reliable and highly-sought is the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA tests and reviews products to vouch for its efficacy and safety for the intended users.

If the shampoo claims to be organic, you must look for necessary certifications like the USDA Certified Organic, Organic Trade Association, and more.

🧴Mild to no smell

Many pet owners are obsessed with making their pooches smell as good as they want. But the question is this: does your dog enjoy the scent? Most of the time, no. Dogs have strong sniffers, so an aromatic scent can be overpowering.

When choosing the best Yorkie shampoo, opt for a formula with a natural scent. Going extremely mild is much better so you wouldn’t irritate your dog’s nose.

Aside from that, avoid shampoos with artificial colors. These ingredients don’t help in cleaning, and they may also ruin the color of your Yorkie.

Best Shampoo And Conditioner For Yorkies – Top 10 Picks!


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Burt’s Bees Dog Shampoo

best shampoo and conditioner for Yorkies

Another dog shampoo that we swear by for your Yorkie is the Burt’s Bees for Dogs. It’s an anti-itch shampoo that will help soothe your dog. This is the perfect shampoo for dogs with dry, flaky, and dull skin and coat.

The best thing about this Burt’s Bees is that it’s made with all-natural and high-quality ingredients. It has honeysuckle that cleanses gently as well as beeswax, colloidal oatmeal, and avocado oil to moisturize the skin.

Aside from that, this formula is pH-balanced for dogs and free of any artificial colorants, fragrances, and sulfates. This is a cruelty-free formula, which is a big plus point for a lot of dog owners.

This is suitable for all dogs, not just Yorkies. With this formula, your dog’s hair will be smooth and silky with fewer tangles and matting. It also works wonders on itchy skin in just a matter of weeks.

As a precautionary measure, you should only use this shampoo formula to Yorkies that are at least 12 weeks old.

Any Pet Alpha Dog Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner

best shampoo and conditioner for Yorkies

If you’re looking for a puppy formula, you can try the Any Pet Alpha Dog. The shampoo and conditioner come in pump bottles for easy application.

The formula is also a champ. It has minimal ingredients and a very gentle feel to suit a growing puppy. Although very gentle, it cleans well and maintains the pH level of your pup’s skin. There’s also added Aloe vera as a natural moisturizer.

The best part about this Any Pet shampoo is it has a no-tears formula. For a feisty young Yorkie, this is a big advantage. You can wash your little pup with peace of mind, not to mention that the fresh scent of this shampoo adheres to the coat for as long as two weeks.

This formula is suitable for all skin types and condition. Regardless if your pup has rashes, fleas, dandruff, or dry skin, this shampoo will give relief.

And to ensure that your pup is safe, the Any Pet formula is all-natural. You will also get two bottles for a very low price.

Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Shampoo

best shampoo and conditioner for Yorkies

The Wahl Dry Skin shampoo offers relief from dandruff, itchy skin, and other mild irritations for dogs. This is an oatmeal formula that soothes flare-ups and other conditions that trigger incessant itchiness. And since it comes in a much bigger bottle, your dog will get more baths in a single purchase.

This Wahl shampoo is alcohol-free, paraben-free, and pH-balanced. It’s also free of the PEG-80, an abrasive solvent found on many substandard cosmetic and hygiene products.

We also like the thick lather of this shampoo that helps rinse and clean faster. Take note that this formula is more concentrated than other shampoos, so a little goes a long way.

If your dog has allergies, Wahl will be your go-to shampoo. It’s proven safe for all dogs, even those with sensitivities.

For a moisturizing effect, this product has coconut oil, Aloe vera, and fatty acids. It’s guaranteed to clean and soothe in just a few baths. Lastly, it has a fresh coconut lime verbena scent to make your Yorkie good-smelling all the time.

Dechra Miconahex + Triz Shampoo

best shampoo and conditioner for Yorkies

For Yorkies with skin infections, the Dechra Micohanex + Triz Shampoo would be ideal. This is a medicated formula that fights bacterial and fungal infection among dogs.

What we also like is that this formula is moisturizing even if it’s tough against parasites. It contains ceramides that repair, restore, and soothes damaged skin of your dog. With regular bathing, your Yorkie will have its shiny and healthy coat back.

The best thing about this medicated shampoo is it keeps working even after rinsing. This helps a lot in combatting ringworms, yeast, fungus, and dandruff, and other infections. Just make sure that you shake the bottle well before each use to spread the ingredients evenly.

Aside from that, we like that this is a fragrance-free formula. Since its function is to heal your dog’s skin, this isn’t a big deal. It actually gives your dog a favor by saving its nose from the irritation.

This Dechra medicated shampoo works for all life stages of your dog. You can have a bottle handy just in case your Yorkie develops any skin infection.

Duoxo Medicated Shampoo

Duoxo Medicated Shampoo

Another medicated shampoo that we recommend is the one from Duoxo. It has chlorhexidine for an antiseptic foaming solution that will fight bacterial and fungal infections on your dog’s skin. It also has lipacide and phytosphingosine salicyloyl that offers anti-seborrheic properties while protecting the skin from moisture loss.

Aside from that, the lipacide content moisturizes your dog skin. With that, this Duoxo shampoo cleanses, soothes, and moisturizes for a complete bathing experience for your Yorkie.

Also, lipacide content creates a film layer on your dog’s skin that will resist rinsing. This acts as a shield against further irritations.

