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Why Does My Yorkie Puppy Bite Me: Guide For Beginners

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Do you have your dog at home, a Chow- Chow, or maybe a Yorkie? Are you aware of how to stop a Yorkie puppy from biting? Why does my yorkie puppy bite me?

The fact that a dog is a man’s best friend. Being surrounded by pets makes it interesting and fun in your house. Sometimes some pet owners treat the pet as their own baby, they tend to buy good food, clothes, and vitamins. 

Puppies are provided a shelter where they can sleep better and be safer. You can make them your companion, wherever you go outside to stroll in the park or to buy groceries. Sometimes dogs also have tantrums especially when they are not in the mood to play. They tend to bite you in a second.

Yorkie puppies are one of the sweetest and most energetic puppies among other puppies. But like the other puppies, they are also prone to biting and gentle mouthing which is normal for all puppies. This is a way of showing their affection towards you. However, puppies can be aggressive too.

If you notice that your Yorkie puppy biting has a force and can tend to attack others, immediately take the necessary actions. Begin to train your puppies as soon as possible. Here’s a method on how to stop Yorkie puppies from biting. You need to be aware of this to apply even in the other breed of dogs. 

Methods On How To Stop A Yorkie Puppy From Biting

These methods can help you to balance by nurturing your puppies’ playfulness. They must be trained as early with their behavior and aggressiveness in biting to not continue into adulthood.

why does my yorkie puppy bite me

1. Teach Them That Biting Means ” Game Over”

Yorkies, like any other puppies, love to play with their owner. They do mouthing and biting to get some affection from you. But at some point they tend to be aggressive, so as early as you can teach them that biting is not acceptable. When you play with your puppies the instant you feel the teeth on your hands immediately leave the room, place your hands under your armpit or say the word “ouch”.

With this method, your puppies will know that it’s not good behavior. After a few minutes, you can come back if you know that they are calm. Still, you have to monitor their behavior and repeat this method. 

2. Replace Your Hands With Chew Toys

When your Yorkie puppy is in the active mood of playing, encourage them to play with chewing toys rather than your hands. When they do play, the mouth is the only way to interact with humans. With this, dogs will know how to learn and play.

Of course, choose chewing toys that will not give them a harmful effect on their mouth and teeth. Always remember to avoid toys that have sharp edges, with batteries, real bones, and long ribbons.

3. Socialized your puppy with other dogs 

Socialization is important for dogs to help them relieve their fear and anxiety. This involves them interacting with other dogs and people. This method is teaching your puppies to behave in front of them. But somehow Yorkie puppies are often antisocial to other dogs and can be dangerous. Along the way, they can be aggressive and territorial too.

At the early age of 3 weeks old, you must train your Yorkies to socialize. For instance, if you bring Yorkies to the park and they meet a lot of people and other animals they will know how to behave. This is the key to the stage of socialization. After your puppies’ achievement in socializing treat them to a reward that can make your Yorkie happy. 

4. Teach The Commands “ Stop” and “Leave It”

These commands can be useful in any situation and can be taught to other dogs also. Moreover teaching these commands is not only in biting or nipping but helps your puppies to prevent danger.

There are chances that your puppies can bite sharp bones, broken glass, or any other hazardous things they can find. With an authoritative tone in saying stop or leave this will help your dogs to know that it’s not good for them. Teaching this command to stop it or leave is not difficult to teach, but as early as they are, train them to adapt until their adult age. 

5. Burn off excess energy 

To burn off the excess energy of a Yorkie make sure to play with your dog and give them some time to go outside every day to have a walk. Walk them to the park or you can bring them to the grocery store.

There are times that Yorkies may be aggressive or territorial when provoked so they tend to bite. Usually, if they can’t go out because of bad weather they feel bored.

Therefore, they look for something that can satisfy their boredom. They tend to bite all the things they can bite whether it may cause harm to their mouth.  But at some point, puppies usually bite when they feel overjoyed and overexcited. This method is a big help to keep them calm down and stop biting or nipping. 

6. Teach Bite Inhibition

This method must be the first training you can teach for your dog. Dogs must learn to use their teeth properly as part of their developmental behavior. Especially dogs that are loved by many and even children and they have contacted every day.

However, this may result from biting and nipping even this can be accidental.  You can train Yorkies in bite inhibition as early as 3 weeks because this type of breeding is often antisocial. By teaching them as early as you can you can prevent bite incidents in other dogs as well as in other people.  

5 Reasons Why Yorkie Puppies Bites

Puppies are just like babies. They do the same as much as human babies do. They want to explore the things around them and sometimes they tend to put it in their mouth out of curiosity.

Yorkie puppies are known as a territorial breed; they don’t want other dogs or animals near their toys. Not every reason that Yorkies bite is because of aggressiveness.

Here are some of the reasons why your dog does biting.

