My Yorkie Is Constipated — 6 Effective Solutions

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My Yorkie is constipated. Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most adorable pets you can have. They are known for their small built but brave and feisty disposition. Although, no matter how cute they are, Yorkies are known to have a vulnerable digestive system. They often struggle with stomach sensitivities that can lead to different gut-related issues such as stomach upset and that also includes constipation. And maybe you ask yourself, why my Yorkie is constipated.

So, if your little pooch is constipated and needs some immediate attention, hold on a moment and think first if it’s really constipated. It’s important for you to determine whether it is or isn’t constipated. This is important because this will determine if your dog needs medical attention or just plain irregular bowel movement.

That said, let us delve deeper and identify some symptoms and when to seek medical attention. So, better read this article until the end as we give some tips and valuable information regarding the subject.

My Yorkie Is Constipated — 6 Effective Solutions

Why is My Yorkie Constipated?

Generally, constipation is another term for inability or difficulty in having a normal bowel movement. There are various reasons why dogs are having constipation. Some cases are mild and can be easily treated even in natural home remedies, while other cases can lead to worse cases that needed immediate action from your local vet.

my yorkie is constipated

The most obvious symptoms of constipation that your pooch can experience are having hard and dry stool, infrequent pooping or sometimes none at all, and even straining when pooping. At first, it can be hard to detect the root cause but the best evidence you can find is your Yorkie’s stool. But it’s difficult to pinpoint the underlying cause. If the constipation is prolonged, there might be a development of disease and the constipation is just among the many secondary symptoms.

If your Yorkie’s constipation is seconded by loss of appetite, energy, enthusiasm, then you need to take heed and observe your dog for a few days. If the constipation is still occurring, then it’s time to go to the veterinarian.

One of the common symptoms of constipation are as follows:

  • Hard or dry stools
  • Straining while pooping
  • bits of mucous or blood appears in their stools
  • Can’t poop for three days and more
  • Stomach upset
  • Loss of appetite
  • Crying or yelping while pooping

Keep in mind that other symptoms of constipation might point to other health concerns. Never underestimate even if it’s just simple constipation because it may be the start of something which can eventually lead to major health concerns.

That’s why seeking the help of a vet is much needed as they can figure out the root cause and even prevent it from becoming worse. Read further to learn more about this certain problem.

Common Causes Of Constipation In Yorkies


If your doggo is experiencing mild dehydration, your dog might also experience constipation. This is because your dog’s body tries to regain some moisture from their waste as much as possible.

In some cases, a major health problem is a cause why your dog is dehydrated. Although one of the simple reasons is your dog doesn’t drink enough water regularly or stop drinking water for various reasons.

This happens with senior dogs as they have a common problem of not drinking water most often. The best way to cure this is to add liquid to your dog’s kibble food or buy wet dog food for them.


Yorkie Is Constipated

The side effects of medication can be among the many causes your dog is having constipation. It’s mainly because your dog’s immune system is acting on the medication ingested which can result in irregular bowel movement.

If there’s something wrong with your dog’s bowel movement and if it’s prolonged constipation. There’s no better way to do it than to seek your vet’s help.

Blockage in the Intestine

Every dog loves to eat many things besides food, especially puppies. Most often, the ingested object will clog in your dog’s body. This can go down to the esophagus and to the stomach. As a result, your dog will have a blockage n the intestine which can be fatal if not removed immediately. Only your vet can do most of the job in treating your dog’s constipation

One of the common causes of your pooch’s blockage is the large, meat bones. But the small shards and chips or bones aren’t totally digested which makes their stool dry and chalky in texture. This can also lead to why your Yorkie is constipated.

Also, for senior male dogs, even an enlarged prostate can result in blockages. This kind of scenario should be acted upon immediately given that it will pose a serious threat to your dog’s health when prolonged.

Your Yorkie Simply Doesn’t Want To Go

jorge gardner Z24biOgfZcY unsplash

Just like humans, even dogs can hold their stool for a long period of time. However, the longer the stool stays in the colon, the harder and drier and more difficult to get out. Maybe this is because you leave your Yorkie inside your household for too long resulting in their constipation.

The only simple treatment here is never to leave your dog inside of your house to the point that your dog’s routine is affected. Sometimes it’s the human error that made the dog become constipated. Just make sure you know your dog’s body language and always look out for your dog.

It’s Just Dietary Fiber Balance

Another common cause of dog constipation is the balance of dietary fiber. Dogs also need fiber in their diets to have a nice quality and well-formed stool. Kibble foods have included fibers, carbs, grains, and high protein content in their formula in order to aid proper digestion and that the bowel movement is regular without being problematic.

