5 Best Soft Dog Food for Yorkies Across Life Stages

Yorkies are active and energetic canines. This energy level begs for a nutrition-packed food that can keep up with the pooch’s activity level. But since Yorkies are small dogs, they may find it hard to chew dry food. In that case, you should serve them the best soft dog food for Yorkies.

Shopping for dog food can be tricky. To save you from the hassle, I’ve reviewed five of the best wet food options that you can purchase right away:

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet
Canned Dog Food
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Cesar Canine Cuisine
Wet Food
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Wellness Core Chunky
Centers Dog Food
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Blue Buffalo Homestyle
Recipe Dog Food
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Royal Canin Adult
Weight Care
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The Yorkshire Terrier diet

When it comes to your Yorkshire Terrier’s diet, you need a dog food with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, nutrients, and moisture. This will help prevent hypoglycemia (low blood pressure), which is common among small breeds.

Although Yorkies can thrive on dry food, some of them will find it hard to chew. This is where wet food is a good choice. Aside from that, wet food is packed with moisture and has a lower protein level that’s advisable for doggos with kidney problems.

Yorkie puppies need to eat about ¼ to ½ cup of food per day, depending on their activity level. Such amount of food must be divided into four servings per day to avoid over-eating.

It also prevents hypoglycemia, which can happen to Yorkie puppies since they can only consume a small amount of food at a time. You should also consider leaving food on the bowl all the time for pups under three months old.

When the pup reaches four months old, a feeding schedule can be implemented. Dividing your Yorkie’s meal to three servings a day is ideal. Though most adult dogs will eat twice a day, smaller breeds are better off with small but multiple servings a day.

But how many calories do Yorkies need? The following is the common requirement across life stages:

Puppies – about 200 calories
Adults – about 150 calories
Seniors – about 100 calories

Take note that some Yorkie pups may require up to 400 calories a day in multiple servings, depending on their activity level.

What to look for in your Yorkie’s food

The right protein source

Protein is one of the main components of a dog’s diet. It must come from a complete meat source, which contains all essential amino acids. Wholesome proteins should be the first three ingredients of the dog food, regardless if it’s dry or wet.

As much as possible, avoid dog food that uses fillers and meat by-products as a major source of protein. Take note that as your Yorkie ages, its protein needs dwindle.

Moreover, you have to be careful with the protein level of the food. Too much will damage your pet’s kidney due to overload.

Mind the amount of carbohydrates

Carbs are the energy source of your dog’s food. Ensure that it comes from wholesome sources like brown rice, barley, sweet potato, and the likes. As much as possible, avoid corn and soy since a lot of dogs develop sensitivities to these ingredients.

Also, some Yorkie owners avoid gluten and wheat due to digestive issues, especially toy breeds. Aside from that, corn and by-products have very little nutritional value.


Contrary to common beliefs, not all fats are bad. Fats like Omega fatty acids are healthy fats that help keep your dog’s shiny coat. The best sources of healthy fats are fishes or fish oils. Aside from being fat-rich, fishes are also irresistible to many canines. 

Ingredients to avoid

The dog food industry is saturated with a lot of options – both in dry and wet food. The sad thing is that a lot of these dog food products are mired with unhealthy ingredients. Some don’t offer nutritional value, while others cause digestive problems to a canine.

To make sure that your Yorkie is safe, you must avoid the following ingredients:

Artificial preservatives and colors. Anything artificial isn’t healthy for your doggo. Colors and flavorings don’t do any good for your dog’s body, not to mention that some dogs can have an adverse reaction.

Rendered fat. This type of fat is flavor-enhanced and notorious for Salmonella. It can also contain heavy metals, which is directly harmful to your dog’s health. If dog food with rendered fat got exposed to bacteria, the microorganism could easily propagate.

High amounts of by-products. Many dog food manufacturers use meat by-products to amp up the food’s protein level in a cheap way. As much as by-products still contain protein, it lacks the nutrients of high-quality meat sources.

Corn. Corn is an inexpensive ingredient that dog food manufacturers use as a source of carbohydrates. However, corn is difficult to digest, which is why a lot of dogs, not just Yorkies, develop indigestion.

5 Best Soft Dog Food for Yorkies


OUR TOP PICK: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canned Dog Food
best soft dog food for Yorkies

Product Name: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canned Dog Food

Product Description: If you're looking for the best wet food for your Yorkie, I highly recommend the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canned Dog Food. Each can of this hearty meal has 200 grams of nutrient-packed dog wet food. This is the perfect diet for dogs with gastrointestinal problems since it has low fat, thus easier to digest and absorb. It's also low in fiber, which allows your dog to digest the food if they have weak stomachs and other underlying conditions. Though it's low in fat and fiber, this Royal Canin formula isn't short of nourishment. It's packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and natural ingredients that promote healing and better digestion. Each can contains 6% protein, 1.50% fiber, 1.50% fat, and 78% moisture.

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Availability: InStock

  • Formula Quality
  • Taste
  • Nutrition
  • Value for Money


The best part here is that this Royal Canin dog food meets the AAFCO’s (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrition levels for adult dog maintenance.

Once your dog is starting to recover, you can add dry kibble to the mix to make the meal heavier. This is a vet-recommended diet to treat GI issues of your Yorkie.


