5 Best Chew Toys For Yorkie Puppies

Are you on the hunt for the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies? With the rampant production of chew toys and its widely available product on the market today, you don’t what to choose anymore. But, as a pet owner, buying your little pooch is a must for exercise and stimulation purposes. Because Yorkshire Terriers are known to have lots of energy and high prey drive.

Also, Yorkies needed to flex their muscles by engaging them in some physical activities. And to make their physical activity worthwhile, you will need a perfect accompaniment which should be the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies. Chew toys are an excellent way for them to learn more about their world. Good thing that there are many chew toys that offer not only physical exercise but also mental exercise as well.

So if you happen to be searching for the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies, look no further. We have rounded up the best chew toys we can find that are suitable for Yorkies. So be sure to read this article until the end and check them out.

Best Chew Toys For Yorkie Puppies — Top 5 Picks!

OUR TOP RECOMMENDATION: Wickedbone Smart Bone Dog Toy

WickedBone Interactive App-Controlled Pet Toy for Dogs

Keep your furry friends entertained and mentally stimulated with the WickedBone Interactive App-Controlled Pet Toy. This durable, automatic toy connects to your smartphone, allowing you to control movements and play modes remotely. Perfect for dogs, puppies, and cats, the WickedBone's erratic motions and treat-dispensing features will keep your pets engaged and exercising their hunt and play instincts. Made from pet-safe materials, it's a fun and convenient way to provide enrichment when you're away from home. Download the free app to customize settings and scheduling.

  • Interactive and entertaining: The app control and automatic features help keep pets engaged and entertained, reducing boredom and destructive behaviors.
  • Safe and durable: Designed to be a safe and durable toy, it can withstand rough play and chewing from pets.
  • Versatile: It is suitable for dogs, puppies, and cats, making it a versatile option for multi-pet households.
  • Convenient app control: The ability to control the toy via a mobile app allows for remote interaction and customization of play modes.
  • Promotes mental stimulation: The interactive nature of the toy can provide mental stimulation and exercise for pets, in addition to physical activity.
  • Requires a smartphone or tablet: Users must have a compatible mobile device to access the app's control features.
  • Limited battery life: Like many electronic toys, the battery may need frequent recharging or replacement, which can be inconvenient.
  • Potential for distraction or overexcitement: Some pets may become overly focused on the toy or become frustrated if it malfunctions, leading to undesirable behaviors.
  • Cost: Interactive and app-controlled toys tend to be more expensive than traditional pet toys.
  • Dependence on technology: If the app or toy malfunctions or becomes outdated, the functionality may be limited, or the toy may become unusable.
  • Potential for choking hazards: As with any pet toy, there is a risk of small parts breaking off and posing a choking hazard if the toy is not used properly or becomes damaged.
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Our top pick for our featured product is the Wickedbone Smart Bone Dog Toy. Many pet product manufacturers are constantly innovating and making sure it will be an excellent dog toy a pet owner can buy. Just like this awesome high-tech chew toy. This is activated through the app and it brilliantly provides mental stimulation and even physical exercise for the Yorkie puppies. It’s a great way to alleviate your dog’s stress and anxiety which makes this worth considering.

As the name suggests, this chew toy is not your ordinary toy for dogs. Because this functions intelligently due to its interactive auto-play mode and controlling it with joystick through the mobile application. This is great if you are busy and can’t attend to your dog’s duties. At least your Yorkie is preoccupied with this. And this fits perfectly if you have an energetic Yorkie puppy. Also, there’s so much you can do with this that even this alone will help your dog engage in some exercises without your presence.

Is this perfectly safe? Absolutely! Because it’s FDA food-grade polycarbonate which protects your Yorkie’s teeth and claws. Also, this is easy to clean and the tires and cover are detachable. It’s powered by a lithium-polymer battery with 470 mAh. As a result, this can last for thirty minutes in mobile app mode, more than two hours when it’s in interactive mode.