One best way to prevent your Yorkie’s constipation is to add a bit of water to his food with some fiber source like canned pumpkin which is extremely helpful to soften things. Keep in mind that the complex grains your dog intake such as barley, oats, peas, and sorghum the more it will aid your doggo’s constipation also. Another thing is probiotics. This effectively aids your dog’s digestion and can even improve their gut health.

In addition, never give your furry friend fiber supplements that are meant for humans without consulting your veterinarian first. Also, don’t give your dog laxatives to humans. If you bring your doggo to the vet, he might recommend you some solutions that are appropriate for dogs. Sometimes a natural remedy and a regular take of probiotics is good for your Yorkie which can prevent any digestive issues and even constipation.

Ways to Help a Constipated Yorkie

For Mild Cases

One of the most effective ways to prevent any constipation for your Yorkshire Terrier is diet. Ensuring your dog’s balanced diet is your best defense against such cases especially if it’s just a mild case. Also, keeping your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis will make sure your Yorkie is in the utmost care.

Given that Yorkies are known to have stomach sensitivities mainly digestive issues, they needed to have a proper diet and the right proportion for their meals.

Besides a balanced diet and routinely healthy activities, you need to make sure that your dog is always hydrated, especially if you are to engage him with physical activities.

The bottom line is, you need to make sure your Yorkies have the right kibble food, one that has packed with nutrients and contains necessary dietary needs.

Also, make sure your Yorkie has a nice and healthy lifestyle such as playing with him and engaging your pooch with both physical and mental stimulation. Most importantly, ensure your dog is always hydrated every now and then.

Other Remedies That Can Ease Your Yorkie’s Constipation

Wheat And Oat Bran

Wheat and bran are highly rich in fiber and they can be your perfect treatment for your dog’s constipation. It is safe to eat and you can easily find most of these in the pet store. Just like pumpkin, when added this to your dog’s diet on a regular basis, you can see the improvement.

This makes an excellent aid for your Yorkie’s digestion. However, you need to consult your vet first on how many servings are recommended. Although in most cases, it should be in moderation as your dog’s kibble food includes bran already.

Plain Pumpkins

Another great home remedy for your constipated Yorkie is giving him a canned pumpkin. Because a pumpkin is also a great source of fiber. Besides that, this can efficiently aid your Yorkie’s digestion. In addition, this is also great for diarrhea as it normalizes your dog’s stool quality. Pumpkins have also beta carotene known as vitamin E which is essential for your dog, but only in moderation as well.

Vegetable or Olive Oil

Other great home remedies are vegetable oil and olive oil. Although be careful on the amount you give this to your dog as this causes your dog to experience diarrhea.

But this is actually effective when you have the right amount more particularly if it’s in desperate times. A spoonful of oil in your Yorkie’s kibble food will lubricate the hard feces which makes it easy for them to release.


You can even try some natural supplements for dogs. Most supplements can help your dog’s bowel movement and enhanced their digestive health. Because natural supplements usually contain folic acid, vegetable enzymes, and acidophilus which can be a contributing factors to ease your dog’s constipation. However, consult with your vet first before attempting this to make this as a regular supplement for your furry friend.

Complications If Left Untreated

If your Yorkies constipation is left untreated, your dog’s life is at risk here which can lead to obstipation. This is due to the stool’s quality becoming hard and so dry and still stays on the colon which makes it difficult to move. From this scenario, your dog’s colon will be filled with stool to the point your pooch is having difficulty moving it which then leads to a megacolon.

As a result, your dog’s colon will become larger and become bloated. This will eventually lead to loss of appetite, lethargy, strain while bowel movement, and even vomit. What’s worse is that this can lead to serious complications and will likely require medical attention such as manual stool removal or the process of de obstipation and even surgery.

This worst-case scenario is too difficult seems unbearable for your dog to experience. Not only that, the surgery and the removal of stool will cost you more. Because of the difficult process, it entails, it will definitely leave your dog at greater risk.

Final Thoughts

Your Yorkie definitely can’t speak just to let you know that he’s suffering or experiencing some medical condition in which humans can. That’s why it’s important to learn your dog’s body language. This will make sure you know that if your pooch is making an odd movement, then probably there’s something wrong with your pooch.

The best thing you can do is to ensure your dog’s healthy lifestyle by buying him highly nutritious and high-quality kibble food, engaging him in physical exercise, and make sure your doggo is hydrated all the time. If you really love your dog, show some extra care especially for a Yorkshire Terrier as they are known to have a sensitive stomachs and also a picky eater. So, be sure that you will invest in them just to make sure they are healthy.

Have you learned something from our article? We are glad to have helped if you Yorkie is constipated. Do share some thoughts regarding this by dropping a comment below.

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