Are Yorkies Easy To Potty Train?

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The Yorkshire Terrier makes a feisty yet caring toy breed friend, little in size yet large in personality. The “Yorkie,” America’s most famous toy dog, won many fans with his loyalty to his family, his stylish look, and his suitability for living in apartments. Let’s find essential information about the Yorkie, including whether are Yorkies easy to potty train or not.

Are Yorkies easy to train

yorkshire terrrier

Yorkshire Terriers love their people as one might expect of a pet dog, but, true to their terrier heritage, they’re at times wary of outsiders and bark at odd sounds and intruders. It’s best to calm your neighbors down and encourage them to bark when and when.

They can also be hostile to strange dogs, and no squirrel is safe from them.

Yorkshire Terriers also have a soft side despite the courage. They need a lot of attention and time with their family. It’s not for them to stay alone for many hours. However, over-protecting your Yorkie isn’t a good idea; they ‘re going to get your feelings up very quickly, and when your action tells the world that it’s a danger to them, it can be neurotic.

Yorkshire Terriers do better because of the size of older children who have been taught how to treat them than with kids and young children.

Although exercising each day — maybe a quick play in the living room or a fun stroll around the street — Yorkies make perfect apartment dogs.

Whatever home they live in, they can encounter other dogs and cats as long as they lived with them. Yorkies will dominate their owners if a new pet is brought into the house. They may be terriers and might want to attack the “intruder,” and if a battle breaks out, the terrier spirit is to battle against death.

Dog Size

Yorkshire Terriers can measure 8 to 9 inches per shoulder and measure as little as seven pounds. Yorkshire terriers are of varying size. It is not uncommon for a single litter to have a Yorkie weighing less than four pounds, a Yorkie weighing five to six pounds, and another one rising to 12 to 15 pounds.

Beware of breeders who sell Yorkie puppies “teacups.” Dogs that are less than ordinary are vulnerable to genetic disorders and are usually at higher health risk.


Smart and optimistic, the Yorkshire Terrier is a mixture of an incredibly small spirit and an adventurous terrier spirit. It has a variety of personalities, some of which are cuddly and haughty, seeking nothing more than to follow their people’s footsteps all day long.

Set boundaries and Yorkie is going to be an outstanding friend, but if you spoil him, look out! Start training while they are puppies, and you’re going to have a better chance than if you let them go and then try to fix bad habits.

Like any dog, you need to become socialized at an early age — to be exposed to several different people, viewpoints, sounds, and experiences — when you are young.

Yorkshire Terriers, loyal and lively, are prized compañeros. But house training a Yorkie for this breed of dogs is an arduous task. They are prone to accidents using a small bladder. This anger can only be avoided when you start your potty training a Yorkie with the right knowledge and strategy.

Potty train a Yorkie

are yorkies easy to potty train

Are Yorkies easy to potty train? How to potty train your Yorkie pup. If the dog comes from a pet store, you should be ready to train him and guide him to the bathroom area in potty training. Dogs in pet shops live mostly in cages and develop a habit of eliminating in them because they have no choice but to go by themselves. You need to train your Yorkshire terrier on how to break the habit.

So if you buy a Yorkie puppy from a reputable breeder, the job is reduced. A successful breeder typically sells puppies over 7-8 weeks old, and you are guaranteed to have a pet already potty trained.

Yorkie Potty Training: How to Train A Yorkshire Terrier 

Starting with a crate ensures that your Yorkshire Terrier adapts to the housework quickly and easily. Crate training takes advantage of a dog’s psychological inhibition to eliminate your living space. It prevents your puppy from walking through the buildings and being given a chance to pee and baby in the house.

Yorkies are easy to potty train if you know what to do. Schedule a time – ideally once an hour – to take your Yorkie to a popular place outside. The location must be safe and secure; use a word that will be easy to understand to encourage him to eliminate; if this is the case, reward him. This is the beginning of your journey to house train a Yorkie.

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Make sure you’re not giving your Yorkshire Terrier a chance to tear out the inside of the bag. Also, use a crate that is not too large for a small dog.

Helpful Potty Training Tips When Training A Yorkie

Put your dog in a crate if you are not home or unable to supervise it. Yorkies are susceptible to a separation anxiety disorder that raises their risk of house accidents. The crate will make your dog feel healthy, and dogs are much less likely to urinate or defecate in their crate.

Never leave your dog in her crate for long periods. A puppy usually can take 2-3 hours in a crate while adult dogs can spend six-8 hours in a crate. Some dogs require more frequent breaks depending on their conditions, while some can wait longer.

