8 Best Harnesses For a Yorkie (Comprehensive Buying Guide)

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Yorkies love two things the most: good weather and the outdoors. It’s the perfect time for them to play in the yard or have a stroll around the neighborhood. With such an active personality, it’s crucial to keep your control over your doggo.

This is possible using the best harness for a Yorkie with the right size, comfortable material, and durable construction.

As a small breed, Yorkies require an equally small harness. Below, I listed and reviewed eight harnesses that could be the best pick for your canine.

Harness vs. collar for Yorkies

As mentioned, Yorkshire Terriers are small breeds, and they are actually the smallest terrier in the canine kingdom. This means that they have equally tiny bodies and fragile necks.

It’s the reason why you should use a harness instead of a Yorkie collar as a form of restraint.

Yorkies can still wear collars, but you should never use them as a connection for the leash. Most of the time, the collars are decorative and used for identification purposes.

Collars put all the pulling force on your Dog’s neck. This is dangerous and can cause serious injuries in the long run.

On the other hand, dog harnesses disperse this force all over your pet’s body. It saves the neck from stress, so your dog can enjoy its walks around the neighborhood.

However, Yorkies also have long hair. It can get snagged easily if you don’t choose the right harness. Below, I reviewed the best option, which you can consider for your dog.

Best Harness For a Yorkie – Top 8 Picks!



If you’re looking for the best harness for a Yorkie, you’ll never go wrong with the RUFFWEAR Dog Harness. This is made with foam-padded strips across the belly and chest.

It will distribute the force on your dog’s body, so it doesn’t get concentrated on the neck area.

Moreover, this harness has two leash attachment points, so you can choose whether to tether at the front or back. There’s also reinforced webbing at the chest to endure pulling and intense wear and tear.

Aside from that, this has colorfast and durable fabric that won’t lose its color even after repeated washing. It’s also fitted with reflective trims for added safety when walking your dog at night.

I also like the four convenient points of adjustment to give your dog a full range of motion. In addition, you can easily adjust the fit, so your dog can grow into the harness over the months.

The bonus part is that this harness is available in a wide range of colors.

It’s also available in 2XL and XL sizes to suit even teacups and miniature Yorkies.

I just noticed that the buckles of this harness are a bit recessed, which makes it slightly inconvenient to lock in place.


Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness For Dogs

Another harness I recommend for Yorkies is the Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness For Dogs. This is a crash-tested harness, so it’s a great pick if you love taking your dog on long drives.

This harness is equipped with durable nesting buckles.

There are also front and back leash attachments together with five adjustment points.

And for your dog’s comfort, this harness has a padded chest plate to cushion the pulling force.

Moreover, this harness is bundled with a tether that you can use to secure your dog inside the car.

Overall, this fits canines with a chest girth of 12 to 18 inches, including Yorkshire Terriers.

Aside from that, this Kurgo harness is covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

This is a testament to Kurgo’s dedication to creating high-quality dog accessories.

This is available in XL and small sizes, as well as two color options. For this level of quality, I can say that this harness is already a steal.

I just wish they put a swivel on the tether strap because it gets twisted whenever a dog walks in circles. I had to purchase an attachment with a swivel to fix this problem.

Voyager Step-In Flex Dog Harness

If you’re looking for a breathable choice for your dog, you should consider the Voyager Step-In Flex Dog Harness. It’s made of breathable, all-weather mesh with 3M reflective webbing for added visibility at night.

Aside from that, the step-in design of this harness makes it a convenient choice for the reluctant dog. It’s easy to put on and off without compromising its reliability.

Moreover, this has two stainless steel D-rings where you can hook your leash. It’s durable, and it can put up with the most stubborn dog.

Most dogs will have a good fit with the XS size of this harness. You can also pick from a variety of colors, though I noticed that some colors are slightly thinner in the material than others. Still, it’s not a major difference, and the harness still works well.

Overall, this harness has a lot of room for growth, so I don’t recommend it for toy or miniature Yorkies. Also, make sure that you tighten the strap well, as some Yorkies can back out of this harness like a loose shirt.

I also noticed that this harness comes with a weird plastic-like smell straight from the package. With this, you should wash it well first before putting it on your dog.