For the best results, you should leave the foam on your Yorkie’s coat for at least five minutes after lathering. Avoid the eyes as much as possible because this formula stings. And as a medicated shampoo, this should only be used 3 times a week for infected dogs and once a week for maintenance purposes. Also, the ratio here is one pump per two kilograms of body weight. For Yorkies, you need to use more due to their thicker hair.

Buddy’s Best Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

buddys best

If you’re planning to switch your Yorkie to a no-irritation shampoo, you shouldn’t miss Buddy’s Best formula. This is made of pet-safe ingredients like shea butter, oatmeal, soothing Aloe vera, almond oil, and biotin. All of these natural ingredients help relieve itch and dry skin.

We also like that this dog shampoo is hypoallergenic, so Yorkies with sensitive skin will thrive on it. Aside from that, it’s free of alcohol, soap, and cruelty. This is also a vegan-formula, which is a big plus for some dog owners.

This formula lathers well and gives instant results in every bath. It’s also effective in removing foul odor from dog’s fur, unlike other formulas that only mask the smell with overpowering scents. Although this shampoo is available in coconut vanilla beam and ripe melon scents, it’s not too strong for your dog’s sniffers.

And if you or your dog isn’t happy with the results of this formula, Buddy’s Best will let you return the item for a complete refund. It’s a no questions asked guarantee for a very affordable price.

Arava Medicated Dog Shampoo


If your dog has a serious case of a skin infection, you should ask your vet about the Arava Medicated Dog Shampoo. This is a powerhouse formula with 28 active but natural ingredients. Some of it includes chamomile, liquorice, sage, fennel, tea tree, jojoba, oatmeal, flaxseed, argan, and more. It’s made to clean, nourish, and heal your Yorkie’s coat in every bath.

Another highlight of this dog shampoo is the Dead Sea mineral content. It helps treat skin problems like hot spots, inflammation, infections and more. Arava cleanses deeply without wreaking havoc in your dog’s pH level.

Moreover, Arava is dermatologically designed to heal any wounds and infections. It heals almost any infection that your Yorkie can pick up outdoors.

The smell of this shampoo is natural to its ingredients. It may seem a little too strong, but it’s just a fair trade-off for the healing benefits of this formula.

Lastly, this shampoo is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the results.

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Shampoo


If you have multiple Yorkies at home and looking for a larger shampoo bottle, I recommend the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Shampoo. It comes in a 1-gallon container so you’ll never run out of shampoo supply for your pooches.

This shampoo product has coat tar, micronized sulfur, and salicylic acid to cleanse and heal your dog’s skin. It’s an anti-seborrheic and anti-parasitic medicated formula that will speed up the recovery of your dog’s coat.

It helps relieve greasy, matted, scaly, flaky, and inflamed skin. You can use this 2 to 3 times a week for highly infected dogs. Once your pet’s condition improves, you can limit this it once a week as a maintenance shampoo. Also, you should only use this to dogs that are at least 12 weeks old.

The veterinary Formula is a vet-recommended product that’s free of any soap, dye, and parabens. It also works in synergy with topical flea and tick treatments, which is an excellent benefit for your dog. Aside from that, it also boosts other treatments’ efficacy in killing parasites.

Bayer HyLyt Pet Shampoo


Another large supply of shampoo you can buy is the Bayer HyLyt Pet Shampoo. It has a hypoallergenic and gentle formula that cleanses your dog’s coat without being too abrasive. This is also soap-free to ensure that your dog’s pH level remains balanced.

As a multi-purpose grooming shampoo, this can be used to clean your dog whatever dirt gets in their coat. It’s also loaded with essential fatty acids that help with dry and flaky skin.

This Bayer formula has a rich lather and nice coconut smell that gives your Yorkie a fresh smell after each bath.

Another good thing about the Bayer HyLyt is it doesn’t wash away existing topical medications. It also retains, seals, and replenishes the moisture of your dog’s skin.

If you have multiple dogs or someone who doesn’t want the hassle of purchasing a single bottle multiple times, the Bayer HyLyt will suit you and your dog well. Just watch out for the thin consistency that can spill if you’re not careful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use baby shampoo on my Yorkie?

A: Human shampoo has a different pH level. So no matter if it’s a baby shampoo or not, you should never use it on a dog. Instead, look for the best Yorkie shampoo. This has a formula made for dogs and their coat type.

Q: How often should I bathe my Yorkie?

A: On average, you should bathe your Yorkie at least once a week. The frequency will vary depending on how fast your dog gets dirty as well as its coat condition. Most of the time, healthy Yorkies will thrive in a once-a-week or two bathing.

Q: How do I clean my Yorkie’s face?

A: One of the challenges with a Yorkie’s face is its overgrown fur. You can use a facial dog wipe to remove any muck from your pet’s face. Make sure that the wipe is odor-free and has no toxic chemicals.

Q: Why do my Yorkie’s eyes stink?

A:  Odor on a Yorkie’s eyes can be due to drainage that came from their tear ducts. It can accumulate and cause a brown matter near the eye. Make sure that you wipe this away gently to prevent bacterial growth and unpleasant smell.

Q: Should I shampoo my Yorkie’s face?

A: No, you should avoid shampooing your dog’s face because the suds will get into their eyes and cause irritation. You can use a dog wipe instead to clean the facial area.

yorkie clean and fresh

Final words

The best Yorkie shampoo will keep your dog clean and fresh. Make sure that the ingredients are natural and safe for your pet. Above, we reviewed 10 of the best picks so you can shop right away.



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