do Yorkies get attached to one person

Do Yorkies Get Attached To One Person? Is It Normal?

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While they have an air of aloofness, Yorkshire Terriers can form a strong bond with their families. They don’t tolerate being alone too well, and they love following their owners around the house. But the question is this: do Yorkies get attached to one person only? Of course, there are many factors at play here, but it’s observed that male canines are more likely to be attached to a single person while females are open to forming a bond with a group.

This nature is crucial to understand, especially if you’re trying to get your Yorkie to bond with your family. So while it’s a bit of a downer not to be your dog’s favorite, there are things you can do to win its heart (discussed below).

Do Yorkies get attached to one person?

Like any dog, Yorkshire Terriers can form a special bond with a person. Some, especially males, tend to prefer a specific person over others. This is mainly based on personal anecdotes of dog owners who noticed that their Yorkies prefer a single family member. Why, you ask? The following are common reasons:

🐶Your dog prefers people who provide for their needs.

do Yorkies get attached to one person

If your pooch is always beside a specific person, it will surely develop a stronger bond with that individual. Aside from that, the person who provides the dog’s needs will likely become the ‘chosen one’.

For example, if your dog prefers your husband over you, your hubby may be the one feeding, grooming, and taking the dog for walks.

Also, if your Yorkie receives more attention from a specific person, the doggo will seek that human more than you. The same goes if your pooch gets treats and pets from a specific person.

🐶Your dog prefers humans they spend more time with.

Overall, canines will cling to the person they spend most of their time with. Also, they will stay closer to the human who provides their needs as means of survival.

Presence matters when it comes to forming a bond with dogs. If you’re working late hours, expect your Yorkie to be more attached to the person who spends more time at home.

🐶Your dog is afraid of others.

do Yorkies get attached to one person

On the other hand, your Yorkie’s preference of a person might be due to fear of others. For example, if other people in the house always raises their voice or treats the canine badly, the doggo will look for someone who will comfort them.

Rescue dogs are prone to this behavior, especially if a specific person reminds them of past abuse. For example, if a bearded man has previously abused your Yorkie, the pooch will develop resentment toward all bearded guys.

🐶Your dog prefers the person who protects him.

Another way a Yorkie chooses its preferred hooman is by judging who protects them best. Ask yourself, who’s by your Yorkie’s side during thunderstorms? How about during New Year’s Eve when there’s so much noise around. These little details will affect the level of attachment a Yorkie will have over an individual.

Why is my Yorkie not attached to me?

Have you tried all possible efforts, but your Yorkie still prefers the other person in the house? This is a common problem, but you shouldn’t lose all hope. For starters, it’s important to understand why your Yorkie doesn’t gravitate to you that much. Here are the most common culprits:

🐶Forcing them to bond with people they don’t like

do Yorkies get attached to one person

Right off the bat, you might be straining the relationship between you and your Yorkie by forcing it to be near people it doesn’t like. Like humans, we tend to dislike people who are overbearing and pushy.

Remember that Yorkies aren’t the most social canine. They love their families, but they tend to dislike other canines and kids unless desensitized to it. If you force your Yorkie to bond with them, you’re just making your pooch feel bad, not to mention risking the safety of the other person or animal.

🐶Your dog finds you boring.

Yorkshire Terriers are active dogs. If you don’t provide playtime or walks outdoors, they will perceive you as a boring human. With that, the pooch will seek someone who can provide them those luxuries. As mentioned, forming a bond with a dog takes effort on your end.

🐶Forcing the dog to scary situations

Putting your dog in a scary situation is guaranteed to put a strain on the bond between the two of you. If you’re planning to take your Yorkie to an unfamiliar location or situation, you should desensitize it first. This starts at home together with proper training.

🐶Leaving them alone for too long

Yorkies don’t like being left alone for too long. Doing so will make them anxious, resulting in excessive barking and destructive behavior.

Can you imagine yourself being attached and affectionate to a person you barely bond with? This is the same scenario for your pet.

🐶You don’t establish the rules.

All dogs thrive in a set routine. If you don’t establish a routine for your Yorkie, the pooch will become confused. Canines don’t like unpredictable scenarios, so not having a schedule would most likely make your Yorkie bored and unhappy.

