when will my Yorkie calm down

When Will My Yorkie Calm Down? Here’s What You Can Do

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Yorkshire Terriers are known to be energetic canines. They can be a handful, especially for inexperienced owners. But as much as this doggo is yappy and hyperactive, it will soon tone down and become less peppy. However, the question is this: when will my Yorkie calm down? There’s no specific date or timeline to which a Yorkie will mellow down. It depends on individual dogs, but in most cases, these pooches will calm down as it enters the adult stage.

In this post, I will discuss why Yorkies are energetic and what you can do to handle its hyper personality. Remember that patience is crucial if you want to raise this breed.

Why are Yorkies too energetic?

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Yorkshire Terriers are naturally energetic, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to owners. Despite its small size, Yorkies love zoomies, running, and playing any chance they get. This makes them unsuitable for other owners.

Despite the intense energy, this small doggo can thrive in an apartment setting. Just make sure that they have company to avoid separation anxiety.

There’s nothing you can do about the energetic nature of Yorkies. You just have to manage it through training and lifestyle changes. With proper socialization and training, these doggos can be disciplined and affectionate canines.

However, you should know that being hyperactive and not listening are two different things. If your Yorkie isn’t yielding to your commands, it means that it doesn’t see you as the alpha. They feel like they are the ones in charge.

Another scenario is that your Yorkie didn’t really learn the commands properly. Consider reassessing your dog’s previous training and try to look where you did it wrong.

When will my Yorkie calm down?

Most Yorkies will start to mellow down once it reaches the age of two. Before that, expect the doggo to get you winded. They will be balls of energy and will take time to fully mature.

However, not all Yorkies will fully calm down at this age. Some will remain active and energetic throughout their adult lives, so it’s always a case-to-case scenario. To be sure, you’d want to wait up to five years or even up to seniorhood.

Despite losing a level of its perky personality, you still need to provide Yorkies with ample exercise. This way, the pooch will stay happy and healthy.

Some Yorkie owners observed that getting a second compatible dog will help Yorkies calm down. It’s because the second dog offers exercise and playtime even if you’re away. However, this depends on each dog since Yorkies don’t always get along with other canines.

How to make your Yorkie calm down

Learning how to calm a Yorkie is a skill. If you’re a Yorkie owner dealing with hyperactivity, the following may help you in the process:

✔️Neuter or spay your Yorkie

when will my Yorkie calm down

The first thing you can do to calm a hyperactive Yorkie is to neuter or spay it. Neutering and spaying will help tone down hormones responsible for the energetic nature of dogs. However, it’s not going to eliminate the hyperactivity, it’s just going to lessen the level.

Also, neutering or spaying must be done at the right time. Neutering male canines must be done within six to nine months. In some cases, veterinarians will give it a go at 8 weeks old.

On the other hand, spaying a female dog must be done before its first heat or estrus cycle. This is to avoid potential complications associated with late spaying.

Your Yorkie’s vet can advise about the best timing to get your dog fixed. You should also strictly follow post-operation instructions to help your Yorkie recover fast.

✔️Don’t miss out on exercise

Another thing you should never forget is exercise. Yorkies need to burn their extra energy to stay happy. This is possible with ample exercise each day. But since they are small canines, they don’t need a lot of excruciating physical activities. Usually, a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood is more than enough.

Through exercise, you can help your Yorkie channel its energy toward something rewarding. Make sure that exercise goes beyond physical stimulation. It should also include mental drills that will exercise your dog’s brain, so it won’t have time to think about being hyperactive.

✔️Provide ample playtime

Aside from exercise, it’s also crucial to give your Yorkie playtime throughout the day. It can be a simple fetch session or a short agility course indoors. A 10-minute session done multiple times a day is a good start in keeping a Yorkie calm.

Since these Yorkies always demand attention, you have to ensure that you’re satisfying the need. Short playtime sessions throughout the day are usually more than enough for Yorkies.

✔️Train and reward

when will my Yorkie calm down

One of the most important methods to calm a Yorkie is to train it. Modifying behavior and rewarding positive response is the best approach.

For example, basic obedience drills like sit, stay, come, and down are a good start for Yorkies. This will give you more control of your pet both indoors and outdoors.

Through these simple drills, you can establish yourself as the alpha. This is very crucial for Yorkies who tend to challenge boundaries and rules.

Make sure that you reward only a calm behavior. Otherwise, your Yorkie will likely engage in hyperactive behavior over and over again.

You have to be extra patient when it comes to training Yorkies. While this breed is smart, it’s also a stubborn bunch.

