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5 Best Training Treats For Yorkies – Perfect For Picky Eaters!

Training treats are indispensable if you’re a dog owner. For the likes of Yorkies, it’s a great way to initiate cooperation during training. However, you should ensure that the treats you’re getting are healthy and suitable for your growing pet. For this post, I listed and reviewed five of the best training treats for Yorkies that you can get. See which of these will appeal to the taste buds of your finicky pooch.

Training a Yorkie isn’t an easy task. This breed can have stubborn streaks and quite a strong personality. But with the right method and irresistible treats, your Yorkie will yield to your commands.

5 Best Training Treats For Yorkies


OUR TOP PICK: Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Training Dog Treats

Irresistible Chicken Soft Training Bites for Dogs | Blue Buffalo, 19oz Bag

Reward your pup during training sessions with these irresistible Blue Buffalo treats! Made with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, these soft and moist bite-sized bits are the perfect high-value, protein-packed treats to keep your dog engaged and motivated.

The tender texture is gentle on the teeth and easy for dogs of all ages to enjoy. With no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, you can feel good about treating your furry friend. The resealable 19-ounce bag helps keep the treats fresh.

Whether you're teaching new tricks, reinforcing good behavior, or just showing your pup some love, these soft training bites make ideal rewards. Keep a stash handy during walks, playtime, or anytime you want to give your dog a tasty incentive. Stuff them into puzzle toys for mental enrichment too!

From puppies to seniors, these meaty morsels are sure to have tails wagging for more. Treat your best friend to the taste of Blue Buffalo's premium quality with every bite.

  • High-quality protein source: Made with real chicken as the first ingredient, providing a good source of lean protein that many dogs find highly palatable.
  • Soft, moist texture: The soft and moist texture makes these treats easy for dogs to chew and digest, which can be beneficial for puppies or senior dogs.
  • No artificial preservatives: Formulated without artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, which can appeal to pet owners looking for more natural options.
  • Resealable bag: The 19-oz bag is resealable, helping to keep the treats fresh and preventing them from going stale too quickly.
  • Versatile training rewards: The small, bite-sized treats are ideal for use as training rewards or for stuffing into interactive toys to keep dogs engaged and rewarded.
  • Potential allergies: While chicken is a common protein source, some dogs may have allergies or sensitivities to chicken or other ingredients in the formula.
  • Calorie-dense: Like most training treats, these are relatively high in calories and fat, so portion control is important to prevent weight gain, especially for smaller breeds.
  • Artificial binders/fillers: The ingredient list may include some artificial binders or fillers, which some pet owners prefer to avoid.
  • Price point: Premium dog treats like these can be more expensive than generic options, which may be a consideration for some pet owners on a budget.
  • Limited size options: Only available in the 19-oz bag size, so pet owners with larger dogs may go through the treats more quickly.
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If you’re looking for the best training treats for Yorkies, I highly recommend the Blue Buffalo Blue Bits. This is available in beef and chicken flavors, so you can pick what your dog likes best. It’s made of real meat in bite-sized morsels for easy consumption. You can also cut each treat into pieces to stretch its serving.

Moreover, this dog treat is made of whole ingredients like oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, flaxseed, and more. Each piece contains 10% protein, 7% fat, and 4% fiber. It’s also a decent source of DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your Yorkie’s coat shiny.

Also, this dog treat doesn’t have by-products, red dyes, or propylene glycol that would wreak havoc on your dog’s tummy. It’s also free of soy and corn wheat, which is perfect for Yorkies with sensitive stomachs.

You can get this in a 1-pound bag or a 9-ounce pack if you want to see first if your Yorkie will like it. It costs more than other treats in the market, but every dollar is worth the splurge.

Overall, my Yorkie can’t get enough of this soft and chewy treat. Just avoid overindulging your dog as this treat contains sugars, which can cause a buzz on your pet. It’s also friendly to the small teeth of puppies and small breeds.

