How To Clean Yorkies Eyes — Simple And Effective Tips!

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How to clean Yorkies eyes? Been meaning to clean Yorkies eyes but don’t know how? If you have recently owned a Yorkie, chances are you have pondered this question all the time. You are not alone here. As a pet owner, you know that keeping your Yorkie healthy and well-groomed is your top priority. And because Yorkshire terriers are prone to eye problems such as tear stains. Ensuring they are clean will make them happy and can prevent any health problems.

Although it’s not bad to get their eye cleaned by a groomer, it’s best if you just clean it yourself. Because cleaning the Yorkies eyes are very simple. With proper technique and with the right cleaning tool your Yorkie’s eyes will become clean and good looking again.

With that in mind, this article will explain the reasons why your Yorkie has eye discharge resulting to tear stains. After that, we will further explain the proper process of cleaning your doggo’s eyes and how to prevent them in the future.

How to clean Yorkies eyes

What are the Gunks in Yorkie’s Eyes?

How To Clean Yorkies Eyes — Simple And Effective Tips!

This gained many names which are tear stains, eye gunk, discharge, eye boogers, and many more. You will notice on your Yorkie that there is some reddish-brown streak under your dog’s eye. This is because of the remnants from the eye discharge.

Depending on the color of your Yorkie’s hair, sometimes you will not notice it sometimes you will especially if their color is gold. You will somehow notice the gunk build-up under their eyes but not the stains.

This should be removed besides being gross it can harm your dog’s eye health when left unattended.

Those reddish-brown stains you see under your dog’s eye are usually the result of porphyrins. These contain iron which are natural chemicals that appears in the body. And they are excreted from the body of a Yorkshire Terrier through their urine, saliva, and tears.

Also, the eye gunks under your Yorkie’s eye are the result of excessive tear production. This tends to irritate them and sometimes can lead to serious health problems. Keep in mind that it’s not just the Yorkie who have experienced this problem. In fact other dog breeds such as Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Bichon Frise, Maltese, to name a few.

Moreover, epiphora is caused by a number of reasons. This can range from simple to serious health concerns. That’s why it’s better to have your little pooch undergo regular grooming and also schedule an appointment with your vet. If you don’t know how to clean Yorkies eyes, scroll down further.

What Causes Eye Gunks in Yorkies?

Sometimes tear stains are normal to certain breeds like Yorkies but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be alarmed. But there are times that these eye gunks have an underlying problem that can lead to certain eye problems and other health concerns. That said, what causes tear stains in your dog’s eye varies.

One thing to make sure that all is well is to consult with your vet in case the eye gunk of your Yorkie has gone beyond normal. It’s better to identify the problems as early as possible to prevent any further serious health issues. So, you need to be aware of these common causes below.

Epiphora (colloquially known as Watery Eye)

We just have to admit that there are certain dogs that produce water in the eyes excessively and constantly. This is what epiphora is in which you will notice your dog’s constant wet eyes as if he’s crying all the time.

The root cause of this is that the excess tear is not properly disposed of due to the duct. This is the usual problem for flat-faced dog breeds. There are cases that the fur around the eyes will get dark due to a stream of tears and stains, more particularly for dogs with light color.

In addition, the excess tear can also lead to smelly and infected skin. With this factor, it could lead to various health problems in which we will list some of them in a while. But among those are duct problems, conjunctivitis, or even glaucoma.

If you want to know this further, it’s best to consult with your vet. It’s best to figure out with the expert so you know what will be the detection and how it can be prevented.

Lack of grooming

Another reason why your Yorkie is having teary eyes is because of the lack of regular grooming. With the lack of regular grooming, your dog’s long hair will get in the way and can affect your Yorkie’s eyes as it can wick the tears from their eyes and then down on your doggo’s face.

This can block the tears due to the blockage of their tunnel, especially in the dog’s tear ducts. So be sure that you have your dog well-groomed on a regular basis to prevent any hindrances such as tear stains due to long hair. Sometimes long hair can be a hindrance and eventually can become a problem.


