Top 5 Healthy Treats for Overweight Yorkie Dogs

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Check out the Top 5 Healthy Treats for Overweight Yorkie Dogs!

Dog treats are what most of us look for in rewarding our dogs. Most of these treats are healthy and others are not good for other dogs with digestive issues and allergies

top 5 treats for overweight yorkies

With that in mind, overweight Yorkie dogs also need attention when it comes to choosing their treats.  

Read on and find out the top 5 healthy treats for overweight yorkie dogs. But before that let’s take a look at the buying guide tips that can help you choose the perfect treats. 

Things to Consider on the Label of Treats

  • The items that are not good for dogs which are like the artificial sugar, colors, flavors and preservatives. 
  • Items with lower quality ingredients which is like the meat byproducts. 
  • Avoid anything with molasses, syrup and salt. 
  • The pet owners that have dogs with some allergies and digestive issues should avoid soy, corn and wheat. There are lots of gain free section in most pet store. Simply ask the staff for it. 
  • Look items with ingredients like grains, fruits, meats and vegetables.  

Remember, don’t forget about fruits and veggies like carrot and banana slices as they are both a good snack and low in calories. 

Top 5 Healthy Treats for Overweight Yorkie Dogs

Top 5 Healthy Treats for Overweight Yorkie Dogs 

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dog Treats 

Top 5 Healthy Treats for Overweight Yorkie Dogs

The abbreviation of Natural Balance L.I.D. which is stands for limited ingredient diets. Meaning it is formulated with a small amount of carbohydrate and protein sources.  

Which makes it ideal treats for overweight dogs. In order to keep allergy prone pubs happy, these crunchy biscuits are appropriate for any life stage and any breed. They have huge beneficial for coat and skin. It contains no artificial colors. 

Furthermore, these treats are easily digestible. 

Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats 

Top 5 Healthy Treats for Overweight Yorkie Dogs

These treats are popular choice used for training dogs to be in their best behavior. It is packed a punch of flavor without many calories and contain wholesome ingredients like real chicken, cherries plus seasoning for an extra zinc.  

The treats have six recipes available such as chicken, pork, duck, rabbit, salmon, peanut butter, and oats. One of the great treats that are good for overweight dogs. 

Additionally, this treat contains a rosemary and turmeric and they have soft and moist texture. 

NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats 

NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats

For only five calories in each piece. These treats are ideal to use for training or as an occasional reward for overweight dogs to enjoy without wrecking their diet.  

NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats have a handful nutrient rich flavors available including banana, peanut butter and apple. All of these ingredients are non-GMO and contains no chicken byproduct meal. Additionally, the small bag can easily to take anywhere. 

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats 

Rocco Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats

The Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats are smoked naturally for 10 hours to create a savory and tender snack that your dog will go nut over. It has no bad odor or greasy residue. So, you don’t have to worry that your hand gets dirty. Because your hands still stay fresh and clean after touching or handling them. This treat comes with satisfaction guarantee in a resealable Ziplock bag. Moreover, they are free from gluten and wheat. Which makes it greater for overweight dogs. 

Nudges Grillers

Show your four-legged companion how they mean to you by giving them these mini steaks that they would surely love. For sure, you will appreciate how the company uses real beef as the #1 ingredient. Your dog will adore the human great meats used in the recipe. It has no corny soy or by-products. What makes it more impressive is that they can be broken into smaller pieces. 

What to Look for in Dog Treats  

There are some things you need to put into consideration when you are looking for dog treats and here are the ff; 

List of Ingredients  

The fixings in hound food and treats are recorded in dropping request by weight, beginning with the fixing which makes up the biggest sum.  

Hope to choose treats with genuine, conspicuous, entire food fixings, for example, hamburger muscle meat, chicken bosom, and so on. Treats, similar to hound food, ought not contain any added substances, fillers or additives, nor should they contain salt, sugar or different flavors. These substances are not adding to the strength of your canine, and more awful, can adversely influence their prosperity. In the event that the recorded ingredients are new to you, or far more terrible, read like a selection from a science book, discover another treat.  

Since hounds can’t process all starches similarly well, poultry, meat or fish are best over plant-based ingredients.  

Another marker for quality is the quantity of ingredients. Ordinarily, better treats have less fixings. The best canine treats are made of only one single fixing: premium quality poultry, meat or fish.  

Carbohydrate/ Calorie Content  

The carbohydrate content won’t let you know whether a treat is sound for your pooch or not. Nor will it furnish you with any data on how much fat a treat contains.  