To keep the treats in good condition, you must prevent them from drying out. I suggest leaving the leftovers inside the bag then seal them well after each feeding.


Full Moon All Natural Dog Treats

Natural Grain-Free Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, 24oz
$30.99 $23.82 ($15.88 / lb)

Treat your pup to a tasty, wholesome snack with our Natural Grain-Free Chicken Jerky Dog Treats. Made with human-grade chicken and no grains, these chewy jerky strips are a protein-packed reward dogs love. At 24oz, this pack provides plenty of long-lasting treats that are perfect for training or anytime your furry friend deserves a delicious bite. USA-made with no artificial preservatives for a nutritious, guilt-free indulgence.

  • All-natural and grain-free, making it a healthier option for dogs with dietary sensitivities or allergies.
  • Made from human-grade ingredients, ensuring high quality and safety standards.
  • Produced in the USA, which may be preferred by some consumers for quality assurance and supporting domestic businesses.
  • Jerky treats are generally long-lasting and can be used for training or as a rewarding snack.
  • The 24-ounce size provides a decent quantity of treats for the price.
  • Some dogs may have difficulty digesting jerky treats, especially if they are not introduced gradually or if the dog has a sensitive stomach.
  • Jerky treats can be high in calories and salt, which may be a concern for dogs with weight or health issues.
  • The "all-natural" claim may not necessarily mean the product is entirely free of preservatives or additives.
  • The product's price point may be higher than some other treat options due to the "human-grade" and "made in USA" claims.
  • The flavor variety is limited to chicken, which may not appeal to all dogs or provide enough variety for some owners.
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For Yorkies obsessed with chicken, the Full Moon All Natural Dog Treats is a good choice. This is made of human-grade and all-natural ingredients. It’s only composed of four ingredients, namely real chicken, organic cane sugar, rosemary extract, and vinegar.

Since this is a limited-ingredient treat, Full Moon All Natural Dog Treats are perfect for Yorkies with sensitive tummies. Each piece also contains high levels of protein at 55%.

Take note that this treat comes in large pieces. When training a Yorkie, I suggest cutting a single piece into tiny bits for easy consumption. This will also stretch the serving, or you can give it as a high-reward treat at the end of the training session.

Moreover, this treat doesn’t have glycerin, soy, wheat, and grains that could upset your Yorkie’s stomach. I also like the fact that the chicken is U.S.-grown, which means it’s USDA-approved and will arrive fresh from the factory.

Overall, this is a well-priced and healthy dog treat. Your Yorkie will surely keep begging for more, which is something you can maximize during training.

This is a great alternative to harder chews which could damage your Yorkie’s teeth. However, you should place this inside a sealed container as jerkies are prone to molds.

Unlike soft chews, this is harder to tear apart. You should slice with a knife before training, so your Yorkie won’t have to wait while you struggle to pinch a piece away.

Pupford Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Pupford All-Natural Beef Liver Training Treats for Puppies & Dogs
$16.89 ($4.22 / oz)

Reward your pup with the irresistible flavor of Pupford's All-Natural Beef Liver Training Treats. Made with just one ingredient—freeze-dried beef liver—these low-calorie, vet-approved treats are perfect for puppies and dogs of all sizes. The freeze-drying process locks in nutrients and flavor, creating a healthy, high-value reward for training or anytime your furry friend deserves a tasty bite. With no artificial additives, you can feel good about giving these all-natural, protein-packed treats.