✔️Socialize and desensitize properly

Hand in hand with training, you have to socialize and desensitize your Yorkie to keep it calm. This will prevent the pooch from being overreactive when exposed to various stimuli. These stimuli could be other pets, strangers, sounds, smells, and other visuals.

Socialization and desensitization should be done as early as possible. You have to start the moment your Yorkie arrives at your home. This way, you can also dampen its breed-specific tendencies.

Always perform socialization in controlled environments as Yorkshire Terriers can be pretty sensitive. Your Yorkie or other dogs may react negatively to the interaction, so you should be ready to step in.

✔️Perform crate training

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Another effective way to calm a Yorkie is through crate training. This training aims to mimic the nesting of canines in the wild. They do this by hiding in small crevices or caves to evade predators. It gives them a sense of safety, which can be simulated by a crate.

With this, the belief that crates are prison cells is utterly untrue. Crates are calming for dogs, especially for hyperactive breeds like Yorkshire Terriers. It will also help reduce separation anxiety when leaving the pooch alone at home.

The first step here is ensuring that you get the right crate size. Your Yorkie should be able to stand, lie down comfortably, and turn inside. Still, you should avoid excessive space as this will allow the dog to soil its crate.

Also, you should never use the crate as a form of punishment when your Yorkie is being hyperactive. Instead, you should train the pooch to associate the crate with a positive experience. Feeding and giving treats inside the crate is a good way to do this. Also, you need to make the crate comfy by putting bedding and your dog’s toys inside.

Moreover, an adult Yorkie should only stay inside the crate for 7 to 8 hours. After that, the doggo needs to be let out for a potty break. Also, you can let the pooch out once it has calmed down, so the crate doesn’t feel like a prison.

✔️Consider calming aids

Aside from the tips above, you can also explore calming aids to help your hyperactive Yorkie tone down. You can start with calming chews infused with CBD or melatonin that will help your pooch slow down its energy temporarily. You can ask your dog’s vet about the best option for calming treats if you’re new to the product.

You can also explore calming diffusers, though you should consult the vet first about this, much so if your Yorkie has notorious allergies.

✔️Consult the vet about sedatives

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In case your Yorkie doesn’t calm down for grooming, you can ask the vet for the possibility of using sedatives. This should be the last resort and must be done under the strict supervision of a veterinarian.

Take note that sedatives need to be administered with the right dosage. This is to avoid overdose, which can be life-threatening for Yorkies.

Aside from that, the sedative must be prescribed by the veterinarian to ensure that it’s safe for your Yorkie.

✔️Never use violence

Lastly, you should never resort to violence when trying to calm your Yorkshire Terrier. Always use positive reinforcement and rewards to encourage positive behavior. Remember that physical violence will only fuel more behavioral problems in the long run.

If your efforts aren’t yielding results, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult the vet or a dog trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do Yorkies not listen?

A: Yorkshire Terriers can be stubborn dogs with headstrong personalities. Without proper training, these pooches will not listen to their owners. They will also try to defy commands. This is the reason why you have to train your Yorkie the moment you bring it home. Otherwise, it will try to lord over your house and become the alpha of the pack.

Q: Can I let my Yorkie off-leash?

A: You should never let a Yorkie, or any dog, off-leash in public places. Every responsible dog owner will keep their pets restraint outdoors. However, if it’s in your fenced yard, you can let your Yorkie run free. Just make sure that the pooch is supervised as they can also be good Houdini canines.

Q: Do Yorkies think they are big dogs?

A: Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs with big personalities. These dogs think that they are bigger than they really are. This breed is oblivious of its physical size that it won’t hesitate to fight a bigger animal. With that, it also means that this pooch will also try to lord you over.

Q: Are Yorkies jealous dogs?

A: Yorkies may be headstrong, but they can be overly jealous dogs too. They demand a lot of attention and will become jealous when you focus on other canines. Beware because this jealousy can lead to arrogance, which can lead to other behavioral problems in the process.

Q: Are female Yorkies aggressive?

A: Yorkies can be aggressive without training, male or female. Also, this breed has the nature of being protective and watchful toward other dogs and strangers. You have to subject the canines to intense training to dampen these tendencies.

Q: Do Yorkies become hyperactive when stressed?

A: Dogs like Yorkshire Terriers can become hyperactive and snappy when they are stressed. It’s important to keep their environment as calm as possible. You should also observe what’s stressing your dog so that you can intervene accordingly.

Final words

When will my Yorkie calm down? Usually, Yorkshire Terriers will start to slow down at two years old. However, some will remain hyperactive during the adult years. The key here is managing the dog’s energy level through exercise, playtime, and training.

Always remain patient and never use violence in dealing with your Yorkie’s hyperactivity. It’s a process that will take time, just like any effort to modify a canine’s behavior.

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