The estimation of this announcement is that it gives you a decent direction of what number of treats you can provide for your pooch without adding such a large number of calories to their eating regimen.  

Feeding Instructions  

The taking care of directions for hound treats are commonly restricted to explanations like “feed as a treat” or “for supplemental or irregular taking care of as it were”. These announcements won’t give you any data about the nature of the canine treat itself.  

Guaranteed Analysis  

As should be obvious on the above mark forgot dried out hamburger liver, the ensured examination states data as either least or most extreme rates. This implies the real substance of protein and fat might be marginally higher, while the substance of dampness and fiber might be somewhat lower than imprinted on the name.  

Nonetheless, the guaranteed analysis will furnish you with a decent direction if a treat is low in fat.  

Organization Information and Other Voluntary Information

 The product label will let you know whether an organization really makes the pooch treats themselves, or if the treats are made by an outsider for them. If the data on the product label read “manufacturer”. The treats are not made by the organization selling the item. This isn’t in essence an indication of low quality. Thus, if the organization is, in any case, discussing that they make the treats themselves, an alert may be exhorted.  

If a treat is made in the USA, you would ordinarily discover “made in the USA” imprinted on the name. This, nonetheless, doesn’t really imply that the fixings utilized are additionally originating from the United States. Should a treat be produced using US sourced fixings and made in the United States, you would regularly discover “sourced and made in the USA” imprinted on the mark. In the event that you can’t discover the data on the mark, connect with the maker and request additional data.  

It’s essential to stay away from hound treats made in China or minimal effort nations with sketchy quality gauges. Between August 2007, and December 2015, in excess of 6,200 canines, 26 felines and three individuals turned out to be seriously sick in what is currently known as the “melamine embarrassment”. More than 1,140 of those mutts passed on. Despite the fact that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has always been unable to completely recognize the specific underlying driver of the sicknesses, it was exceptionally connected with the utilization of pet jerky treats imported from China.  

Substantial Treats  

The most evident attribute of a substantial treat is its high creature protein content. Creature muscle and organ meat fixings are considerably more costly than grain-or vegetable-based items, so substantial treats will commonly cost more than different sorts of treats.  

Items might be very dry (with a dampness content around 5 percent); or chewy, with as much dampness as 25 percent. The sodden items will essentially contain fixings known as “humectants “substances that advance the maintenance of dampness in the item. The low-dampness treats might be dried, freeze-dried, or got dried out.  

All in all, the less fixings utilized in meat-based canine treat items, the better.  

Cookie or Biscuit-Style Treats  

All in all, treat or bread style treats are made with grain or another sugar and prepared. All things considered, this is a wide classification of treats, and there are many sans grain items available.  

Few rolls use animal products like, muscle meat, organ meat, fat, dairy items. As the rule palatant ingredients used to appeal to hounds. Yet others use sugars or salt.  

This style of item by and large has a similar scope of dampness content found in dry pooch nourishments around 10 to 12 percent.  

Generally, the smaller number of least-handled fixings utilized in these items, the better.  

Dog Treat Ingredients to Avoid  

Top 5 Healthy Treats for Overweight Yorkie Dogs

While you are analyzing the rundown of elements for quality parts. Ensure the treat doesn’t contain any of the ingredients below:  

• Artificial preservatives, including BHT, BHA, sodium nitrate, potassium sorbate, ethoxyquin, use for double purposes, additive and colors, and calcium propionate need to be maintained a strategic distance from.  

Artificial colors; Shading is added to hound treats to speak to you; your canine couldn’t care less what color the treat is! You won’t eat these treats, right? So, don’t accept treats that contain these pointless and many accept unfortunate synthetic concoctions.  

  • Chemical humectants, for example, propylene glycol. These are utilized in some pet (and human!) nourishments to keep them soggy and chewy, and to forestall staining in protected meats. There are progressively regular, food-sourced humectants accessible, for example, vegetable glycerin and molasses.  
  • Talking about glycerin: If it’s not distinguished as “vegetable glycerin” a food-sourced item, it’s probably going to be a petrochemical item not great. 
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Common Causes of Dog’s Weight Gain  

In the United States, Yorkies and other dogs are obese and overweight. Being heavy put our dogs at the higher risk of arthritis and can shorten their life expectancy.  
Obesity or overweight has been associated with many problems in our dogs, such as; 

  • High blood Pressure 
  • Certain Tumors 
  • Heart Disease 

To avoid weight gain, like humans, dog needs to burned out the exceeded calories that they consumed. 

With that said, just like people, there are lot of things can cause when your dog gain weight. 