  • All-natural ingredients, which can be healthier and safer for dogs.
  • Low-calorie content, making it suitable for dogs that need to watch their weight or have dietary restrictions.
  • Vet-approved, providing assurance that the treats are safe and appropriate for dogs.
  • Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs of all sizes, making it a versatile product.
  • Freeze-dried, which can help preserve nutrients and extend the shelf life of the treats.
  • Beef liver flavor, which is appealing to many dogs and can be used as a high-value reward for training.
  • Some dogs may have sensitivities or allergies to beef or liver, limiting the treat's suitability for those pets.
  • Freeze-dried treats can be more expensive than traditional baked or extruded treats.
  • The treats may be too small or too large for some dogs, depending on their size and preference.
  • The low-calorie content may not make the treats satisfying enough for some dogs, especially larger breeds or those with high energy levels.
  • The package size or quantity may not be suitable for all households, depending on the number of dogs and their treat consumption.
  • Some dog owners may prefer treats made with a wider variety of protein sources or flavors.
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If you’re looking for a low-calorie dog treat, the Pupford Freeze-Dried Treats are for your Yorkie. This is made of minimal ingredients, which you can get in sweet potato, rabbit, chicken, salmon, and liver varieties. Since it’s made of limited ingredients, rest assured that your Yorkie won’t suffer from stomach upset.

Also, these training treats are easy to consume. It’s already chopped into small bits, so you only have to pick one and hand it to your dog.

Aside from that, this dog treat doesn’t have fillers, sugars, and additives. It’s also bundled with free training apps, which is very helpful if you’re just a newbie pet owner.

Another great thing about the Pupford Freeze-Dried Dog Treats is it has low calories. You can feed more to your Yorkie during extended training sessions without worrying about its diet.

Each bag contains over 450 pieces of this treat. It’s a big money-saver compared to small pouches that cost the same. The only thing you have to be careful with is keeping these freeze-dried treats mold-free. An airtight canister should do to keep the treats fresh.

However, this treat may not appeal to finicky Yorkies since it’s deprived of seasonings. Still, it’s not much of a downside if you have a voracious eater. Also, if you have a small Yorkie, you can split a piece to make it easier to chew.

Bil-Jac Little Jacks Training Treats

Bil-Jac Soft Chicken Liver Training Treats for Small Dogs & Puppies, 3-Pack
$34.99 ($34.99 / Count)

Treat your small pup to a deliciously soft reward with Bil-Jac's Chicken Liver Training Treats. Made with real chicken liver as the #1 ingredient and no fillers, these bite-sized treats are packed with the flavor and protein that dogs crave. The tender texture is perfect for small mouths and easy to break into smaller pieces for training rewards or snacks. Each 3-pack includes 16-ounce resealable pouches to keep the treats fresh. A guilt-free indulgence for your furry friend!

  • Made with real chicken liver as the primary ingredient, providing a protein-rich and flavorful treat for dogs.
  • Soft texture is ideal for small dogs and puppies, making them easy to chew and digest.
  • No fillers or artificial ingredients, ensuring a more natural and potentially healthier treat option.
  • Resealable double zipper pouch helps keep the treats fresh and prevents spills or mess.
  • Convenient 3-pack provides a larger quantity, potentially lasting longer or suitable for multi-dog households.
  • Small size makes them perfect for training rewards and portion control.
  • Some dogs may have sensitivities or allergies to chicken, limiting the treat's suitability.
  • The soft texture may not provide enough chewing satisfaction for dogs that prefer crunchy treats.
  • The small size may not be satisfying or filling enough for larger dogs or those with big appetites.
  • The treats may be higher in calories or fat compared to some other training treat options.
  • The resealable pouch may not keep the treats as fresh as an airtight container over an extended period.
  • The cost of a 3-pack may be higher than purchasing a single pack, which might not be economical for all pet owners.
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The Bil-Jac Little Jack Training Treats are made specifically for training. It’s made of real chicken liver, so it’s guaranteed to be a hit to your Yorkie. Real chicken liver is its main ingredient, together with chicken meat and chicken meal.

Each piece of this Bil-Jac treat contains 25% protein, 10% fat, and 30% moisture. It’s soft and chewy, which is perfect for a quick treat while training your Yorkshire Terrier.

Moreover, this treat comes in a resealable double zipper pouch. This will keep the treat’s freshness, flavor, and texture. Make sure that you seal this well, as soft chews are prone to molds and crumbling if exposed to air.