Very easy to digest

AAFCO passed

Special antioxidant blend


It’s difficult to hide pills and tablets in this sticky food


Cesar Canine Cuisine Wet Food

best soft dog food for Yorkies

If you’re looking for a large supply of wet food to buy for your Yorkie, you’ll never go wrong with the Cesar Canine Cuisine dog food. This wet food comes in five trays/boxes and different flavors like Grilled Chicken, Filet Mignon, Bacon and Cheese, Rotisserie Chicken, Bacon, and more.

Each serving has a fresh-lock seal to ensure the freshness and good quality of the dog food. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals to ensure that your Yorkie gets complete nutrition on each bite. If you have a picky eater, this food might be the answer you’re looking for.

Unlike paste and soupy dog food, this one from Cesar is loaf food, which is very palatable for dogs. It’s the perfect choice for Yorkies who don’t like dry food.

My Yorkie gobbles this up, which he never did on other dog food products. It’s delicious and has a very delicious smell.

Take note that each box of this Cesar Cuisine wet food comes with eight different flavors. Rest assured that each one is made of real meat grown and harvested in the U.S.

  • Available in different flavors
  • Made of real meat
  • Ideal for picky eaters
  • Some dogs don’t like the packs with gravy

Wellness Core Chunky Centers Dog Food

best soft dog food for Yorkies

Another wet dog food that I swear by is the Wellness Core Chunky Centers. It’s made of all-natural and grain-free ingredients to provide the best nutrition for your dog. It’s also rich in protein and flavor that your Yorkie will find irresistible.

The outer layer of this dog food is soft and delicious. As your dog digs through, it will be treated to a savory infusion of superfood. At the center, there’s a hearty serving of gravy and meat cuts.

Each serving of this sumptuous dog food is ready to serve inside a plastic can with a peel lid. This saves you from the mess of opening cans and storing leftovers.

What I really love about the Wellness Core wet dog food is its complete and balanced formula. It’s also loaded with superfoods and wholesome protein beef and lamb cuts.

Each serving of this wet dog food has 7% protein, 5.5% fat, 0.5% fiber, and 85% moisture. Overall, it helps promote better coat, eye, dental, and immune system health. It also gives an active Yorkie an added kick of energy.

  • Made of real meat
  • Excellent flavors
  • Grain-free formula
  • None so far

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Dog Food

If your Yorkie is crazy about chicken, you serve the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe. This is a senior dog formula made of real chicken with barley and garden vegetables. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals with the right protein level.

Among its superfood ingredients are carrots, peas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, flaxseed, blueberries, and more. The first three ingredients are chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver with no by-products. It’s a powerhouse meal that will nourish your Yorkie’s body from within.

Each serving of this dog food has 7.5% protein, 4.5% crude fat, and 2% fiber. It’s also infused with glucosamine and chondroitin to support the weakening joints of a senior Yorkie. Also, it’s soft enough for dogs with no teeth to eat.

Senior Yorkies are known to have sensitive stomachs, and this canned food from Blue Buffalo does a great job of preventing any irritation. It’s also easy to hide medication in this food because it’s too soupy or sticky.

I also love this canned food because I can see actual bits of peas and carrots.

  • Very gentle for the stomachs of senior dogs
  • No meat by-products
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Beware of damaged cans

Royal Canin Adult Weight Care

Last but not the least, I recommend the Royal Canin Adult Weight Care Canned Food. This is the ideal wet food for overweight Yorkie who is having a hard time shedding pounds. Take note that this formula is suitable only for doggos that are over 10 months old.

The main ingredient of this dog food includes pork liver, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s also packed with dried beet, brewer’s rice, salmon, and more. This is also infused with L-Carnitine to promote weight loss.

Take note that as much as this is a weight care formula, you must observe the proper serving amount per meal. This has a loaf texture, which is ideal for dogs that hate kibble and those who have chewing problems.

Each serving of this wet dog food contains 7% protein, 1.5% fat, 2.6% fiber, and 79.5% moisture. It also has loads of vitamins and minerals like B-complex, folic acid, zinc, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and more.

Overall, this is a sumptuous meal that will keep a Yorkie full while helping them maintain a healthy weight.

  • Help dogs lose weight
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Pork liver is the main ingredient
  • It’s better if it comes with gravy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I give my Yorkie scrambled eggs?

A: Yes, scrambled eggs are safe and healthy for Yorkies since it’s a good source of protein. It’s also a great alternative to other meat sources if a Yorkie has a very sensitive stomach.

Q: Can I feed my Yorkie bananas?

A: Bananas are good sources of potassium and is deemed safe for most dogs. However, the only challenge here is that not all Yorkies have the palate for this fruit.

Q: Why is my Yorkie always hungry?

A: Young puppies tend to get hungry faster due to their faster metabolism. However, if your adult doggo is getting hungrier than usual, it might be time for a vet visit. It’s possible that your pet has an underlying condition that’s causing the untimely cravings.

Q: Which is better for Yorkies, wet or dry food?

A: Dry food is a common option for most Yorkies because the crunchiness help in cleaning their teeth. On the other hand, wet food is also an excellent choice for doggos who have teeth problems and find it hard to chew.

Q: What human food can a Yorkie eat?

A: Some of the human food a Yorkie can eat are salmon, tuna, peanut butter, carrots, and rice. You should observe modesty when giving these additional food sources as it may affect their overall calorie intake.

Final words

The best soft dog food for Yorkies is ideal for seniors and those who don’t find kibble palatable. With the added moisture, it will ensure that your doggo is well-hydrated. Another big plus point to wet food is that it’s easier to digest, and it’s more appealing to picky eaters.