2 Hounds Design No-Pull Dog Harness

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During the summer months, the 2 Hounds Design No Pull Harness is a good choice for Yorkies. It has a strap system instead of a chest pad to keep your pet cool on hot days.

This is made of nylon webbing that can put up with a lot of force. It also dries fast for easy cleaning. Most of all, it’s lightweight and gentle on a dog’s skin.

Moreover, the 2 Hounds Design No-Pull Dog Harness has a training system. It utilizes a front connection as well as a Swiss velvet lining, so your Yorkie remains comfy as you teach it how to walk on a leash.

I also like the patented control loop that tightens the harness when the dog pulls. But when the canine releases, this loop also relaxes. It offers a humane and safe way to discourage pulling behavior.

Aside from that, this harness is covered by a chew warranty. If your dog chewed and damaged the harness, you could reach out to 2 Hounds for a replacement.

My only gripe over this harness is it’s challenging to put on. Also, it takes practice to understand how webbing works, which can be difficult if you have a reluctant Yorkie.

rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

The rabbitgoo Dog Harness is a great choice in stopping your dog’s stubborn pulling behavior. It has a no-pull and no-choke design, so your pet remains safe despite the corrective benefit of this harness.

Aside from that, this harness has a breathable mesh lining that’s gentle on a dog’s fur and skin. It also has a blend of polyester and nylon that endures regular use.

Moreover, this has four adjustment points that allow you to customize the fit to suit your Yorkie.

This is aside from the non-slip lock system that uses secure buckles. You can also use the top handle to retrieve your dog right away.

For added safety, this harness has reflective trims for night walks. It’s a durable harness, which is a great pick for dogs that pull like crazy. I also like how it’s not easy for my dog to back out of this harness, unlike other options in the market.

The only thing I noticed is that this harness is quite difficult to adjust. But, other than that, it’s a great buy for small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers.

Gooby Pioneer Dog Harness

If you’re looking for a premium good Yorkie harness, you won’t be disappointed with the Gooby Pioneer Dog Harness. It’s made for small dogs up to 35 lbs., which is perfect for Yorkshire Terriers.

This is made of a nylon outer with compressed foam padding and neoprene lining. It’s a great choice during cold days when your dog can make use of added warmth.

Aside from that, this harness has a traffic handle, which you can use to retrieve your dog during emergencies.

It also has a D-ring at the back and a nylon loop in the front for your choice of tethering. I like the fact that they use a metal link and not cheap plastic that could break easily.

Moreover, this harness is a breeze to put on and take off from a dog. Its rugged construction makes it a long-term choice. Although there will be mild fraying on some parts of the fabric, it doesn’t affect the structure of the harness.

Overall, this harness is made of premium material, which makes it worth the splurge.

The color options are also great, though I wish they added reflective trims for nighttime use. Other than that, my money is on this harness.

DOCO Athletica Quick FIT Harness

The DOCO Athletica Quick FIT Harness is made for small to medium-sized canines.

It’s made of elastic fabric with soft padding to help distribute the pulling force of your dog.

Aside from that, this harness has nylon straps that are cross-stitched for durability. It’s also fitted with dense mesh material to keep the harness breathable even during long walks.

I also like the reflective trims all over the harness, which is added safety during low-light conditions.

Moreover, this harness has a fray-resistant construction as well as fully welded D-rings for leash connection. It also uses plastic buckles to keep the harness in place.

This is also equipped with an added Velcro strap that will keep the harness snug.

If you’re not happy with this harness, you can ask for a replacement or refund within 14 days upon receipt of the item.

Overall, the DOCO Athletica FIT Harness is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. You can easily pick one that looks good on your canine.

Also, many pet owners swear by the safety of this harness, especially for canines suffering from the collapsed trachea.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

For pet owners looking for a straightforward and affordable harness, I highly recommend the PetSafe Easy Walk.

This is composed of a strap system with a patented Martingale loop that helps reduce your dog’s pulling.

With this harness, the strap will tighten if your dog pulls. It will also loosen to a normal fit once the pooch stops pulling. It’s a proven way to stop a canine from tugging the leash during walks.

Moreover, this has dual-color straps, so you can easily differentiate the top and bottom parts. Unlike other strap harnesses, this one from PetSafe is straightforward and easy to put on and off.