One buyer stated that her Yorkie prefers this Bil-Jac treat over other brands. So if you have a picky eater, this sumptuous treat might be the one you’re looking for.

Overall, you’ll get three 1-pound packs for this package. It’s already a steal considering the flavor and quality of these treats. But if you want to test the waters first, you can get this in 4-ounce packs.

The only gripe I have over this treat is it crumbles easily. Be careful in handling the bag, and always keep this in a sealed container.

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Dog Treats

Cloud Star Low-Calorie Salmon Flavored Training Treats, 360 Count
$15.99 $12.79 ($0.91 / oz)

Reward your pup with the irresistible taste of Cloud Star's low-calorie salmon-flavored training treats. These soft and chewy bites are perfect for positive reinforcement during training sessions or as a guilt-free snack anytime. Made with real salmon as the #1 ingredient, these low-cal treats deliver the meaty flavor dogs crave. The 14-ounce resealable pouch contains a generous 360 count, providing plenty of bite-sized rewards. A tasty way to reinforce good behavior without packing on the pounds!

  • Low-calorie: These treats are designed to be low in calories, making them a great option for dogs that need to watch their weight or have dietary restrictions.
  • Soft and chewy texture: The soft and chewy texture can be appealing to dogs and easier for them to chew and digest, especially for older dogs or those with dental issues.
  • Salmon flavor: Salmon is a popular and enticing flavor for many dogs, which can make these treats more motivating for training purposes.
  • Large quantity: With 360 treats in a 14-ounce pouch, this product provides a generous supply, making it cost-effective for frequent training sessions or households with multiple dogs.
  • Training aid: The brand markets these treats as a "behavior aid," suggesting they can be effective for reinforcing positive behaviors during training.
  • Potential allergies: Some dogs may have allergies or sensitivities to salmon or other ingredients in the treats, which could cause adverse reactions.
  • Limited flavor variety: The product only comes in a salmon flavor, which may not appeal to all dogs or provide enough variety for some owners.
  • Soft texture concerns: While the soft texture may be beneficial for some dogs, others may prefer crunchier treats or find the soft texture less satisfying.
  • Shelf life: Soft and chewy treats may have a shorter shelf life than harder, drier treats, especially once the pouch is opened.
  • Ingredient quality: While the product claims to be made with natural ingredients, it's important to review the full ingredient list to ensure it meets your standards for quality and any dietary restrictions.
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My last pick for this roundup is the Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Dog Treats. This is a soft and chewy treat packed with the tastiest flavors. You can get this in salmon, chicken liver, and cheddar. You can try all flavors and see what your Yorkie in training will love.

Each treat is made of real fish/meat to deliver the best taste. Most of all, it’s free from artificial flavors, greasy residues, and fillers. For Yorkies with sensitive stomachs, the Cloud Star Trick Trainers is made to be free of corn, soy, and artificial fillers.

Moreover, each piece of this treat contains 9% protein, 6% fat, and 4% fiber. It’s oven-baked and made in the U.S. for guaranteed freshness on every bag.

Aside from that, the Cloud Star Tricky Trainers is suitable for all life stages. It’s also easy to tear each piece into smaller bits to avoid over-feeding your Yorkie. This treat is also very aromatic, so you shouldn’t try sniffing the bag too hard.

Like other soft chews, this treat is prone to drying. I also noticed that it dries faster than other treats on this list, so always keep it sealed.

