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Why Does My Yorkie Snort?

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Why Does My Yorkie Snort
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Why does my Yorkie snort

Recently, I’ve noticed that my Yorkie, who used to snort and grunt usually, is now behaving abnormally. I became concerned for my little pet when I heard that strange noise. Because of this, I started thinking about Why Does My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig?

As a result of my concern, I took my Yorkie to the veterinarian, who explained the various reasons why my Yorkie snores like a pig.

Read this post to learn why your Yorkie snorts like a pig occasionally and what you can do to assist your Yorkie in such situations.

Why Does My Yorkie Snort like a pig, and I’m not sure why. The Most Important Factors

When you first notice your Yorkie making a strange snorting sound like a pig, you will be alarmed and concerned. However, the majority of the time, there is no reason to be worried. Grunting sounds are usually caused by a phenomenon known as reverse sneezing, which is a type of coughing. However, the sudden snorting sounds that your Yorkie is making could be indicative of a more serious underlying problem with your dog.

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Would you please allow us to take a closer look at the various causes of your Yorkie’s snorting in a pig-like manner?

1. Nose irritation 

When allergens enter through the nasal passage of your Yorkshire Terrier, irritation may occur. Specific unpleasant reactions such as sneezing and snorting occur as a result of this irritability.

For the time being, you should not be concerned if your Yorkie snorts a little. Soon as your Yorkie manages to exhale, the snorts will be reduced to a hushed whisper in under one minute. Nonetheless, if your Yorkie does not stop snorting, you should immediately take your dog to the veterinarian.

If your Yorkie is suffering from allergies, you may want to look into the best foods for him to eat.

2. Trachea that has collapsed

Even though it is rare for a Yorkie to snort as loudly as a pig, it is one of the possible causes of this behavior. The trachea is responsible for transporting air from the dog’s nose to its lungs. Damage to it will result in snorts from your dog as a result of the damage. If the complication is not addressed immediately, it can be fatal in some instances.

Cleft trachea is a condition caused by the collapse of cartilage rings in the windpipe, which is responsible for the failure of the windpipe. This could occur due to your Yorkie’s trachea being genetically weak or as a result of you pulling too hard on the leash.

It is best if you talk a veterinarian as soon as possible to determine whether the cause of your Yorkie’s like pig snorts is tracheal collapse and to begin treatment as quickly as possible.

As a caring Yorkie owner, it is natural for you to make your pet feel comfortable. Preventing your dog’s trachea from collapsing can be accomplished by following these steps.

3. Sneeze in the opposite direction

Reverse sneezing, also termed as paroxysmal respiration, is a condition that can affect dogs of all breeds. If your Yorkie has never done this before, it can be pretty alarming for you. A Yorkie’s reverse sneeze is caused by irritation to the soft palate, which causes the dog to sneeze.

The soft palate is the area in the back of your Yorkie’s mouth responsible for controlling the functions of breathing, vocalization, and swallowing in your Yorkie. Your Yorkie’s trachea will become narrow due to the irritation in that area, making it difficult for him to breathe.

A narrowed trachea causes the dog to inhale through its nose, resulting in a reverse sneeze episode due to the obstruction.

According to research, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, and pugs are the most common breeds that suffer from reverse sneezing.

Reverse sneezing will clear up in less than a minute, but if it persists for any longer than that, you should bring your Yorkie to the veterinarian.

As a dog homeowner, you will want to alleviate the discomfort your Yorkie is experiencing. When you notice your Yorkie sneezing backward, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do:

  • Gently massage the back of your Yorkie to help it relax and become more relaxed. This will assist you in keeping your Yorkie stable during the reverse sneeze.
  • Encourage your pet to swallow by gently tapping on the bridge of its nose. Your Yorkie’s spasms will most likely stop after you do this.
  • Your Yorkie will attempt to take deep breaths to get enough air; therefore, do not hold it tightly as this will make your Yorkie afraid.
  • Keep your hand out of his mouth because he may try to bite you if you try to put your hand in his!

Look at this video if you want to learn more about reverse sneezing in Yorkshire Terriers.

4. The Position in Which You Sleep

Small dogs, such as Yorkies, have narrow airways, and if they are forced to lie in a position where their nostrils do not have enough room to take in air, they will make a pig-snorting noise.

Please make sure that your Yorkie sleeps comfortably in a position that allows it to breathe easily through its nostrils.

For your Yorkie, you can invest in a nice orthopedic bed so that it can sleep comfortably in it instead of scrabbling around for a sleeping spot.

Why Does My Yorkie Snort
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5. Nostrils that are small

It is difficult for some dogs, tiny breeds such as Yorkies, to breathe because they have small nostrils or a narrow trachea, making it difficult to live. While sleeping, breathing becomes more difficult because they must breathe deeply to get enough oxygen.

When your Yorkie is forced to take deep breaths through a smaller airway, they will resort to snorting for comfort.

Grunting noises are frequently heard from dogs with short noses with a flat surface instead of other breeds. These dogs are of the brachycephalic breed, which means that they are more prone to breathing difficulties.

6. A feeling of anticipation

As soon as your Yorkie becomes excited, the air rushes into the small space between its nostrils, causing it to snort loudly and pig-like. Because of the excitement, your pet will take in too much air, and the snort is your dog’s way of exhaling the excess air that has been taken in. No need to be concerned; it’s just the way they breathe in this environment.