1. Teething

Puppies begin teething around 3 weeks old. This is one of the common reasons why your puppy chews everything they touch. One of these is touching your hands and nipping or biting. Teething with your puppies can be frustrating because if they reach your furniture or other things around your house expect it that it will destroy.

So before this happens you must take action, you can provide them with some toys that are good for teething. Some invincible chains, hedgehog balls that massage gums, teething rings, and rubber teethers will do. 

2. Out of excitement

Knowing the fact that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are excited all the time whenever they see you or some of your other family members coming home from work. Because of their excitement, they tend to hurt you or at worst bite you.

Yorkie puppies may act super hyper other to some dogs so you must keep an eye for them. So it is important that you do the method of bite inhibition. This way is a big help that teaches your puppy not to bite harder and prevents their natural playfulness.

3. They Get Your Attention

Most of the time dogs want to have all your attention. This is the reason why they tend to bite you because they want so much of your attention or they are trying to tell you something. Some of these reasons are they want to pee, they are hungry so they want food or water, they want to play with you, or they are looking for affection towards you.

Sometimes you can’t understand what they are trying to say but if you try to feel it you will know it.  However, over-biting or nipping sometimes tends to hurt you is not good and acceptable.  You can prevent this from happening if you train and teach them biting inhibition. And try to ensure that you know the concern of your dog ahead of time.

4. They are mistreated 

Humans get offended when they are not treated well, of course, your dogs also feel the same way. For example, if you have younger children in your house and they play with your dog, because of their younger age they don’t know how to treat dogs. In this way, your dogs feel they are mistreated which leads your dogs to bite that child. In preventing this scenario be sure that you teach your children how to take care of puppies, especially the small Yorkie. Ideally, proper biting inhibition training helps prevent this situation.

5. Out of fear or anxiety

Yorkie puppies are often dogs that are anti-social. When they are always biting some areas of your house, the best example is your furniture, or when they are around other people, which means that your dog is not well socialized. You must keep an eye on your puppies’ personal behavior because sometimes this can be the reason they feel fear and anxiety. If you notice tails keep low, growling, excessive panting, or pacing maybe they are fearful and anxious. In response to this, avoid them in situations that are uncomfortable.

Toys You Can Give Your Yorkies During Their Teething Stage

Pawaboo Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toys

Breed of dogs like this york shire terrier is very attracted to the colorful things around them. They can be feed fruits and other vegetables as well. Dog owners who prefer to have a mixed way of feeding dogs can choose good fruits and vegetables for their dog together with rice. 

Just like with the other breed of dogs wherein they pass on the process of teething. Whenever they experience teething as part of their growth, they are most probably irritated. Another is the fact that they find themselves more aggressive in biting everything that they can see at home. 

These Pawaboo teething toys for your Yorkie puppy can help you as an owner in surpassing the stage of teething. What’s the best thing about it? This can be refilled with water inside and you can freeze it to refresh the mouth of your Yorkie. They might feel soreness and pain whenever they are in this stage. This is high quality wherein you can put this on the refrigerator for about 4 hours. Whenever your dog experience teething during the summer days, this is a perfect solution to their irritation. 

Another good thing about this teething toy is that you can also use this whenever you and your dog will have training. You can catch this on the water and allow your Yorkie to find it. You don’t need to worry whenever your Yorkie is too aggressive biting this toy as the materials is intended for this activity. 

NWK Pet Product Freezable

This is perfect for your Yorkie whenever they are in the teething stage, wherein they eat and bite whatever they can see and hold. The stage where every dog feels pain and itchiness. So, wherever your Yorkie puppy is experiencing this teething phase it’s important for them to relieve pain and soreness through a toy.

Whenever your dog is in this stage, this might harm the things you have at home as they will damage it. So, here is this NWK pet product where it has a 100% non-toxic material and can be filled with water. What you can do with this teething toy is you can play with it and freeze as your dog feel the freshness. The ring is designed to support the aggression of your puppy dog when biting. It is durable but has a smooth texture for dog chewing. 

The good thing about this toy is it has a dental care benefit. This can help to clean the gums and the teeth of old dogs. And for your Yorkie puppies, they might be helpful for the healthy growth of teeth. Another good thing about this toy is it can serve as a good toy and at the same time this can help to relieve your dog’s stress. 

GUCHO Freezable Dog Chew

This brand has 100% type of the materials used for this teething toy for your Yorkie puppy. The good thing about it is just like with the other brands this can be filled with water. Also, it can be frozen. What is the importance of freezing their teething toy? The thing is when this stage comes to your dog, then they are in pain. So, to relieve this, cold water can help them to ease their pain and at the same time to feel freshness. 

This type of toy can use as well when you want to train them. You can use this as your main accessory for you to teach them basic things. For instance, you want to throw it to a place where they cannot easily find it, and they would analyze how to find this in a period of time. 

This is durable enough to support the needs of your Yorkie. Whenever you feel that they bite everything in their environment, then it’s time for you to have this one! 

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