Why Does My Yorkie Lick So Much?

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When I went to my friend’s house, I frequently noticed her Yorkie licking her, sometimes to the point where half of her face was covered with her Yorkie’s saliva. I thought it was hilarious. Although I adored this display of affection, it prompted me to consider other possible explanations for Why Do Yorkies Lick So Much?

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During my various investigations, I came across several theories as to why Yorkies lick themselves so much. And if you’re anything like me, you’d be surprised to learn about a few of the reasons why! Why does my Yorkie lick so much?

So let’s check out some of the reasons why Yorkies lick themselves so much.

Why Does My Yorkie Lick So Much? The Top Twelve Reasons

In this section, you will find 12 explanations for why Yorkies lick so much.

1. Your Yorkie has made a bad habit of licking almost everything, including your shoes and socks.

Habits are difficult to form and even more challenging to break. The same holds for your little companion.

Occasionally, you may find it difficult to correct your newly acquired Yorkie when the dog licks you or the furniture, an old cassette player, or a toy simply out of the habit he has developed.

Two, your Yorkie is attempting to direct your attention toward him.

Your Yorkie adores and appreciates the affection and consideration you and your family members show him. One of the primary reasons he licks you all over is because he enjoys doing so.

Being a wise pet, your Yorkie is often aware that licking you will almost certainly draw your attention to them and will not stop licking you until they have your complete and undivided attention.

Do you find it difficult to believe what we say? Please take a look at this adorable video of a Yorkie licking the face of its owner.

YouTube video

2. Your Yorkie is demonstrating his admiration for you and your home.

An additional reason for your Yorkshire terrier’s constant licking of you is that he has a great deal of worship and regard for you. This licking behavior on the part of your Yorkie can be interpreted as a sign of obedience.

3. Your Yorkie, Is Demanding To Communicate With You

Pets are indeed unable to communicate with one another through speech. This does not imply that they are unable to speak!

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Your Yorkie may be licking you as a way of showing his affection and love for you.

4. Your Yorkie appears to be bored, stressed, or worried.

Because your pet is bored, they may lick you or the objects in your immediate vicinity regularly.

Other times, your Yorkie will lick objects or people to relieve the stress and anxiety built up in him. His behavior indicates that he is in desperate need of playtime and is exceptionally bored while doing absolutely nothing!

However, if you notice your dog licking, panting, or pacing more than usual, it is recommended that you take him to the veterinarian.

5. Your Yorkie enjoys the flavor of your skin.

Suppose you notice your Yorkie licking you immediately after a vigorous workout or after taking a shower. In that case, your Yorkie likely enjoys the taste of your sweat, as well as the creams and lotions that you may have applied to your skin.

According to popular belief, many dog pets enjoy the taste of their owner’s sweat, no matter how gross this may sound to you. For some reason, they find it delicious!

6. Your Yorkie is curious and wants to investigate everything.

Your pet dog may be simply curious about his own body and the things in his immediate environment. Consequently, the smell and texture of the object that has captured your Yorkshire terrier’s attention may also be investigated by your dog.

This could be one of the feasible reasons why your new Yorkie puppy is constantly licking something on the floor or the ground. This is simply a means of quelling his inquisitiveness.

7. Your Yorkie is taking care of itself.

Dogs instinctively clean themselves and remove dirt from their bodies and paws, which is perfectly normal. Consequently, licking himself could indicate that your Yorkie is engaging in some form of self-grooming.

However, if you notice your Yorkie in an agitated state, with compulsive licking or excessive licking action, it is best to take him to a veterinarian for evaluation.

8. Fleas have infested your Yorkie.

Your Yorkie puppy may have contracted fleas, which would explain why he is licking himself. This will reason him to lick and scratch his skin excessively in an attempt to relieve the itch.

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Advantage II is a flea prevention product that consistently stands out and performs exceptionally well in preventing fleas in Yorkies.

9. Your Yorkie may have allergies.

Your little puppy may be suffering from a rash or irritation around his mouth or belly area. One or more of the possible causes could be food allergies, cleaning products used at home, or grass containing fertilizers, to name a few.

Veterinarians and dog experts quickly point out that dogs, like humans, can experience allergic reactions to certain foods.

For example, if your little four-legged friend is licking the same spot over and over, you should remain an eye out for any visible reactions on the skin. It is best to seek advice from a veterinarian.

