How to Find the Best Dog Food for Teacup Yorkies

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Teacup Yorkies are known for being one of the smallest dog breeds around the world. They are Yorkshire Terrier but they are bred to only weigh around 4 to 7 pounds, and their height is about 8 to 10 inches tall. Yorkshire Terriers or Teacup Yorkies may be small but they are packed with a lot of personalities that you will surely love. They also love to play, making them great family pets. Some consider the Yorkshire Terrier to be the best dog. Most importantly, they easily get along with other pets such as cats and even larger dogs.

Teacup YorkShire Terrier

If you want teacup Yorkies to be a family dog, you need to supervise them around children and bigger pets. And because they are very small, they can be very fragile and need special care. Even their food needs to be carefully selected to avoid any health problems. If you want to know more about this dog breed and the best dog food that is high quality for teacup Yorkshire Terrier, this article has got you covered.

Since they need a nutritionally balanced food, here are some of the best dog food for teacup Yorkies :

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Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Teacup Yorkies Feeding Guide

Teacup Yorkies

Teacup Yorkies have different feeding needs due to their small size. Unlike larger dogs, they need extra care with their diet so as to avoid any health problems. If you already have dogs in your home, you may already know that most dog breeds are okay with one to two large meals per day. With food for Yorkies, it’s a lot different. A Yorkie needs to have a few feeding schedules per day as if they don’t eat for too long, they can experience stomach problems like vomiting, upset stomach, or hypoglycemia. When this happens, it can lead to life-threatening health issues like weakness and seizures. You want your Yorkie dog to be healthy

As a teacup Yorkshire Terrier parent, you want to dedicate more time to taking care of the dog to give them the best life possible. Giving them good nutrition
( good dog foods ) and a proper high quality diet are a good way to begin in keeping them strong and healthy. With a proper diet consuming the best dog food, you can avoid health concerns that are common among teacup Yorkies such as refusing to eat, hypoglycemia, finicky eating, and vomiting. This guide will help you understand your Yorkie’s nutritional needs and answer your questions about what to feed a Yorkshire terrier puppy and how often to feed your Yorkie.

Understanding the Dietary Requirements of a Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie

Most dogs have the same basic dietary requirements. However, since teacup yorkies are exceptionally small, they have different diet requirements. Yorkies need high protein to help them maintain lean muscle mass as they grow. They also need fat and omega 3 fatty acids it helps them have a source of energy. While carbohydrates are not a must on their diet, it still pays to include them in their food as it provides fiber, energy, high protein and other essential high quality nutrients. There are toy Yorkies that can digest whole grains, however, there are also those who are more into the grain-free diets.

Diet for Puppy Teacup Yorkies

A Yorkie puppy and small toy Yorkies need about 22% protein and 8% fat on their diet. For toy breed puppies as well as a Yorkie puppy, the fat is needed on their diet as it helps boost their body’s growth and development. For Yorkie puppies, It is best to feed them frequently with a small amount of food to prevent low blood sugar or hypoglycemia problems.

Diet for Older Teacup Yorkies

As your teacup Yorkshire Terrier ages, its dietary requirements change as well. You will need to switch to a recipe that has about 5% fat and 18% protein. As they become seniors, your teacup Yorkies’ metabolism will also slow down. As a result, he or she may be less active.

diet for older teacup yorkies

Since they use less energy, you might want to consider feeding them a little less than usual. You can also start feeding them with a senior dog food for Yorkie recipe, or a grain-free option. This will help them avoid health problems such as obesity. It will also provide extra joint-supporting nutrients so they won’t easily fall or have injuries. Adult Yorkies need love too.

These are just some of the factors you need to consider when buying the best dog foods for Yorkies. If you’re having a hard time deciding what the best food for Yorkies is, let us narrow down your choice with some of our recommendations below:


Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food

best dog food for teacup yorkies

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food is made up of balanced nutrients. If you want the best food for Yorkies which offers the most effective nutrition for dogs of different weights and life stages, this is your perfect choice. Royal Canin is a well-known established dog food brand. This puppy food is formulated for a toy breed and is perfect for teacup-sized dogs but can also be included in large dogs’ diets.  Since the different sizes of dogs have different needs, this dog food is formulated to support their unique needs such as joint support, optimal weight, and dental care.

Royal Canin is formulated with a right-sized diet and is a good choice of food for Yorkie puppies. It is made with the precise amount of nutrients needed for every stage of your dog’s growth. Since small-breed puppies and teacup breeds grow at a more intense rate, their diet will need to help build and maintain their small body weight as it grows. Good thing Royal Canin Small Puppy dry dog food is designed for your small puppy’s healthy growth and development. It features all the proteins, minerals, and vitamins needed to support your puppy’s short growth period, developing immune system, and healthy skin and coat.