How to choose training treats for Yorkies

There are many dog treat products in the market, that choosing one for Yorkies isn’t simple. You have to consider a few aspects to ensure that the treat is safe, healthy, and perfect for training. Here are some of the things you should think of:

✔️Treat type

Not all dog treats are suitable for training. You have to pick one that’s easy to consume, so your Yorkie won’t be distracted mid-training. The following are the most common treat types and if they are suitable for training purposes:

  • Soft chews. When it comes to training, soft chews are your best bet. These treats are moist, tasty, and smelly, which will surely attract the attention of a stubborn Yorkshire Terrier. However, you have to store soft chews properly since it’s prone to molds, drying, and crumbling.
  • Biscuit. If you don’t want the smell and texture of soft chews, you can switch to biscuits. These are crunchy treats and easy to split into smaller pieces. However, it has less smell, which can be a downside if you have a picky dog.
  • Jerkies. Jerkies aren’t popular training treats, but if it’s soft enough, you can give it a try. Make sure that you chop the jerky into tiny, bite-sized pieces that you can pop into your dog’s mouth after each trick. The biggest advantage of jerkies is the taste and smell, which is the Holy Grail for picky canines.
  • Freeze-dried. Freeze-dried treats are often all-natural and lauded for their limited ingredients. It’s a good choice for Yorkies with sensitive tummies. But like jerkies, you need to slice freeze-dried treats into small bits.
  • Rawhide. Rawhide is never used as a training treat. First of all, it takes time to consume, and the base material isn’t edible. You can give this to your Yorkie after training as a high-value reward, but you should be aware of the risks.
  • Dental chews. Lastly, dental chews aren’t ideal training treats since it’s only supposed to be given once a day. And like rawhide, dental chews take time to consume since it’s intended to encourage your dog to keep chewing.


The most important consideration when buying dog treats is their ingredients. In general, you’d want treats with natural ingredients and free of any artificial additives.

Take note that the order of the ingredients will dictate its amount. For example, if real chicken is the first ingredient on the list, it means that the biggest portion of the treat is made of such meat.

For the main ingredient, you should consider real meat like chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, and so on. This way, your Yorkie will get added protein on its diet.

Superfoods like potatoes, carrots, brown rice, and herbs are also a good addition to the main ingredient.

As for grains, try to keep them at a bare minimum. Grains aren’t pure evil. As long as your Yorkie isn’t allergic to it, a small amount would be fine. In fact, some whole grains are a good source of fiber and minerals.

Overall, you’d want to avoid corn, soy, and wheat since these are hard to digest. In the end, knowing the ingredient to avoid boils down to your pet’s sensitivities.

✔️Smell and flavor

When it comes to training treats, the smell and flavor are make-or-break aspects. You should look for a smelly treat that will captivate your dog’s attention. It will be your weapon for a stubborn Yorkie.

On the other hand, the flavor depends on what your dog prefers. In general, you’ll need to purchase a few treats to see what taste your dog will like. You should also choose a flavor that’s different from your Yorkie’s kibble. This way, the pooch won’t get tired of the flavor easily.

✔️Treat size

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs, so they require an equally small treat for training. Dog treats that are already produced in small sizes are convenient. Nevertheless, you can always slice the pieces into smaller bits to suit your Yorkie.

✔️Nutritional value

It’s not enough that the training treats are delicious. It should also contain decent nutritional value, including the right balance of protein, fat, and carbs. It’s a bonus if the treats are packed with Omega fatty acids, DHA, glucosamine, and other essential nutrients.


Lastly, consider how much you can spend on training treats. Sure, cheap dog treats are pocket-friendly, but they will soon take their toll on your dog’s health. I always recommend buying high-quality treats for Yorkies, whether it’s for training or not.

In the end, cutting back on the quality of your dog’s treats will cost more expensive repercussions, a.k.a. emergency dog visits.

Can the best wet dog food for Yorkies also be used as training treats? Yorkies have specific nutritional needs, and wet dog food formulated for their breed often contains high-quality ingredients. While these wet dog foods can be used for training, it’s important to consider portion sizes and calorie intake to prevent overfeeding. Consulting with a veterinarian can help determine the best approach for using wet dog food as training treats.

Final words

The best training treats for Yorkies will help you make each training session rewarding. It will encourage your dog to cooperate and respond to your commands. Above all, it would be an additional source of nutrition for your little doggo. Just make sure that you buy one with excellent nutritional value.

What do you think of these dog training treats? Which one does your Yorkie like? Let us know below!

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