Do Yorkies Shed? Discover this Adorable Breed

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Do Yorkies Shed? Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic? Here are the amazing facts about Yorkshire Terrier Hair

Yorkshire Terriers are generally called Yorkies. They are among the very popular dog breeds according to dog lovers all over the world. Most people in the United States love this dog breed. But do Yorkies shed?

do Yorkies shed
Yorkie sitting in the grass

Yorkies appear very small but are very big in personality. They grab everyone’s attention towards them with their elegant stances. Their vogue has been continuously increasing, and their significance for no shedding is one reason that they are so loved.

There are many more reasons that people love this small breed and the limited shedding of a Yorkie s hair is undoubtedly one of those. With a little care and proper understanding, you can effortlessly manage a Yorkie s hair. Showing care for a Yorkie s coat is crucial, even if you are not training them for a puppy show. Always ensure that they maintain a full coat of hair. This is vital for their comfort and health. Their way of grooming and unhealthy meals can show an impact on their hair.

Yorkies are almost eight inches at the neck and weigh around seven pounds. Commonly, they can be under four pounds. They are a perfect mixture of small height and exploration terrier spirit. They display a spectrum of personalities. Yorkies can be naughty, perky, and always following their owner’s footsteps.

A Yorkie can be your fantastic companion if you start training it from an early age. Try to teach them early socialization so that they can be friendlier to others. Yorkies are mostly healthy but are prone to distinct health conditions like Patellar Luxation, Portosystemic shunt, Hypoglycemia, reverse sneezing, and eye problems may also occur.

They are pedigree pups but can be readily found in rescue groups. Yorkies are portable dogs with tiny backs. They are always polite towards their owners, but sometimes skeptical of strangers, and start barking at them. They hold their skulls high, implying dignity and confidence. Yorkies retain a tiny muzzle, murky sights, and ears that are V-shaped. Yorkies are raucous tiny dogs with a bounce in their strides. They are always thrilled to play and relish a lot of lap duration on the settee.

They are susceptible and even cheerful to other pets when mingled from their primary age. Yorkies are relatively enthusiastic. They need a limited place to walk every day and stay involved. They are generous and fun-loving due to their outstanding coats. A Yorkie s coat is their prize. Their regular exercise necessities and their stature make them impressive apartment dogs and excellent pets for aged people. Yorkies always retain the energy to stay with their masters on medium-length steps and play tours. They possess a particular facet that holds them unique from other dogs.

do yorkshire terriers shed

That’s hair, not fur

Yorkies maintain a coat on the membrane that contains hair, but not fur. Its hair grows all the time and is smooth and lengthier than the fur of other dogs. It looks exactly like human hair. The smooth and long Yorkie coat looks identical to human hair. The hair present on a Yorkie’s body is steep, so trim it regularly to maintain its neatness and resist tripping. You might enjoy the free-flowing tendrils of a Yorkie’s hair.

It is very easy to maintain it small and tangle-free. Do not use a brush if there is a tangle. Use a canine conditioner or untangle it carefully with your fingers. You can twist their hair if you feel like it is in their way. This will make them look more stylish and adorable. The coat colors are tan and black, gold and black, gold and blue, and tan and blue. The hair is barely darker at the tip of the ears and also on the muzzle. These colors may be affected by hormonal changes. 

Yorkie and German Shepherd
Yorkie sitting with German Shepherd and Doberman

The hairs are unique in feel, composition, and length; also, the hair membrane is unique from other dogs’ fur. Hair coats are generally single and shed very little due to their slow shedding cycle. They don’t have an undercoat, and that’s why it resembles human hair.

Yorkies have unique coat growth and shedding cycles from other dog species. Because of this unique characteristic, they don’t shed like a normal dog. People usually don’t like pet hair around them, so they choose Yorkies as their pets. Yorkie hairs are very different. They continuously grow until you trim them. However, the portion of Yorkshire terrier shedding is very minimal and manageable, so you cannot notice it, even in a regularly cleaned house.

So do Yorkies shed?

The answer to this question is almost no. They do shed a little, but you cannot notice it anywhere on the floor. This is mainly because of their slow shedding cycle. This is also a reason for longer hair.

Now, you might have the answer to why many owners say that their Yorkie doesn’t shed at all. To avoid this little shedding, you just have to groom it every day to avoid mats and knots in their hair. You should also apply conditioners occasionally. Brushing it a couple of times in 7-10 days using a correct grooming tool like a bubble-tipped pin brush will keep the flyaway inches under supervision and look beautiful. This will also help in discontinuing the little shed of hairs that occur.

do yorkies shed

They are certainly home dogs and cannot withstand severe cold and heat. Usually, many holders prepare their Yorkies not to let them go out when the temperature is very hot or cold. A fascinating fact about Yorkies is that their weight decreases with age. Small Yorkies have dental problems. You can find the tartness on their teeth. They may lose their teeth at an early age, so wiping their teeth frequently is very important.