It uses two snap buckles that can endure wear and tear.

The best part here is that PetSafe is willing to send a replacement or allow you to resize in case you purchased the wrong fit. It’s a convenience you can’t find on other brands.

If you have a Yorkie that defies all harnesses, this one might be the simple solution you’re looking for. The cherry on top is that this harness is available in various colors.

How to choose the best harness for a Yorkie

If you can’t decide which harness is suitable for your Yorkie, it’s best to check the following aspects first:

✔️Harness type

The first thing you should consider is the harness type you’re going to get. Most of the time, pet owners choose between vest harnesses, step-in harnesses, and strap harnesses.

All these three are suitable for Yorkies but in different ways. Here’s a quick rundown of each type:

  • Vest harnesses. These harnesses provide the biggest coverage on your dog’s body. It’s often used by service dogs, but you can still buy one for your small Yorkie.
  • This is a good choice during cold days or if you want to carry small dog accessories on your dog’s harness.
  • Step-in harnesses. Step-in harnesses are the most common pick for Yorkies. Basically, this is a combination of straps and chest padding to keep the dog comfy.
  • As it’s called, step-in harnesses are easy to put on since you only need your dog to step into the two-leg holes.
  • After that, you just need to pull the harness up to the canine’s body and buckle it in place.
  • Strap harnesses. During summer, strap harnesses are a great pick for canines. It’s composed of a webbing system that wraps around your dog’s body.
  • Many are equipped with a Martingale design, which tightens as your Yorkie pulls. It helps discourage tugging and pulling during walks.

Your choice of harness type depends on what your dog can tolerate. You should also consider the weather and the other aspects here.


Once you’ve picked the harness type your Yorkie needs, the next thing to think about is the material.

Look for a durable nylon shell since it can repel moisture and prevent bad odor. However, the downside with nylon is it’s prone to fraying, which is a trade-off many pet owners can handle.

Aside from that, padded dog harnesses use foam materials as well as neoprene. Both of these are soft and will add warmth to your dog’s body.

A blend of polyester is also a good idea. However, it can be more difficult to clean as dirt gets stuck on polyester fabric more than nylon.

Beyond the material, make sure that the harness uses durable stitching.

A rugged design is preferable as it will last longer, especially for Yorkies who love pulling.


The size of the harness is a make-or-break part. Yorkies are small, and it can be tricky to find a harness that suits them well.

Most of the time, you need a harness within the XXL to small size range. It all depends on the specific sizing of the brand you’re planning to buy.

To ensure that you’re getting the right fit, you should measure your dog’s neck and chest girth. You can add 1 to 2 inches to the measurement as a breathing room. Besides, most dog harnesses can be adjusted.


Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs, so safety should be your number one priority when choosing a harness. Make sure that the design won’t choke your dog.

Also, be careful of off-gassing as some harnesses tend to have a strong plastic or rubber smell upon manufacturing. You should wash and dry the harness before putting it on your canine.

✔️Enclosures and connections

The enclosures used on the harness are crucial in keeping your Yorkie restrained. Always look for metal D-rings and not plastic ones that could easily break.

Aside from that, the buckles must be heavy-duty and won’t give in despite strong pulling. Added Velcro straps will also help, but they shouldn’t be the main method of the enclosure. Velcro loses its tackiness over time, which means your Yorkie may escape the harness if it’s the only way to keep it in place.

Adjustable dog harnesses are also ideal to ensure a good fit for your Yorkie. This will allow your Yorkie to grow into it.

✔️Color and design

The color and design of the harness are a bonus part, but it sure adds value to your purchase. Dog harness manufacturers produce various color options to suit the liking of dog owners.

✔️Price range and warranty

Lastly, you should consider how much you’re planning to spend on a dog harness.

Cheap harnesses work, but they will soon sustain damage. If you want one that will last for a long time, you should invest a few more bucks for a premium option.

In the long run, buying quality harnesses will help you save money. This is because you won’t have to purchase replacements repeatedly.