We usually prefer to call this pink eye. This is an inflammation either on the inner or outer layer of the eyelid and sometimes paired with eye gunk that releases discharge. Conjunctivitis comes in many causes. Some are bacterial and there are cases that are viral, and some can be linked to tumors and allergies.

Usually, conjunctivitis can be treated with soothing washes or antibiotics to prevent any potential threat of becoming serious. But if it’s beyond control and keeps on occurring then it’s best to have your local vet take a look at it.

Dry Eye or KCS (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca)

If it’s not the constant teary, sometimes the suspect can be the dry eye for dogs who are prone to tear stains. Dogs who are struggling with dry eye will most likely experience itchiness, eyes are dried, discomfort. As a result, the ability to drive the bacteria is hindered due to a lack of lubrication in order to flush away the infections or irritants.

Not only that, this can pose some serious harm. Without the normal tears for protection, the whites of your dog’s eye will turn yellow-green and brown discharge will appear. Among the common causes of this are tear duct problems, eye infections. In some cases, this is due to the side effects of antibiotics or anesthesia.

The worst can scenario for untreated dry eyes is blindness. Again, it’s important to make sure you know how to clean Yorkies eyes. Better yet, have a regular check-up with your local vet to make sure all is well.

How To Clean Yorkies Eyes — Simple And Effective Tips!

Tip Number One

Prepare cotton balls to clean your Yorkie’s eyes. Take note it should be cotton balls, not q tips which can be dangerous to their eyes. Also, use separate cotton balls for each eye. Then your cotton balls should be a bit immersed in warm water. Start with the inner corner of the eye and then lightly wipe your dog’s eye outward.

Be careful not to put too much pressure when wiping. Another thing, it should never touch your Yorkie’s eyes, and be sure to clean around the eye.

Repeat the process until your doggo’s eyes are clean enough. When the eyes are clean, use a dry cotton ball to completely dry the cleaned area. Again, be sure to wipe it gently and efficiently, and there should be no residue.

Tip Number Two

If you know how to trim your Yorkie’s hair, then it’s much better. But be sure you have the right scissors such as blunt-nosed scissors. Because this is tom make sure to avoid any piercing. Long, excess hairs are one of the main reasons why your little pooch is having tear stains.

Also, this can cause infection by allowing dirt and dust to enter. So it’s best to keep your Yorkie’s facial hair trimmed in order to prevent any infection that leads to infection that’s beyond control. Make sure you invest with the right grooming scissors. Or if you don’t know how to groom your dog, better yet have a professional groomer trim your Yorkie’s facial hair.

Tip Number Three

It’s not enough to have your Yorkie regularly groomed and eyes cleaned. Even though they are clean but their sleeping place is not clean, then there’s still a problem. To make sure your dog will have the best care and alleviate the production of excess tears due to dust. Keeping your pooch’s sleeping place will likely reduce this problem.

In addition, avoid using any strong fragrant perfumed detergent which will irritate your dog’s eye which also exacerbates its tear stains. So make it a habit to clean your dog’s sleeping place while maintaining your dog’s grooming care as well as regularly wiping their eyes.

Tip Number Four

Other than grooming your Yorkie, you need to regularly bathe them on a regular basis. Although it’s not advisable to bathe your dog weekly, it’s better to bathe them at least once every two weeks or more. This will depend on the activity of your Yorkie. In addition, make it a habit to brush your Yorkie’s hair so the natural oils are scattered evenly and brush off the dust.

It will also prevent any dry and flaky skin, especially when used with special shampoo. Those flaky skins and danders may also affect your dog’s eyes especially if there’s excess. You can consult with your vet if you want to make sure the right frequency on bathing your little pooch. This method is so simple yet when regularly done, your dog will become healthy and very hygienic.

Tip Number Five

Another way to clean the Yorkies eyes or at least maintain being clean without tear stains is to keep them from chemical irritants. If you determined your Yorkie is easily irritated by chemicals, then you need to consult with your vet. They might even recommend you a protective eye ointment which is an added protection for your little doggo’s eyes.

