how often should a Yorkie eat

How Often Should A Yorkie Eat: Best Food For Your Yorkie To Feed Them

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How often shuld a Yorkie eat?

Do you have a Yorkie puppy at home? What are the foods you usually feed them and how often should a Yorkie eat? These are the things you might get from these blogs! 

If you are a pet lover particularly a dog lover, then you must know the different traits for every breed of the dog. There are a lot of things you need to be aware of about owning a dog. The Yorkie dog is one of the most adorable breeds of dor. They love to eat just like us, humans. They need to be fed often for them to be healthy. 

A Yorkie puppy is easy to feed as they love every food. Thus, their pet owner is the one who is responsible for planning their meals and helping them grow in healthier ways. It’s not enough for you to groom them or make their hair silky, but one of the most essential things is their diet. You need to make sure that their food is well-balanced, meaning you can give them dog foods and human foods at the same time. 

How Often Should Your Yorkie Puppy Eat In A Day? 

First, you need to determine how old is your Yorkie dog. This is very important for you to be able to feed them correctly. When you have your Yorkie puppy what rules can you apply is a free feeding for them. What is the concept of this free feeding? This is when you feed your Yorkie puppy, they will not be able to eat all of that. So, you just need to leave it in their bowl and allow them to eat it whatever time they want. Thus, for the Yorkie which is old enough and can eat even human foods. You can feed them 3-4 times per day, this will suffice as well. 

The amount or level of the food they can intake is different from the other breed of the dog. So, you need to be very careful with feeding them as they are smaller than the other breed. You can also try to plan their meals and have your own checklists for you to determine the right time for them to eat. Take note of their time especially if your Yorkie is still a puppy, they need more attention for their growth. 

What Are Some Recommended Foods for Yorkies with Sensitive Stomachs?

Wondering about the best food for yorkies with sensitive stomachs? Opt for easily digestible options like chicken, rice, and pumpkin. These ingredients are gentle on their tummy and can alleviate digestive issues. Additionally, look for high-quality, grain-free dog food specifically formulated for sensitive stomachs. Remember to consult a vet for personalized recommendations.

Tips On How To Feed Your Yorkie Correctly: How Often Yorkie Can Eat

#1 You need to make sure you use a measuring cup

This is applicable for the dog foods out there, the ones which came from a different brand manufacturer. Why is it important for you to use a measuring cup? Just like when cooking or baking, you get the right taste when every measurement of ingredients is correct. So, what you need to remember is to look for the measuring cup intended for the dog food of your Yorkie. Thus, there are some brands that give this measuring cup to their customers as their giveaways. 

Yorkie puppies need to monitor and you need to have a meal plan for them. They have a smaller digestive system, particularly their intestine. So, you need to protect them by measuring their food before feeding it to them. Another is for the old dogs, you need also to use a measuring cup for you to feed them properly especially if they need to diet in their state of the body. You don’t need to be worried at all as some of the dog food available in the market have these accessories. This will help you to make things easier, for feeding your Yorkie’s dog.

#2 Know the weight of your Yorkie 

Oftentimes, one of the misconceptions of every dog owner today is weight is the basis for a healthy dog. Just like us humans, looks and weight can tell whether you are a healthy individual. Going back to the dogs, you can’t tell a dog that they are healthy just by looking at them. Thus, there will always be a connection with regards to their weight and health. 

To make sure that your dog is healthy, food is essential. You need to make sure first that they are able to get the right amount of food and at the same time the right nutrients. To feed them properly, you need to know your Yorkie’s dog, this will help you a lot. You can determine whether your dog needs more food and attention. Also, you are able to know if the food you are serving them is good enough or you need to change it. 

Knowing the weight of your dog can also determine what foods they can eat. For instance, your dog has a higher weight compared to the other dog of the same breed and age. This is a call for you as an owner to give them a meal plan. Dogs need to diet as well, as they can lead them into different diseases just like humans. Another is when your dog is underweight with their age, then you need a good meal plan for them. 

#3 You need to research human food which is good for your Yorkie. 

This is a good practice for every pet owner, to expose your dog to various healthy human foods. This can be fruit or vegetables. Not all the time you need to spend to spend a lot of money to feed them their favorite dog food. Nowadays, every pet owner exposes them to eating different dog-friendly vegetables and fruits.

However, if you want to change the way you feed them and the ingredients you want to give them, research first. When buying a manufactured kind of dog food you can see the labeled things at the back. There is information where you can get the right serving amount for your dog. So, apply this as well when serving them vegetables or fruits for the first time. You need to make sure that they will not be harmed and you are able to serve them the right amount of food.

Vegetables and Fruits Good For Your Yorkie Dog

#1 Apple

an vision gDPaDDy6 WE unsplash

One of the common fruits even humans love to eat is apples. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and C which are good for your dog. When you choose this fruit to serve for your Yorkie dogs, you need to cut it into small pieces. Another is you need to be careful serving this to your dog. You need to make sure it’s fresh and at the same time do not serve a rotten apple. This will harm your dog as it may cause alcoholic poisoning to your dog. 

Another fact about it is it’s rich in fiber. Fiber is essential as well for humans, just like using this fruit has the same effect on dogs. Fiber can help them to increase their digestive system and at the same time helps to prevent constipation. 

#2 Banana

anastasia eremina VI2rIoZUrks unsplash

Basic training for dogs is very common. You can use this kind of fruit whenever you wish to treat your Yorkie dog after their hard training. The consumption of bananas needed to be limited by you as a dog owner. The reason behind this is that bananas are full of sugar which is not good for your dog. You just need to remember that when feeding this to your dog, you can either cut this into a small piece for their small tummies. 