Tips to keep your Yorkie comfortable in a harness

Yorkshire Terriers can be intense pullers while on a leash. To ensure that your pooch is safe while wearing the harness, you must keep the following in mind:

✔️Training is crucial

Even before you take your Yorkie outdoors on a harness and leash, you must train it first. Harness training will prevent your dog from trying to remove the restraint.

This training should start at home and as soon as your Yorkie can wear a harness.

Use a front-clip harness for this since it will stop your dog from trying to head in a specific direction.

First, lay the harness on the floor and let your Yorkie sniff and lick it. Just make sure that the doggo won’t shred it to pieces.

Once your dog is already familiar with the harness, you can start giving treats on top of the accessory.

You can also loop your hand inside the opening of the harness while feeding a treat. This will help your Yorkie associate the harness in a rewarding experience.

✔️Check the fit

Many dogs will try to rip the harness off their bodies if it’s uncomfortable. The rule of thumb is that you should still be able to slip two fingers underneath.

The fit should be snug with the fingers underneath. It means your dog has enough breathing space without the harness being baggy.

Yorkies remain small, so the first harness you bought will likely be adjustable enough to suit the canine’s adult size.

But if your pet outgrew the harness, you should purchase one with the right measurements.

✔️Take it off after use

It’s crucial to remove the harness from your Yorkie once its purpose is done.

This will also prevent the canine from feeling uncomfortable and resentful towards the restraint.

If your Yorkie shows signs of agitation the first time wearing the harness, you should take it off. That way, your pet will realize that the harness isn’t a punishment.

✔️Wash the harness regularly

Like dog toys and beds, you should also wash your Yorkie’s harness regularly. If it’s soiled, dirty, or smelly, it’s time to toss the harness to the washing machine. Just make sure that you follow the washing instructions from the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay to leave a harness on a Yorkie all the time?

A: You should never let your Yorkie wear a harness all the time. It’s important to remove the harness once its purpose is finished.

If not, your dog’s coat will become matted, and its skin will be irritated. You should let your dog’s body breathe if it’s not going outdoors or needs to be leashed.

Q: Do harnesses calm dogs down?

A: Harnesses alone can’t calm dogs, but they can provide a sense of comfort. It’s possible through the mild pressure the harness puts on the canine’s torso. Also, the way you introduced the harness will affect how your Yorkie will behave while wearing it.

Q: Are front-clip harnesses bad for dogs?

A: Front-clip harnesses are usually safe to use. However, if you pull too much, the harness can cause too much strain on your Yorkie’s small body. While harnesses are deemed safer than collars, you should still use them with caution and proper care.

Q: At what age can you put a harness on a puppy?

A: Yorkies should only start wearing harnesses at the age of 8 weeks and up. Many Yorkie owners wait until their dogs are big enough to fit in the smallest harness size. It will also give the pup enough time to grow, so your pet won’t get hurt while wearing the harness.

Q: How tight should a dog harness be?

A: Whether you’re buying for a Yorkie or another breed, the harness shouldn’t be too tight or loose. It should fit like a second skin without choking your pet’s body. Always take measurements to ensure that the harness you’re going to buy is a good fit for your Yorkie.

Q: Where should a harness sit on a dog?

A: A harness should sit right on your dog’s chest and shoulder. It depends on the design of the harness. Basically, it should take away the pressure from the neck. If fitted properly, the harness will fall right into place once your dog wears it.

Q: Can you put a leash on a Yorkie?

A; Yes, it is possible to put a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) on a leash. Doing so is important for its safety and the safety of those around them.

It is recommended that you use a leash made of lightweight but durable material, such as nylon or leather.

A harness should also be used instead of just a collar since this will distribute pressure more evenly and prevent choking. Additionally, consider using a retractable leash so you can quickly adjust the length as needed.

Training your Yorkie to walk on a leash is also essential; start off slowly by letting them get used to the feel of the harness before attempting to take them on long walks. With patience and consistency, they will eventually become comfortable with the leash and you’ll both be able to enjoy your outings together.

Final words

The best harness for a Yorkie will ensure safe and enjoyable walks with your pet. It will save your pooch from the risk of neck injuries brought by collars. Just make sure that you get the right type, size, and material. Once you have the harness, training and desensitization should follow for the accessory to serve its purpose.

What do you think of these dog harnesses? Share your thoughts below!



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