You need to pay extra attention to your Yorkie’s hair during specific situations like pregnancy that may cause shedding, intense shedding, or hair loss. Pregnant dogs have higher hormone levels, which will make them shed a lot. Also, if a Yorkie is facing any health issue, they can shed more or suffer hair loss. These situations are temporary, and everything becomes normal as their health improves. If they shed in clumps or show noticeable hair loss this can be a sign of a severe health problem. This can be because of any skin allergy, crushing syndrome, Hypothyroidism, and neurogenic dermatitis.

The other factors of shedding can be malnutrition and poor diet. Your Yorkie might suffer constant itching, bald spots, hair loss, intense shedding, or digestive problems if facing any allergic reaction. The yeast can cause the skin of your Yorkie to smell. In this situation, your veterinarian can assist and recommend some antifungal shampoos. These symptoms could be from any disorder, so it is good to consult a veterinarian immediately. If that’s not possible, give Benadryl according to its weight, and this will ease symptoms. Benadryl is a very useful, but temporary solution for dog allergies.

Are Yorkies hypoallergenic?

Yes, Yorkies are hypoallergenic. They lose very little hair like humans and have a very slow shedding cycle. People often use the word fur in the case of Yorkies, but that’s not true. Genetically, both seem similar to a protein called keratin that formulates both. Their slow shedding procedure and their fine hair make Yorkies hypoallergenic. So this is the nicest choice for a dog enthusiast with allergies. A Yorkie’s hair shows less effect or does not show any side impacts on the human body with allergies.

The dogs that shed more often elicit more dander and this is dangerous for the people who are very susceptible to allergens. Yorkies induce just a few allergens compared to other dogs. Nevertheless, no dog species is 100% hypoallergenic, and almost all hypoallergenic dogs possess a non-shedding coat with less dander.

Yorkshire Terrier on grass

If you adore dogs and want to get one home, but someone at home has allergies, then it is important to understand whether the species is hypoallergenic or not. Yorkies are a decent choice in such situations. 

Yorkies are hypoallergenic but they have chances of allergies if you don’t show attention to them properly. They are tiny and live very close to the floor, so their extended hair acts like a broom. Their hairs collect dirt, mud, and even pollen grains from the outside. Yorkie can spread these particles all around if you don’t bathe them immediately.

They have little dander compared to other dogs. Dander is something that affects most allergy sufferers. It consists of many dead cells and is equivalent to the canine in human dandruff. It contains proteins generated in the skin and thus causes allergic reactions. Many allergic owners also worry about their dog’s saliva. It might teem with bacteria even after brushing their teeth frequently. This saliva might cause itching, dermatitis, and other skin infections.

So in conclusion, Yorkies are a greatly popular and lovable dog breed, not just in the US but in the whole world. They have a spunky personality, a beautiful coat, small size, and endless loyalty. They process a low shedding cycle.

are yorkies hypoallergenic

Their vogue has been continuously increasing, and their significance for no shedding is one reason why they are so loved. There are many more reasons that people love this small breed and the less shedding is certainly one of those.

It’s the hair that allows them to look more adorable and attractive. If you find your Yorkie shedding a lot, then the explanation behind this may be to immediately consult a veterinarian

Yorkies are hypoallergenic, which means they are a decent possibility for people with any allergy or infection. No dog breeds out there are 100% hypoallergenic, so Yorkies may also cause some allergies. These side effects are due to their drool and dander. This can be avoided with repeated baths and brushing. For a person with allergies, but a dog lover, Yorkies can be perfect. After learning about Yorkies, you won’t wonder why people want them as their pets, companions, and apartment dogs! Few dog breeds possess these qualities.



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  1. Do Yorkshire terriers shed ? My yorkie doesn’t shed at all, that’s why I’m happy that I bought him because I have allergies. My wife has asthma too. He likes to cuddle with us to keep warm, and our allergies haven’t flared up. We got him a new high quality brush and have been brushing his hair and haven’t been noticing him losing hair. It’s nice not having to scrub pet hair off the couch. He’s been good since he was a puppy.
    I’m looking for a shampoo to keep his hairs and skin in good health.

    • Hey Robert,
      It’s good to hear you’re loving your Yorkie. I also like that the Yorkshire terriers don’t shed. So you’re looking for a shampoo to keep your yorkies skin and hairs in good health. That’s a good idea. I don’t know what shampoo you have been using, but many users report liking the Earthbath brand. Your Yorkie will love you for grooming his hair.

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