If your Yorkie suffers from allergies, you may be looking for the best dog food for him.

10. Your Yorkie Is Suffering From Dental Problems

If your Yorkie pet is licking himself all over, he could be suffering from a dental problem such as tooth or gum pain, plaque buildup, or an infection in his mouth, among other things.

It is essential to keep your four-legged friend’s oral hygiene in good working order.

Check out these effective oral hygiene chews that will assist you in keeping your Yorkie’s oral health in good condition.

11. Your Yorkie is experiencing nausea and vomiting.

Your Yorkie may be feeling nauseous or sick. If this is the case, he will almost certainly lick his lips and mouth excessively.

Whenever Yorkies are nauseous, they tend to hyper drool as a result of their discomfort. As a result, Yorkies tend to move their tongue around their lips regularly.

Accordingly, if you notice your pet Yorkie licking his mouth or nose excessively, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

12. Your Yorkie may be suffering from a more severe health problem.

Alternatively, in the worst-case scenario, your Yorkie may be suffering from a severe health issue that requires immediate attention from a veterinarian. The following are a few examples:

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Oral Health Issues

Your pet’s oral growth, ulcers, or lesions may cause them to produce excessive saliva, resulting in excessive licking of the mouth region as well as excessive licking of the air around the mouth.

Hormonal Imbalances 

Yorkies may be suffering from hormonal imbalances, resulting in excessive steroid hormones in their bodies. Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease) can result as a result of this.

Complications involving the gastrointestinal system

You could be looking at a toxic food that your Yorkie has consumed out of boredom or by accident. This can result in stomach discomfort.

The diseases pancreatitis and gastritis are two that your Yorkie could be suffering from.

Problems with the Skin

Yorkies can develop yeast infections on the skin or rashes, as well as allergies and dermatitis. They can also be infested with mites. An excessive amount of licking in the infected area may result as result.

What is the source of your Yorkie’s licking his paws? The Most Important Factors

If you notice your Yorkie obsessively licking the pads of his little dog’s paws, there may be an underlying cause for this behavior in him. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons.

Do Yorkies Shed? The Answer Might Surprise You | The Dog People by Rover.com
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Injuries are a concern.

Your Yorkie may be licking his paw because he has an injury, bruise, or cut on it. For example, a shard of glass, an insect bite, or a pointed object such as a thorn or a nail could have become lodged in his paw, causing him excruciating pain and inconvenience.


Your Yorkie may lick his paw due to a food reaction, which can be alleviated by reviewing your dog’s food intake and feeding schedule.

It could also be an allergic reaction to something as simple as walking through grass with fertilizer. Dog shoes can help to prevent this from happening.

Anger and irritability

Your Yorkie may be experiencing itchiness, redness, or skin inflammation in the paw area, causing him to lick the affected area.

If you notice anything like this, we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian immediately.

Excessive Dryness of the Skin

If you live in a cool weather, your Yorkie’s paws will almost certainly become dry. As a result, your four-legged friend will lick his paw excessively to retain the moisture.

To combat this problem, you can use a natural dog lotion. A hydrating cream will undoubtedly improve the situation for your Yorkie.

Infection of the Skin

Your Yorkie may be suffering from skin infections such as lick granuloma, or he may be suffering from sores, bumps, or scabs on his paw. This may cause your Yorkie to lick his foot consistently.

What is the source of your Yorkie’s licking of his private parts? The Most Important Factors

It is a Typical Grooming Observation.

After urinating or pooping, it is normal for dogs to groom their genitals to keep them clean. Moreover, guess what? Your Yorkie is not an exception to this rule!

Infection of the Urinary Tract

Your Yorkie could be suffering from a urinary tract infection or a genital infection, for example. Some of the more common signs are as follows:

  • Penis crimson in color
  • Bacteria in the bladder of the urinary bladder
  • Inability to urinate and discomfort while doing so
  • Anal glands swollen or vulva swollen
  • Expulsion of urine from the penis or vulva
Yorkies in Heat: Signs, Cycles, Length & Symptoms | The Dog Tale
Source: The Dog Tale

Infection of the Skin

If you notice that your Yorkie’s private area has turned reddish black, this is a sign that he is misery from a skin infection, which could be caused by yeast or bacteria.