How can I improve my bond with my Yorkie better?

If you want to win your Yorkie’s heart, you have to put the effort into the process. For starters, the following will be a big help:

✔️Be around more often.

dog love mammal yorkie vertebrate dog breed 623599

Again, presence is crucial if you want to be your Yorkie’s favorite person. Your pooch has to see you around often, so it will become familiar with your scent, routines, and appearance.

Aside from hanging out with your Yorkie, you should also be the one to provide for his needs. You should feed, groom, and play with your dog any chance you can.

Through this, your Yorkie will see as you as its provider and caregiver. From there, you can advance to the next steps.

✔️Train your dog

Being hands-on with training is an effective way for your Yorkie to see you as its master. Start training your dog the moment it arrives at your home. Through this, you can establish the rules and your role as the alpha.

Most of all, you have to make training fun, so your Yorkie will look forward to it. Treats and affection never go old when it comes to winning your dog’s affection.

✔️Touch your dog more

Petting, cuddling, and brushing your Yorkie will help reduce the tension between the two of you. However, you should proceed slowly and carefully. Yorkies don’t like being approached by strangers or other people they don’t have a bond with. Again, smelly treats will go a long way here.

✔️Communicate properly

Confusion is your biggest enemy when trying to form a bond with your Yorkie. Therefore, you have to communicate properly using clear training signals, so your pooch will know what you want to say.

Never underestimate a dog’s ability to pick up the tone of our voice. Always speak calmly, so your dog won’t be put off by your effort to communicate.

✔️Be the source of fun.

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Would you rather hang out with a boring person or one who’s fun and cool? This is the same option your Yorkie has when deciding which humans they prefer.

With this, you should be the one to initiate playtime and bring the dog to walks around the neighborhood.

However, you should still observe the training drills you performed with your dog. You should respect the rules as much as you’d want to become the ‘cool guy’ in your dog’s eyes.

✔️Hand-feed your dog

Another way for Yorkshire Terrier to like you is by hand-feeding it with treats. This will directly establish you as a food source, and later on, it’s master.

Still, you should make your dog work for its treats. It can be as simple as asking the canine to sit before handing the treat to your palm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are Yorkies so clingy?

A: Yorkshire Terriers are protective of their families. This is why many of them would become too clingy, especially if they perceive danger. Also, the clinginess might be an effort to initiate playtime or gather attention. Nevertheless, Yorkies aren’t always lap dogs and would prefer running around on their own terms.

Q: How do you know if your Yorkie loves you?

A: If your Yorkshire Terrier leans its body against you and stares at you with relaxed eyes, it’s a sign that the pooch adores you. Following you around is also a good sign, though you have to make sure it’s not just for the treats or other forms of reward.

Q: Do Yorkies like to be held?

A: Yorkshire Terriers love hugs, but not all the time. Some don’t like being restrained for too long, especially puppies with high energy levels. If you’re looking for a dog that will be your snuggle buddy all day long, Yorkies may not be at the top of the list.

Q: How do Yorkies show affection?

A: Yorkshire Terriers show affection by cuddling their owners. They would also try to initiate playtime and get their owners’ attention any way they can. Also, Yorkies would gravitate more toward the person they like. So if you seem to be the pooch’s chosen one, you should be because it means that the canine is affectionate towards you.

Q: Which is more affectionate, male or female Yorkies?

A: The Yorkie’s gender isn’t the only basis for how affectionate they will turn out to be. Still, anecdotal accounts say that females are sweeter and more affectionate than males. If raised well, both will be affectionate toward their owners.

Q: How long does it take for a Yorkie to get attached?

A: Each dog has its own pace when it comes to developing a bond with humans. For Yorkies, it can be as fast as two days or as long as two years. It depends on the environment where they are being raised as well as their past experiences, much so for rescues.

Final words

Do Yorkies get attached to one person? Yes, these doggos tend to gravitate to a person who shows them more attention. And if you’re not that person yet, you don’t have to fret. It’s never too late to boost the bond between you and your pooch. The tips above will surely work if paired with patience and a proper approach.

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