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Conquering Yorkie Separation Anxiety: Symptoms, Solutions & More

It would be of no shock if your Yorkie is extra emotional and loves to be around you most of the time. It is because of the natural deposition of Yorkies to embrace their human friend’s love and attention.

Yorkie Separation Anxiety

However, situations may exacerbate for both you and your Yorkie in the later stages if he or she starts to spend a lot of time left idle.


Your Yorkshire Terrier dog may highlight signs of anxiety and stress when you are ready to head to work or leave the house without him. You will find him growling, honking, or chewing your shoes.

It is not an unusual behavior but a mere sign of Yorkie Separation Anxiety. If you think you are the only one experiencing this, don’t worry, that is not the case.

In this article, I’ll talk about what causes Separation anxiety in Yorkies and how to help him get over it.

What is Separation Anxiety in Yorkies?

Separation Anxiety is a psychological condition when your Yorkie isn’t ready to leave even your shadow and get attached to you to the extreme.

As a result, he behaves aggressively, like whining, growling, peeing, honking, and chewing things around. He will act stressed and terrified when you are away from home because of work and survival duties.

Of course, you can’t take your Yorkie to your workplace and everywhere you are, so what is the solution?

Relax! Pet professionals consider Separation Anxiety as a treatable condition. With proper socialization, crate training, and with properly Obedience training your Yorkie, he will be able to manage to live on his own when you are not aside.

What Causes Separation Anxiety in Yorkies?

Separation Anxiety isn’t a build-up of one day. There could be myriad reasons that have contributed to your Yorkie’s feeling of stress and anxiety.

It will rarely happen if a Yorkie is a rescued dog because this breed is high-maintenance. However, if your Yorkie is a rescued dog, it is not difficult to guess why he is experiencing separation anxiety.

Rescued dogs already have been through a lot of trauma that has dragged them to put a fence around them. It makes them crave love and their human companion’s presence.

Other reasons could also lead to anxiety in Yorkie that includes:

  • When your Yorkie is living alone at home for the first time
  • A sudden loss of a loving member can also bring anxiety
  • A change in home schedule and structure that your Yorkie was accustomed to before.
  • A change in ownership will cause a lack of belongingness.
  • Location change can also be discomforting for your Yorkie.

Indicators of Separation Anxiety in Yorkies

Whining in Yorkies can also be because of his empty stomach or bladder pressure. The question arises, how to be sure that your Yorkie is experiencing separation anxiety? 

Here are a few signs you should look for in your Yorkie to check if he is going through separation anxiety.

Yorkie anxiety symptoms

  • Unnecessary howling and barking.
  • Urination and defecation in the house
  • Aggressive behavior like digging and chewing
  • Show anxious signs like pacing, whining, and trembling.
  • Excessive saliva production and gets tired easily
  • Try to escape the dog-proofed areas.

If you notice any of these signs in your Yorkie, it is a proven sign of separation anxiety that you shouldn’t ignore and help your Yorkie overcome with proper training and therapy.

How to Treat Separation Anxiety in Yorkies?

Separation Anxiety in Yorkshire Terriers can become severe and disastrous for you and your Yorkie both in the future if you unintentionally ignore to treat it.

You love your Yorkie and can not let him suffer this much. The best way to help your Yorkie overcome this issue is to get him used to the idea of living alone and make it a part of his daily life.

how to calm an anxious Yorkie

Here are some preventive measures, you can try to destress your Yorkie and bring him back to his jolly-molly life. 

1. Desensitize your Yorkie

The most crucial step you should take in helping your Yorkie get rid of his anxiety attacks when he is alone at home is desensitizing.

Your puppy is new to the human world, and he needs time and your support to get aware of the new norms of the environment he will be celebrating his happy birthdays.

Start with a short duration of leaving your Yorkie at home and gradually lengthen the period.

You can reward him with his favorite treat right before heading out to work or a brunch. It will signal him that you are about to leave somewhere and he is supposed to be at home.

2. Crate Training

Crate Training is a great way to divert your Yorkie’s mind and prepare him for ‘not at home’ times. The second best place for your Yorkie to bring down his stress and relax is his crate.

 Crate training is best to nurture infant Yorkies to toddlers to protect them from unwanted mishaps. A dog crate helps your Yorkie to feel safe.

With a habit of dog crate, it becomes easy for your Yorkie to live alone when you are away and feel less anxious about your return.

You can keep chewing toys or lego puzzles inside his crate to keep him engaged until you come back home to your little friend.

3. Exercise time

Yorkies are extra zealous breeds. These canines can hop around the town twice or thrice, thanks to the energy they possess.

A brief period of physical workout is necessary for your Yorkie to burn the excess energy. Even a day of missed physical exercise will make him feel uneasy.

It will make him more anxious and unsettled. Hence, it is necessary to take your Yorkie for a 15 minutes walk before heading to work.

4. Balance the Clingy Rope

Yorkies are sensitive breeds. They can be clingy when they crave extra love and attention. However, it can become an unintentional emotional trap for you, and eventually, you will not be able to cope with other necessary things around you.

Assure you don’t overindulge in cuddling, praising, and treating your Yorkie before leaving for work and after reaching home. You should balance the rope of sincere love and excess clinginess behavior.

5. Medications

The last resort option is medicines and natural treatments available in the commercial market. There are many medicated options available at a price to treat anxiety and depression in Yorkies, like Alprazolam, for anxiety and panic disorders.

However, veterinarians suggest continuing with the training program and waiting for the results patiently. Medicines should always be the last bench to sit on. 


Your Yorkie’s clingy attitude isn’t intentional. He loves and doesn’t want to be away from you. Your presence matters to him a lot.

As a Yorkie parent, you are responsible for a promised partnership and a helping hand of support to your pup when in need. Treating anxiety-related behavior takes time but remember, every tree fruits at the end of its time. 

What else did you try to aid your Yorkie bounce back from his separation anxiety-related issues? Feel free to pour in your suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to give it a read. 

Bow-Bowye! 🙂

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