As a result of the irritation and discomfort, your Yorkie will lick the affected area.

Allergic reactions

Yorkies are prone to pretty common allergies. A type of factors, such as an allergic ingredient in food or pollens, can cause this condition to manifest itself.

These allergies can cause itching in your Yorkie’s private area, causing him to lick it excessively due to the irritation.

Impaction of the Anal Glands

Glands that have been impacted may become swollen and emit a foul odor. If your Yorkie is in pain from this disease, he may be licking the affected area in an attempt to clean it.

What’s the deal with your Yorkie licking the air? The Most Important Factors

Your Yorkie may appear to be licking his lips aimlessly in the air at specific points in the day. However, in reality, he may be attempting to scratch his tiny dog nose or tiny dog mouth.

Here’s a video of a Yorkie licking the air, which is extremely cute.

Your Yorkie may be licking the air for a variety of reasons, which are listed below.

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Problems with the gastrointestinal tract

Your puppy may engage in anxious air licking due to an upset stomach and stomach pains.

Other GI issues comprise irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, delayed gastric emptying, bowel inflammation, a foreign body in the digestive tract, and parasitic infection, to name a few possibilities.

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common ailments.

Your Yorkie may be stressed out or anxious. This can occur due to a significant change in the surrounding environment or the unexpected arrival of an unexpected visit at your home.

In addition, if you do not spend quality time with your pet friend, he may also experience separation anxiety.

The result is that you might find your poor Yorkie simply licking the air to relieve himself of any pent-up stress and anxiety.

To remove food that has become lodged in their mouth.

While it may appear to be a ridiculous reason, many Yorkies, whether female dogs, male dogs, older dogs, or small dogs, have food lodged in their mouths for various reasons.

And what is the only way to get rid of it? They will move their tongue and lick the inside of their mouth, which may give the impression that your Yorkie is licking the ceiling.

Dermatological Concerns

Suppose your Yorkie is experiencing discomfort due to a dermatological issue, such as dry or red skin, or skin allergies, particularly around the nose and mouth area. In that case, he will almost certainly lick his lips in the air to relieve himself.

This will assist him in obtaining some relief from the constant irritation he is experiencing.

What Is the Source of Your Yorkie’s Constant Licking?

You should know that if your Yorkie is smothering you with doggie kisses and licking you all over, it is because he cares for you and is emotionally attached to you. You can think of it as him expressing his feelings for you!

Your baby Yorkie enjoys the taste of your salted skin as well as your other foods. This encourages the release of beneficial endorphins (which makes them feel good), which causes them to lick you constantly.

What Must you do If Your Yorkie Is Licking Excessively? When Should You Take Your Pet To The Vet?

When you notice skin irritation, allergy, or compulsive licking behavior in your Yorkie, you should consider taking him to the veterinarian for evaluation.

Do you inquire how to stop your Yorkie from licking his face all the time?

If you want to learn how to control your Yorkie’s licking behavior, the first step is to determine what is causing it.

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If your pet Yorkie is acting in this manner solely to attract your attention or to show his affection, there is nothing to be concerned about. You can make an effort to control it at home.

Maintaining consistency with positive reinforcements, as well as assertively saying NO to your Yorkie, will accomplish the desired result. This, however, is not something that can be achieved overnight. You must maintain your composure.

If you cannot spend quality time with your Yorkie, you should begin doing so immediately, as failing to do so can cause anxiety in your canine companion.

However, if he appears to be suffering from a disease or an allergic reaction, it is best to keep him examined by a veterinarian.

Why Is My Yorkie Licking His Paws Too Much? How Can You Stop Your Yorkie From Licking His Paws Too Much?

Your Yorkie may be licking his paws excessively due to the low humidity levels and the cold weather conditions. Reason? Yorkies’ skin becomes dry due to these weather conditions, prompting them to lick their coats.

Allergic reactions, skin infections, and irritation are all possible causes of itching. It is critical to consult with your veterinarian.

Final Words

Finally, there are a variety of possible explanations for Why Do Yorkies Lick So Much? While this article provides a comprehensive overview of the issues and possible solutions, you, as a Yorkie owner, must maintain a close eye on your pet at all times.

While some of the issues are very common, such as licking for attention or showing affection or out of boredom, others may indicate a severe health issue that should be evaluated by a veterinarian immediately.



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