✔️Meets the high energy needs of small puppies

✔️ Small kibble size designed for puppies with small jaws and picky appetites

✔️Supports developing immune systems

✔️Promotes healthy digestion



❌Packaging issues but not a deal-breaker



CESAR Small Breed Dry & Wet Dog Food

CESAR Small Breed Dry & Wet Dog Food

Give your dog a treat at the dinner table with CESAR Small Breed Dry & Wet Dog Food. This dog food is made with real beef as the first ingredient, making it a gourmet dog food option for your teacup Yorkie. It features tender, meaty pieces and vegetables that will make you happy whenever you fill up their bowl. CESAR Small Breed Dry & Wet Dog Food is also deliciously crafted with 26 nutrients Yorkie puppies need to stay healthy. It comes with different flavors so your dog will look forward to different eating during mealtime.


✔️Made with real beef as the first ingredient

✔️ It is specially crafted with 26 nutrients that small breed dogs need

✔️Comes with meaty chunks in this delicious kibble for dogs



❌Zip lock problem but not a deal breaker


Purina Bella Natural Bites for Small Dogs Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Bella Natural Bites for Small Dogs Adult Dry Dog Food

Pamper your teacup Yorkie by serving him or her meals that are created just for her with Purina Bella. This dog food is tailored to meet small dogs’ needs. Each variety comes rich with nutrients and high in protein. This is to help support their higher metabolism. The pate and kibble recipes feature real meat or poultry and are perfectly sized for their small tummies.

Purina Bella is made with added vitamins and minerals to help support your small dog’s growth and development. Moreover, this dog food contains a blend of antioxidants, which has been formulated to support their immune health.

The tender shreds offer interesting texture to keep your small dog at the bowl. On the other hand, the crunchy kibble helps to clean her teeth and freshen her breath. This Purina Bella dog food contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and helps you feed your small dog wholesome goodness she deserves.


✔️Made with real chicken

✔️ Natural formula plus vitamins and minerals

✔️Blend of antioxidants to help support your small dog’s immune system

✔️Supports health throughout the longer life expectancy of small dogs



❌No resealable closure


FAQs for New Teacup Yorkie Owners

As a new pawrent, you may still have a hard time choosing which is the best dog food for Yorkies. You may have a lot of questions about how to feed them or which food you shouldn’t buy for them. Here are some commonly asked questions from teacup Yorkies owners and our answers.

What should I look for in a Teacup Yorkie’s food?

Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkies should be fed with dry food. If you will feed them with dry food, try to make it softer so it can be easy for them to chew and digest it. You can try adding a little bit of water to the dry kibble to soften it up a bit. Aside from the texture and size of the food, you also need to make sure that the dog food contains essential animal proteins and sufficient calories per serving. It also needs to have carbohydrates and fats to help boost their growth and development.

Should I feed my Teacup Yorkie dry or wet food?

When looking for dog food, you must have noticed that you have two options: dry and wet dog food. As a new paw parent, you may be wondering which one is better for your teacup Yorkie. To answer your question, it is best to give them, the answer is dry food. This is because Yorkies have sensitive stomach and teeth. A Yorkshire terriers jaw is very small and therefore the teeth are small and close together versus the german shepherd for example which has a big long jaw with teeth spaced out.

Dry food is one of the best options to protect your teacup Yorkie’s teeth and overall health. Dry food helps stimulate the gums of your dogs. It also removes tartar which buildup on the teeth as they grow. By removing the tartar, it can help reduce other dangerous health risks such as gum disease, tooth infections, and plaque.

How much food should I feed my Teacup Yorkie?

There’s really no right formula on how much food a teacup Yorkie should eat in a day. This is because their need for food may vary from their different needs. For example, if your teacup Yorkie is more active, then he or she will need to eat a lot more food as compared to other less active dogs. Their age can also be a factor as younger dogs tend to eat more as compared to the adult or senior ones. If you have a puppy, they usually consume about 45 calories per day.

What should I not feed my teacup Yorkies?

Since they are the smallest dogs on earth, teacup Yorkies should not be given food options that are hard to chew or digest. Avoid giving them food like nuts, broccoli, fruits, chives, and bones.

Yorkie no bones

Remember that teacup Yorkies also have sensitive teeth and stomachs. This means that they can get upset easily due to the digestion of the wrong food. Make sure to read the ingredients first before you buy dog food to avoid any health problems.

Are teacup Yorkies fussy eaters?

Teacup Yorkies are very fragile and they are also picky eaters. Many of them have selective eating habits. This is commonly associated because of their sensitive stomach and teeth.

yorkie fussy eater

For example, many teacup Yorkies owners avoid giving their dog food like grains and pellets since they are hard to chew and digest. These kinds of food often cause upset stomach and tooth discomfort.

Final Thoughts…

It may be small, but taking care of a teacup Yorkie is not easy. Their small size requires you to provide them with good supervision, especially if they are around kids or bigger pets. They also need extra care with food as their small mouths and stomachs are very sensitive.

Now have a better understanding of your teacup Yorkie’s nutritional needs, you’re now ready to start shopping for the best dog food! Keep in mind that the best dog food for Yorkies will be made of wholesome natural ingredients. These ingredients should include premium animal protein, high levels of fat for energy, and digestible carbohydrates. On top of it all, there should be no artificial additives. As always, if you have doubts about what food to buy, it is best to ask for your veterinarian’s help.



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