Below is the common reason why dogs are overweight: 

Too Much Eating Food: 

Regularly we don’t know what number of calories we have to keep up a healthy weight. In this way, it’s justifiable if we overestimate the vitality needs of our pooches. Furthermore, overestimate we do.  

Age can be one purpose behind the calories-in-calories-out lopsidedness. That is on the grounds that our puppies grow older, which they regularly exercise less. However, we may keep on giving them a similar amount of food we give. The result is they gain weight.  

A pooch’s calorie needs can be shockingly little. Little canines that aren’t exceptionally dynamic need as not many as 185 to 370 calories every day. A pooch weighing somewhere in the range of 67 and 88 pounds may require in the range of 1,100 and 1,700 calories per day.  

If that those figures shock you, or if your canine is 10% to 15% above perfect body weight, it’s an ideal opportunity to talk to your vet about what you can do to maintain your dog having a healthy weight. 

No Exercise/Not Enough Exercise: 

Getting not enough exercise is another regular explanation hound put on weight.  

The measure of activity your pooch needs to flourish relies upon its variety, age, and size. However, a decent objective is to focus on at any rate 20 to an hour of action with your pooch every day. Be cautious. In the event that your pets haven’t had a lot of action of late, don’t out of nowhere take them for a three-mile run. Get practice tips from your vet and afterward start any new exercise plan for your pooch gradually. 

Chronic Illness 

Interminable conditions like Cushing’s sickness (hyperadrenocorticism) or hypothyroidism can also cause of your dog’s overweight. 

Mutts get Cushing’s disease when their adrenal organs produce an excessive amount of cortisol. Which is a chemical that response to the ff; 

  • Stress 
  • Controls to weight  
  • Fight infection and, 
  • Checking blood sugar level. 

Alongside in overweight symptom, manifest of Cushing’s may incorporate over; 

  • Excessive eating and thirst. 
  • Hair loss 
  • Pot-bellied appearance 
  • Heavy panting. 

How hyperadrenocorticism is dealt with fluctuates. However, your vet may recommend adrenal-smothering medications or medical procedure to evacuate an adrenal tumor.  

An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) is a typical issue in hounds and can likewise be behind your canine’s weight gain. Certain varieties, including Yorkshire Terrier, are progressively inclined to hypothyroidism.  

The symptoms may incorporate the ff; 

  • Weakness 
  • Lethargy 
  • Hair loss 
  • Infection 
  • Panting 
  • Decreased appetite 
  • Less exercise 

Hypothyroidism is handily rewarded with hormone substitution treatment. 

Other Causes of Weight Gain in Dogs 

Genetic is one of the common parts why your dog’s gain weight. A few varieties are simply more inclined to gaining weight than others.  

Pooches which have been fixed or maimed are also like obesity, presumably because it affects vitality expenditure and digestion. 

Signs of Overweight 

Check your pet because your dog is gaining weight; 

  • When taking a gander at your pooch from above. You will notice some changes on their waist.  
  • From a side view, your pooch’s stomach tucks up as it prompts its rear legs.  
  • You can feel your canine’s ribs without squeezing hard along the edges.  

When to See a Vet  

Worry about your pet’s weight is all the explanation you have to talk to your vet.  

Your vet cannot just analyze the reason why your dog gain weight. But it will also assist you with framing a sensible, safe weight loss plan for your pet.  

Crash diets less are as awful for your dog as they are for you too. Weight sets a side effort to put on, so time is expected to securely take it off. Your vet can assist you to look at the best method to do that. 

Homemade DIY Healthy Dog Treats 

Here are some homemade treat ideas for your dog: 


As the AKC says; apples can provide fiber, calcium and vitamin C. However, just be careful it is important to limit your dog’s eating apple. Cut the apple and remove the seeds and then core. 


The carrots can be great choice due to their fiber and vitamin A content as the AKC says. Most dogs will love to eat cooked or raw carrots, but ensure to cut the raw so you can avoid your dogs will choke. 

Sweet Potato Jerky 

If you are looking for a treat that looks like what you can find in the stores. Humane Society might be the perfect option with this sweet potato recipe that you’re looking for. Just simply scrub the potato, cut it into ½-to 2/3-inch strips and bake it on the oven with 225 F for 2 or 3 hours. 


One of the perfect treat size for any dog size are the blueberries  The fruit offers vitamin C and healthy antioxidants, according to the AKC. 

zukes mini


Just like humans, Yorkie dogs love treats and sometimes they tend to get too many calories from those treats. 

If you will not be careful, these treats can add more calories to your lovely pet.  

Therefore, try one of the items on our list and see if it works best on your overweight dogs. 

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