The ointment will prevent any chemical irritants such as flea spray, shampoo, or perfume from getting your dog’s eye irritated. As a responsible pet owner, you are obliged to keep your Yorkie safe given that they are prone to excessive production of tears due to a number of reasons.

Tip Number Six

Another excellent way to clean your dog’s tear stain is through dog wipes and other pet products specifically for cleaning tear stains. Good thing that there are many available products that are great for cleaning your dog’s tear stains.

Because cotton balls damp with warm water is not enough. You will need the help of a cleaning solution to make sure there is no residue left that is a possible threat to building up eye gunks.

The fact that delicate areas should be cleaned as much as possible and kept dry. In addition, almost all of the cleaning solutions have printed directions for the user’s knowledge. Although they vary, you need to read the details first. also, this is the best way on how to clean Yorkies eyes.

What is the home remedy for Yorkie’s tear stains?

If you are among the pet owners who don’t want to use chemically driven products, don’t worry. Because there are alternative ways for cleaning solutions and they are often seen in your household kitchen.

Sometimes the cleaning solutions bought in the store have harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your pets, although effective as they are, they may likely irritate your dog’s skin and eyes. So what are the alternatives? Check them below.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most common alternatives cleaning agents you can use is apple cider vinegar. There are some pet owners who claim that adding at least 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in their doggo’s meal or water every day will help remove the tear stains. The reason behind this is because cider vinegar can alter the acidity of the dog’s pH balance, this keeps the stains forming under the eyes. Although there isn’t hard evidence with this approach it’s worth a try.

You can even make a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent cider vinegar and can be used topically to wipe off the tear stains under the eyes. Although be careful to avoid contact in the eyes. But you can use cleaning solutions with mild chemicals or all-natural ingredients that have high quality.


Just like the apple cider vinegar, giving your pooch a plain, unsweetened yogurt with just a teaspoon a day will improve its gut bacteria. Therefore, this prevents tear stains. Again, this doesn’t have any hard evidence but most pet owners claim this theory. Also, yogurt is good for your pooch, and it’s worth a try also.

How to prevent tear stains in Yorkshire Terrier?

As we have listed some tips to clean your Yorkie’s eyes, but it’s not enough to make them fully protected from tear stains. However, there are certain ways on how to prevent tear stains from becoming harmful besides cleaning your dog’s eyes every now and then.

Sometimes, you will need to adjust to preventive measures in order to make sure your dog is healthy. Among those tips are the following.

Better water

One of the most simple things to prevent any severe rusty-colored tear stains is to give them better water. This means that it’s more advisable to give them filtered water only than giving them minerals which worsened your dog’s tear stains. Make sure that their water sources are fresh and clean.

There shouldn’t be any scratches or cracks that could be harboring bacteria in their water dish. It’s recommended to have a stainless steel water dish which can be easily cleaned. Even the little details matter here.

Better food

Always invest in better quality kibble food especially if you have a Yorkie. Given that Yorkies are known to be finicky eaters and they are sometimes particular to the texture of their food. Also, what you give to them will reflect on their overall health. So if you are giving them poor quality kibble food, then your dog may lack sufficient nutrients.

But if the kibble food has sufficient dietary needs that meet the dog’s nutritional needs and turn to be high quality, chances are, your dog will become healthy.

This can also affect the dog’s tear-stained eyes. Also, make sure that the kibble food is allergy-free and good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Final Thoughts

So did you gain some knowledge on how to clean the Yorkies eyes? We bet you do. Because we have given quite a lot of tips just to make sure you will have many options when cleaning your little pooch’s eyes. It’s a known fact that tears stains are among the unfortunate part of a dog’s life especially for certain breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers. So we made sure your Yorkie will stay healthy and clean.

Because once the tear stains are left unattended, it can lead to harmful infection and it can be a major health problem in the long run. Also, when in doubt and if your dog’s tear stains are beyond your control, consult with your local vet.

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