Snorting is very similar to snoring in that the air coming out of your Yorkie’s windpipe vibrates out of their nostrils. Snorting once in a while isn’t harmful, but if it persists, your Yorkie should be taken to the veterinarian immediately.

How Can You Talk If Your Yorkie Is Sick If He Snorts Like a Pig?

The piggy snorts in your Yorkie are not indicative of any illness in your pet, and they are not harmful to your pet if they occur regularly. In response to nasal irritation, it is normal for your Yorkie to snort or reverse sneeze on occasion, which is perfectly normal.

However, if the sneezes and snorts continue for an extended period, it may be due to another underlying disease. It is suggested that you take your Yorkie to the veterinarian to get anti-inflammatory medication for his sore joints.

If a small amount of bleeding accompanies your Yorkie’s reverse sneezing, he may be suffering from nasal mites. Take your pet to the veterinarian and keep your Yorkie away from other dogs as soon as possible. To treat your Yorkie’s nasal mite, follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian.

Snorts for Your Yorkie as a Treatment for Pig-Like Snorts

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Determine the source of the problem.

When you notice your Yorkie snorting, the first thing you should do is figure out what is causing it to snort in the first place. Snorting is a typical response from your Yorkie when it is delighted to see you or interact with you. Your Yorkie will also make the snorting sound on a leash, and you unintentionally pull too hard on it while walking with it.

Otherwise, you should pay closer attention to when and why your Yorkie is snorting like a pig to figure out what is causing it.

Having Your Yorkie Veterinary Examined

Your Yorkie’s nose-bobbing or sniffling has become severe, or if it is caused by an underlying disease, you will need to request medical attention for your dog. It’s possible that the snorting in your dog is caused by chronic rhinitis or nasal sinus infection in your dog.

Seek the assistance of your veterinarian to determine what is causing the constant snorting.

For example, you can have your Yorkie’s clotting status determined or test him for bacterial or viral infections to determine what is causing his snorting.

Comply with your veterinarian’s recommendations.

You will be able to determine the severity of the problem after receiving the results of your veterinarian’s tests. Depending on the results, you will either have to administer antibiotics to your Yorkie or resort to surgical intervention to resolve your Yorkie’s snorting problem.

What Can You Do to Assist Your Yorkie If He Has Pig-Like Snorts?

As soon as your Yorkie learns to exhale properly through its nose, the pig snorting episode will be brought to an end. When your Yorkie grunts, it is possible that an underlying illness will develop in your dog. However, this is extremely rare.

You can assist your pet during this pig snorting episode by doing the following:

  • Gently massage your dog’s throat or back to ensure that it can swallow adequately and comfortably. The irritant in your Yorkie’s throat will be cleared out in this manner.
  • Holding out the tongue of your snorting dog will allow more air to pass through the dog’s nostrils, which will help alleviate the problem. This method will be effective when your small dog’s snorting sound has been eliminated.

You may wonder if you can keep your Yorkie from snorting like an animal.

Although it is not always possible to prevent your Yorkie from snorting like a pig, you can take some protective measures to keep your Yorkie away from anything that could cause the pig snort effect on your end.

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To maintain your Yorkie away from pig snort sound effects, here are some things that you take care of on your own to get ready for the situation.

  • If you want to take your Yorkie for a walk, you can use a harness instead of a collar. This will prevent any additional pressure from being placed on your Yorkie’s delicate neck.
  • On hot days, try to keep your Yorkie in a temperature-controlled environment, such as the air conditioning.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight for your Yorkie will help to ensure that it does not experience any breathing difficulties.
  • Maintain a safe distance between your Yorkie and allergens such as pollen when taking your pet for a walk in the park.
  • Keep an eye out for any irritants your Yorkie may be smelling to ensure that they do not enter its upper airway.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why is it that my Yorkie can’t take a breath when he snores?

Yorkshire Terriers may experience reverse sneezing if they breathe rapidly through their nose followed by a snort. As soon as your Yorkie exhales, his breathing will return to its normal rhythm.

Your Yorkie’s pharyngeal gag reflex, also known as reverse sneezing, is caused by irritation in the nasal passages of your pet. Once the irritant leaves your Yorkie’s nose, your pet will cease sneezing.

Q: My Yorkie is constantly snorting, and I’m not sure why?

Snorting is very similar to sneezing in that your dog exhales air out of both his mouth and nose simultaneously. Snorting occurs due to irritation in your Yorkie’s nose, and as soon as the irritants are expelled from your Yorkie’s nose, the snorting will cease.

In addition, constant snoring can be caused by a sinus infection that can develop a respiratory disease if left untreated. If your Yorkie is sleeping under the AC, its sinuses are likely acting up, resulting in constant snorting.

Q: When I pet my dog, he grunts, and I’m not sure why?

In most cases, a dog’s grunt indicates that your dog is content with the activity that it is engaged in and is content. In dogs, it is an involuntary action that stems from a state of relaxation.

The majority of puppies grunt when they are playing with their littermates and eating their meals. When their loved ones pet them or show affection, adult dogs grunt in response to this. When a lap dog and its owner are sitting on the couch together, they will groan.

Final Words

After learning about Why My Yorkie Snort Like A Pig, we hope you found the answers, you were looking through. The best part of the time, this is caused by your Yorkie having a reverse sneezing episode. It is more common in smaller breeds because their airways are more minor.

Petting your Yorkie on its back or its throat will cause your Yorkie to relax in less than a minute. If the snorting continues, take your Yorkie to the veterinarian because there may be an underlying issue causing the constant snorting.

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