All in all, Wickedbone Smart Bone is a wicked and excellent way to engage with your Yorkie puppy.


Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Dog Toy

Hyper Pet Interactive Plush Dog Toy with Sounds & Motion

The Hyper Pet Doggie Tail & Pal Interactive Plush Dog Toy is an interactive toy that wiggles, vibrates, and barks to stimulate play and reduce anxiety and boredom in dogs of all ages and sizes. The toy is battery-operated, and the batteries can be changed easily. New covers are also available for the toy. The toy comes with an automatic stop feature to extend battery life. However, it's important to supervise your pet while in use.

  • Interactive: The Doggie Tail & Pal toy is designed to interact with your dog, wiggling, vibrating, and barking to stimulate play.
  • Squeaky: The toy contains a squeaker, which dogs love and will provide entertainment for your furry friend.
  • Soft and cuddly: The plush material of the toy makes it soft and cuddly, which dogs will enjoy snuggling with.
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs: The toy is designed for small to medium-sized dogs, making it a good option for many breeds.
  • Not suitable for heavy chewers: The toy is made of plush material, which may not hold up well for dogs who like to chew aggressively.
  • Noise: While some dogs may love the barking and squeaking noises, they may be annoying for some owners.
  • Limited durability: The plush material may get worn down faster than tougher toys, especially if played with frequently.
  • Colors may vary: The toy comes in various colors, so you may not receive the color you prefer.
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I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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Another great toy for your Yorkie puppy is the Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Dog Toy. With its excellent design that resembles like a raccoon. And you know how dogs love to play with fast-moving and odd objects. This alone will make sure your Yorkie will have an increase in its prey drive. In addition to that, this is very effective for Yorkie puppies. Given that they have a relentless energy which makes this a perfect toy for running, chasing, and playing. This is no doubt an effective tool to have your dog preoccupied for several minutes.

Sometimes, you just need to invest a little more in dog toys. Because quality dog toys such as Hyper Pet Doggie Tail offers more fun and more exercises in a creative way. This will make sure your Yorkie puppy will learn the art of chasing and playing with their master. Also, this is a perfect product for dogs who are experiencing boredom or anxiety.

These factors are a big no-no for them which may develop into a vice if left unattended. So be sure you have the right tool for prevention. Moreover, it’s battery-operated. Just insert 3 AAA batteries and you are set. Also, this is easy to activate with its on and off buttons.

All in all, this is among the chew toys that are worth considering. The design is great, and it’s so simple yet very effective for your very active Yorkie puppy.

Outward Hound Puzzle Toy

The best dog toy for a Yorkie puppy or in every puppy and dog out there is not just a regular chew toy. Because it’s better to engage your pooch with both mental and physical stimulation. The best recommendation we can offer to you is the Outward Hound Puzzle Toy. This is more than a toy because it’s more of a puzzle toy which makes this a great product to consider. Plus, it has toy squirrels which your dog will definitely love playing it.

The Outward Hound Puzzle Toy is undeniably is a must-have. Because of its unique toy design which features hide and seek. Make the tree trunk serves as a hide-and-seek game for your little pooch. You can also make the squeaky squirrels out for playing fetch and chase for your Yorkie. Don’t worry about the quality of the product. This is gentle on their teeth and even gums which is suitable for puppies. What’s more amazing is that it’s soft and irresistible for dogs who have a high prey drive.

Is this worth buying? We definitely recommend this. It’s a must-have interactive toy for your Yorkie puppy. Because it’s more than just a dog toy for physical exercise, this also affects mental stimulation, which is great for any puppy.

Nylabone Chew Toy

If you want to make sure your dog chew toy has decent quality and is beneficial to soothe the gums and teeth, we have something for you. It’s the Nylabone Chew Toy. This brand is one of the best qualities you can get in the market. This is among to consider for your Yorkie puppy especially if it’s teething. Also, this has exceptional quality and with unique design. This is another boredom killer that’s worth a try.

