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How many Yorkie types are there?

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A Yorkie is a tiny dog breed that weighs less than seven pounds and is very adorable. Yorkies are known for their long, lustrous fur and silky fine coat, which is usually a mix of metallic azure and a rich golden tan other types are slightly different in color. How many Yorkie types are there?

But, don’t be tricked by the Yorkie’s cuteness. The Yorkie is stubborn, aggressive, courageous, and demanding, with all the characteristics of a real terrier.

Yorkies are frequently declared the most popular breed type in many US towns and cities. They pack a bunch of prominent personalities into a tiny but mighty body.

As a result, they are beloved among urban residents all around the world. Yorkies survive for a long time and are hypersensitive because of having a coat that resembles natural human hair rather than animal fur, and they are also an excellent watchdogs. So, if you want a dog breed that offers love, care, and stress relief, Yorkie is good for you.

How many Yorkie types are there

Yorkies are indeed cute and stubborn at the same time. But, there isn’t only one type of Yorkie! This breed has various types depending on the color, markings, and mix breed. Here are the most popular types of Yorkie that you must know.

How many Yorkie types are there
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Mismarked Yorkies are any type of dogs with markings that do not comply with the American Kennel Club, so they really do not consider it as a Yorkie. It is called a Yorkie because of its size and same physical appearance except for its markings. For example, if a known Yorkie has an unusual marking anywhere in the body, it is considered Mismarked Yorkie.

Another characteristic is that if your Yorkie has a mixture of colors that are not under the essential color combination like black and tan, or blue and tan, it is still called a Mismarked Yorkie. So, if you saw a shade of yellow or red, this is a sign that your Yorkie is Mismarked.

Another reason why it is still called a Yorkie is because of the resemblance in terms of health conditions and attitude. This type of dog may also have problems in the heart, teeth, bones, and muscles. Lastly, Mismarked Yorkies are also aggressive like a regular Yorkie, so it would be better if you train it earlier of its age.


Designer Yorkie is the type of dog where they are produced by breeding with other types of dog. The best example of Designer Yorkie is when its parents are both Yorkie and Chihuahua. In this case, the Chihuahua’s characteristics may be the most prominent in a baby Designer Yorkie. It may get Chihuahua’s physical attributes like the fur length, color, and marking on the cheeks and nose.

Designer Yorkie is hard to determine unless you ask your breeder because it has little chance it will look like a regular Yorkie. Unfortunately, this type of Yorkie has a lower chance of living until the adult stage because of some health complications like bone and heart problems. This is because they are receiving different genes from different breeds while having a small stature.


As its name suggests, Teacup Yorkie is just a size as a teacup. You can lift it by your palm but be careful not to drop it because it has very fragile built. Because they are sensitive, expect that Teacup Yorkie will have a short life span due to some health complications. They are prone to acquiring or inheriting brain and heart damage, hypoglycemia, bone fractures, and many more.

Because of their small body, Teacup Yorkie is not really fully developed; that is why they are susceptible to infections and fractures. They have smaller organs than the larger dogs that is why they need more care and attention. Teacup Yorkies tend to last for up to nine years only, so it is better to give everything they need especially warm care and focus.

It is also hard to train them, especially when walking on the stairs or running in the hallway, because a simple stumble may lead to death. Also, remember not to expect a pregnancy with Teacup Yorkie in your house because it can be hard to carry itself with a baby.

Teacup Yorkies The World s Smallest Dog HP long
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Biewer Yorkie is the best breed if your home has only a minimal space. It is suitable for apartments or studio-type rooms. This type of Yorkie is also great even if you do not have a garden or yard because they do not like digging with soil and destroying your plants. They also have some health issues like the other types, so better if you give it a regular check-up to the vet.

One important thing that you need to consider is its fur. Biewer Yorkie has a longer coat than other types of Yorkie, so it is susceptible to catching germs and dirt that can increase the chance of disease. It is also advisable to have its hair trimmed regularly to remove the invisible dirt that can’t be removed through regular washing.

Another health condition is that Biewers have a higher risk of developing dental problems like plaques and deep cavities. So be mindful of what they eat and brush their teeth regularly. Lastly, take note also of its diet plan. Biewer Yorkie is very cute because of their body. They love to eat, so they tend to gain weight faster than the other Yorkie types. So, ask your vet for the proper meal plan to avoid your Yorkie getting obese.


Parti Yorkie is one of the Yorkies that are so hard to breed because of its genes. They are one of the most difficult to find and are a bit pricey. But, if a breeder successfully produces Parti Yorkie, you will have a chance to have it at home and have an affectionate pet.

They are really energetic; that is why they tend to get tired quickly and will just fall asleep until it regenerates their energy back. Parti Yorkie has a sense of loyalty and ownership, so it is better to start training it by introducing it to other dogs so you will not have a hard time once you go to work.

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Black Yorkies are one of the rarest types of Yorkie because usually, Yorkies have a combination of colors. Sometimes, you will notice other shades, but black is really prominent. But do not be contented with its color because it will also change its coat once reaching adulthood.

Black Yorkies will also have a combination of colors once they shed, especially when they turn over six. The most surprising thing is that they can change colors not only once but up to three times if you are lucky enough to pick the proper Yorkie. Health conditions also experience the same problems with other Yorkies, like heart, dental, and bone issues.


Yorkies are indeed cute and great for your apartment. But remember that they can be so loud and aggressive that it can lead to more stress. They also have a high maintenance, especially for their health. They are prone to fractures, so be careful when lifting them and squeezing them because of cuteness. All types of dogs need special care, attention, and alone time, so if you think you can do these, get a dog!

It’s not simply a luxury to have a dog, but it’s also a duty. They rely on anyone for necessities of life at the very least, and they are entitled to anything more like care and attention. So when you adopt a dog into your home, you must be aware of the responsibility that comes with owning a dog.

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