Every incident raises the risk of potential conflicts as the dog is starting to think that it is safe to get in there. Puppies should go out at least every two hours. All pups and adult dogs should go outside after getting up after sleeping, eating or drinking, and after playing sessions.

yorkshire terrier potty training

Click on the training clicker and give them a treat when she is doing her business outside. This helps her partner get a reward and increases her incentive to control her bladder and bowels. This helps her partner get her to the outside.

Bring your dog out immediately if it has an incident, allowing it to build a connection between going out and going out. When your dog goes out, click on the training clicker and handle your dog.

Are Yorkies Easy to Potty Train: Pads and Potty Training

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Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately called Yorkies, are mostly indoor dogs that require less time and preparation than any other breed. To avoid the elimination by your Yorkie outdoors, you should train your dog on puppy pads and remove them indoors. This is especially useful during hot conditions, or when your dog is alone for five and 6 hours during the day because of their use.


Place a few puppy training pads next to each other on the ground to cover a couple of square feet. Place the pads off food and water from your Yorkie because the dogs won’t waste where they feed.

Choose a quiet corner that you can quickly isolate from usual traffic in your home and surface if your Yorkie has an incident outside the mats, such as tile and linoleum.


Feed your Yorkie and take your dog to the pads about 20 minutes after eating. You can either take your Yorkie to the pads or leash your dog to the indoor potty spot. Dogs usually need to eliminate after dinner, exercise, and first thing in the morning.


Offer your dog a verbal bathroom order, such as “Potty.” If your dog leaves the pad, click a training tool and give the dog a treat, then hold the dog in a leash or crate for fifteen minutes, before returning to the pads and giving a potty order.


Praise your dog verbally, and treat your dog whenever they eliminate on the pee pads to reinforce this behavior. Interrupt your Yorkie by clapping your hands if you catch them eliminating in another spot in your home.


Have a pet or baby gate to close out space. Put your dog’s food, water, and puppy pads in your house, with puppy pads on the other side of the room from the gate. This keeps your dog from being in other areas of your home.

Clean any accidents outside of the puppy pad, using an enzyme cleaner, so that the scent of the Yorkie’s waste can be removed entirely.

Most Common Mistakes

The pet owners can even get a bit inexperienced with designated potty training problems. A few items should be considered, which then may lead to issues if they are not followed.

Don’t punish every single time. 

It is the biggest “No” for an animal owner. Furthermore, punishment will frighten your dog, make it hate you, and therefore disobey you. The punishment does the opposite of what empathy would do. Remember: do use constructive reinforcement!

Some owners don’t set keywords to track the dogs. 

Whenever your dog enters the crate or pee pads to pee or poo, use the word ‘okay’ or ‘yes!’ Or “good job.” Such terms must be rooted in the memory of the dog as indicators of appreciation. The next time the dog listens, he thinks he’s done the right thing.

Many animal owners spend so much time next to the cage/pee pad. 

After your dog has peed and pooped outside, you must keep a distance from the crate and increase it over time. Don’t always use the crate/training pad. This is for the duration of the Yorkie potty training only. Then, after the potty training of Yorkie is done, continue avoiding the crate slowly.  

Some pet owners keep the training pad far from the bathroom or where doors can be locked. Make sure the dog accesses the designated location quickly. Otherwise, accessibility is very important for the selected site.

The Minute Rule

Pet owners must remember the 15-minute rule following a Yorkie potty training regime. The law is that the dog must pee and poo outside for approximately 15 minutes. One should not expect a dog just to go outside and do his business quickly. The muscles of the bowel and bladder must have sufficient time to relax for urine and excrement. 

Are Yorkshire Terriers easy to train?

are yorkshire terriers easy to train

Yorkshire terriers are smart, loyal, and affectionate dogs that can make great companions for their owners. They can be easy to train if given the right guidance and patience from the owner. As with any breed of dog, it is important to start training at an early age in order to establish good habits. They respond well to consistent commands, positive reinforcement, and reward-based methods. It is also crucial to socialize them from a young age so they are comfortable with people and other animals. With proper training techniques and consistency, Yorkshire Terriers will learn new skills quickly, enjoy playing activities and obey their owner’s commands. That said, they do have a stubborn side and require firm but gentle handling if obedience is not established early on.

Final Words

yorkshire terrier potty training

So, are Yorkies easy to potty train? Potty training can be a stressful and challenging job for a Yorkie. Pet owners will have double difficulties if they do not know how to do it correctly.

However, you should be fine if you follow the instructions and tips stated in this article. Don’t begin your Yorkie potty training too early or too late. Okay, it’s never too late, but it can be a tougher challenge for you.

Make sure your dog is secure in the area where he has his business to do. If your Yorkie doesn’t like the outside environment, you won’t make your dog pee and poo outdoors. 



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