It is not advisable for you to use this as a regular part of your meal plan as it may harm your dog. Why does your dog need this? It is because banana fruit is rich in magnesium which is good for the bone development of your Yorkie dogs.

#3 Green beans 

bob bowie 2JDWDtCGREA unsplash

What is the good thing about these green beans? This is very nutritious and rich in protein, vitamin K, calcium, and iron. So, a lot of dog owners love to ensure that they are able to serve these vegetables to their dogs. There are many health benefits that this vegetable can give. 

You don’t need to worry whether you serve this to your dog raw or cooked. However, you need to make sure that you chop it before serving this to your dog. Some are very long and could choke your dogs, especially for your Yorkie. Another thing you need to remember is that avoid seasoning the chop beans. This will help you to prevent any chronic disease from seasonings your Yorkie may get. 

#4 Watermelon

art rachen izi5AnlbRIA unsplash

This fruit is very healthy for your dog. Aside from the fact that it contains a high water level to hydrate your dog, this is also rich in vitamins. By eating this both humans and dogs can get the vitamins A, C, and even B6 which is an essential type of nutrients. 

However, serving this to your dog, you need to make sure that you get rid of the seeds and the skin as well. You need to cut these fruits into small pieces before feeding this to your dog so that your dog won’t get any stomach pain. Do not feed your dog when there are a lot of seeds as it will be the cause of the blockage in their intestines. Your Yorkie will definitely love it, especially during the summertime! Also, you can use this as your treat for them whenever they finish the whole session of their training. 

#5 Cucumbers

markus winkler L8GbxVUQ f0 unsplash

Most dog owners serve this cucumber for their dog especially if the breed of the dog is possible in gaining so much weight. So, whenever your Yorkie is overweight, cucumber is a good snack for them. You need to get this and be part of their diet meal plan. 

Cucumbers are rich in a lot of vitamins including vitamins C and minerals as well. Another good thing about this is it is low-calorie which is perfect for dogs to avoid gaining weight from eating. In serving this cucumber, just like the other vegetables, you need to first chop it. 

#6 Carrots

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Carrots are one of the most nutritious vegetables which are helpful for your dogs. This can have a big impact on your dog, this helps to promote good dental health and makes their teeth strong. You can boil or steam carrots for your dog and try to chop them into small pieces. Carrots are also a good source of vitamin A which is responsible for making your dog’s skin healthy, coat, and also good for their immune system. 

However, a dog might be exposed to a harmful situation because of vitamin A. Too much of this can lead to toxicity for your dog, which is not a good thing. You can choose to feed your dog with meat and this vegetable for a better taste. 

#7 Blueberries 

joanna kosinska 4qujjbj3srs unsplash 1

Berries are good for different breeds of dogs. Why should you allow your dog to eat blueberries? This fruit is rich in fiber, phytochemicals, and at the same time antioxidants. These are the nutrients that are essential for the health of your dog. 

Fiber can help your dog’s digestive system issues. In terms of the antioxidants, this will help your dog to their age-related problem just like us humans.

Other Foods Good For Your Yorkie 

#1 White rice 

pille r priske xmuIgjuQG0M unsplash

Most of the people try to practice this with their dogs to feed them with white rice and a dish. The white kind of rice is good for your dog as it can be easily digested by them. Another thing about white rice is you can mix it with fish, meat, and beef. You can have fried meat and fish on it, and avoid using seasoning which is overpowering to your dog. This might cause disease to your dogs. 

In serving this food to your dog, you need to ensure that the rice is cooked. However, for the breed of dogs that are suffering from diabetes, this white rice is not advisable to feed them. You need to be very careful in providing food for your dogs, for their safety. 

#2 Fish

colin czerwinski LX bGSCrHKA unsplash

One of the common fish served for both humans and dogs is salmon. This is the safest kind of fish in the world and tuna as well. One of the best ways to serve this is either to bake, fried, and even steam. Your Yorkie will surely love it! Both salmon and tuna are the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. This type of nutrient is essential as it will help your dog’s immune system and enable you to have healthy skin.

Another good thing about this kind of fish is it helps the digestive system and also helps to maintain good blood circulation. Thus, you need to make sure that before serving the fish to your dog, you need to cook it well for their safety. At the same time for they to prevent harmful parasites on the fish which may cause diarrhea. 

#3 Chicken 

tofan teodor lUPk iciOA4 unsplash 1

Chicken is also a good source of protein and at the same time rich in vitamins. You can feed your dog chicken, but make sure that you get the bone and just the flesh of the chicken. Most dog owners, prefer to buy the thigh and breast part of the chicken. This is for them to save time from getting rid of the bone to the chicken. 

When serving this to your Yorkie you need to make sure that it is cooked. Do not serve chicken meat when it is raw, it may contain salmonella bacteria. You can either bake, fry, boil and steam the meat. Also, you don’t need to season it, salt is enough but not too much.

#4 Pork 

cindie hansen ak2UGvCPDk8 unsplash

Feeding this to your dog may help them to gain protein from the pork. However, you need to ensure that you get the flesh part and not the fatty one. When serving this you need to ensure that it is well-cooked and at the same time unseasoned. When you choose the fatty layer this might cause your dog constipation or other digestive system concern. They are not able to digest this for a short time.

Thus, you also need to remember that it is not advisable for you to feed your dog processed meat like ham, and bacon. Both of these may contain a lot of salt and preservatives at the same time. This may harm your dog and may cause serious disease.  

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to help your dog to be healthy is to feed them at the right time, and the right amount as well. There are many people who love to own a dog as it can relieve their stress from work, school, or the busy noise of the city. So, as a pet owner, you need to be responsible enough for your dogs as they are just depending on you. 

Fruits and vegetables are not just for humans but also for some animals and one of them is dogs. Do you own a Yorkie at home? How often do you feed them? 

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