You got to give credit to its unique design which has superb quality. Because it has three rings, your little pooch will never get tired of playing due to a texture that’s tempting to play with. Also, the interlocking rings will not get easily fall apart because of their durable construction. This chew toy will not crack or even splinter even with aggressive power chewer Yorkie puppies. These factors will give satisfaction to any dog who will play with this chew toy.

What’s more fascinating about this is that this is beneficial to your dog’s teeth. Because this features dental textures which help lessen the tartar and plaque build-up while puppies chew. Also, it’s a bacon-flavored toy who doesn’t love this, right?

All in all, this is your go-to chew toy if you want to ensure a high-quality product. Also, the Nylabone Chew Toy is one of the most recommended chew toys for Yorkie puppies, and even the vets and pet owners are a testament to this.

Kong Chew Toy

Of course, our product list is not completed without the Kong Chew Toy. It’s the classic chew toy and you can never go wrong with this one. Because this brand is among the pillar in making high-quality dog toys. This is actually our personal favorite, and it’s not just us even other pet owners and professional dog trainers know about the value of this. Even if your Yorkie puppy is an aggressive chewer, this is your perfect contender.

Any pet owner’s default chew toy is the Kong, and it’s for a good reason. Also, the quality is extremely durable, no wonder this standout as among the best chew toy for your Yorkie. In addition, this has a level of resistance and bounce for better texture when your dog plays with this. And there’s the hollow part which is the signature design of Kong brands. You can place some treats inside for them to enjoy the toy further.

With the Kong chew toy, you can never go wrong with this one. It’s great for fetch and other sorts of physical activities that your Yorkie puppy needs. Also, this is easy to clean and dishwasher safe so you can use this after playtime.

Overall, this is another great recommendation to consider buying. Also, if you want to feel the classic dog toy, this is what we strongly recommend. Also, it’s one of the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies, and it’s well worth it.

Types of Dog Toys

Now that you have reviewed our featured products, let us take a little closer at each chew toy. Believe it or not, there are different types of chew toys that are available on the market which are great for Yorkshire Terriers. Because not all of them are the same, it’s much better to look at them each so you will know the difference. Although the difference is subtle since they all chew toys. But here are some of them.

chew toys for yorkie puppies

Fetch toys are basically among the great choice for every dog owner. Because dogs love to play catch since it’s rooted in their DNAs. In addition, this is a perfect form of activity, especially outdoors. You get to engage your Yorkie puppy with physical exercises as well as mental stimulation, which are needed as they develop and progress. Also, you need to make sure that the fetch toy you are buying is appropriate for the size of your dog. This is just to make sure and also to prevent from buying poor quality products.

There are some dog toys that are designed for interactive games. This type of dog toy is a form of brain exercise that supports your Yorkie’s mental capacity. Among the perfect example here is the hide-and-seek squirrel. Engaging your pooch with this toy will kick in their high prey drive and natural instincts. And just like humans, even dogs can experience boredom, so engaging them to play with interactive toys will help them be preoccupied and stay away from boredom. Chew toys are great for Yorkie puppies but interactive toys will enhance their dog skills a bit further.

And of course, chew toys. Although chew toys aren’t indestructible, they are very effective, especially for a teething puppy. This is because chew toys have a specific texture that is designed for the puppy’s teeth and gums. Usually, these toys are gently on the teeth so they tend to fall into pieces. But, when choosing a chew toy for Yorkie puppies, be sure that it features dental benefits to help reduce tartar and plaque build-up. In addition, it’s recommended that you buy chew toys that are organic and include healthy minerals.

Final Thoughts

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the cutest and most adorable dog breeds on the planet. They are petit yet they are energetic that love playtime, and interaction, and sometimes they love to wander and smack things around. Now that we have listed the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies, those products are a perfect companion for playtime.

These toys will help your puppy to become preoccupied whenever you are busy and also will make sure your dog stays healthy both physically and mentally. So we hope we gave you the best chew toys so you won’t have to research for countless hours because we have already provided some high-quality dog toys.

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