What Do Yorkies Like to Do For Fun? 9 Great Ways to Entertain Them!

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Although small in size, the Yorkshire Terriers have an intense level of energy. With that, you need to help out your cute adorable pooch in getting rid of that energy stored in them. The best solution for this is to allow them to engage in some kind of doggy activities that they may also enjoy. But, what do Yorkies like to do for fun?

In this blog post, we will unravel the things that the Yorkshire Terriers love to do. Check what are those and see how you, as an owner, get involved with those kinds of activities. Find which one will you do so that both of you will have fun!

Things that Your Yorkies Love Doing: What Do Yorkies Like to Do For Fun?

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the dog breeds included in the so-called petite dog breed. Yes, they are small but they are amazingly sweet, subtle, and so lovable. Their small size highly offers great love and affection to their owners. Despite their size, they also display loyalty, bravery, and protection as a puppy.

Aside from that, owning Yorkshire Terriers means having a very energetic dog breed. So, it is a must that you keep your Yorkies entertained and amused all the time. To achieve that, here are the things that you should consider doing with your Yorkies as these are the activities what do Yorkies like to do for fun!


daily walk

For dogs, sniffing is one of their ways to explore the world around them. And, it is interesting to know that this four-legged creature really loves exploring. Being hailed as one of the smart breeds, Yorkies’ sniffing habit is a magnificent feature that it really boasts for.

What do Yorkies like to do for fun is to sniff around as every spot for them has some exciting elements to smell into. Taking them to the same places will not actually make your Yorkies bored. However, it is always a good idea to change their surroundings so that they may be happier, thrilled, and sniffier.

2-Munch for some snacks

Eating is one of the favorite past times for humans. And so do for the Yorkshire Terriers. What do Yorkies do for fun is to enjoy eating out their snacks! Although seeing your Yorkies happy because of their cravings satisfaction, paying much attention to their diet is still important. Make sure that their meal is high in protein and also include fruits, veggies, and carbs in their diet.

Also, being a small breed necessitates the Yorkies to have a four times a day eating schedule. Keep in mind that their sugar level should always remain low. Just a tip, to balance your dog’s diet and fun activities, consider feeding him after a walk or having a great time at the playground.


Socialization is very crucial for all dog breed, there is no exception! Although risky, socialization and making new friends are highly beneficial for them. To ensure a great playdate, it is important that you correctly analyze the tolerance of your Yorkies first. Through that, you will guarantee that the dog will meet a new companion and find a great fun time with his new doggy friend.

This thing is generally important for the Yorkshire Terriers because they are the kind of dog that easily gets bored when they are alone. Just ensure that you are giving them the right dog match. With that, it will result in creating a friendly and fun surrounding for your Yorkies.


If there is one dog breed that is easy to train, you will never go wrong with the Yorkshire Terriers. In fact, this is a dog breed that always wants to be on the move most of the time because of its energetic nature. So, training the Yorkshire Terriers is a fun idea and, at the same time, productive as well. In both the physical and mental aspects, the Yorkies are very easy to train.

Because of that incredible trait of this small dog breed, what do Yorkies like to do for fun and truly enjoy the most is engaging in exercise. However, be moderate in giving exercise activities for the Yorkies as their short legs will easily get tired. That’s why it is crucial to know how much exercise do Yorkies need. For Yorkies, mental stimulation is the best result for their physical activity.

5-Stimulating their mind

Since they are smart dog breeds, stimulating the mental aspect of the Yorkies to fall in various approaches. Aside from that, Yorkies’ mental stimulation is a great channel to produce a fun time for you and your lovable pooch. Earlier, we mentioned that exercise can stimulate their mind. Moreover, there are so many things what do Yorkies like to do for fun in terms of this aspect.

Remember that the Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent and creative, so they might highly enjoy the fun of withdrawing food from a dispenser. That way you may not only stimulate their mind but also let them enjoy a good time snack as well. Generally, the combination of food and games can be highly soothing for the Yorkies because of their hard-tempered nature.


Aside from being highly trainable, playing is really enjoyable and fun for them. This is generally credited to their very energetic trait. There are so many games what do Yorkies like to do for fun. Generally, the selection is so broad to make your Yorkies happy and enjoy the fun most of the time. Here are those:

what do yorkies like to do for fun

Puzzle toys actually provide advantages to the Yorkies. In addition to keeping them busy, this toy can also stimulate their mind. There is a wide array of puzzle toys that your Yorkshire Terriers may really enjoy. Some of them necessitate the dog to elicit some moves over the toy to get some hidden surprise. For instance, the Hide-a-Toy is an attractive, puzzle plush toy in which treats can also be used simultaneously.


Treasure hunt is actually a funny and enjoyable game for the Yorkshire Terriers. This game is generally a satisfaction when it comes to the Yorkies’ predatory instinct especially in the aspect of rooting out rodents. What do Yorkies like to do for fun? Well, they obviously love to do a treasure hunt.

Playing treasure hunt with the Yorkies need you to take out his favorite toy. Start playing by showing to him his toy. Let your Yorkies play using the toy for about a few minutes. That will generally arouse your dog’s interest before hiding his toy somewhere inside the house.

If you and your Yorkies are just a beginner of this game, put the toy on your back or under a pillow. Ask your cute little pooch to look for the toy. Once he found it, praise him and give him physical affection. The moment the Yorkies become used to the treasure hunt game, you may then upgrade it to the next level.

At this point, ask your dog to stay inside a room while you are placing the toy secretly into another place in the house. Initially, you may consider putting the toy in an easy-to-find place. The time your Yorkies upgraded into an advanced level, try to have more challenging hiding places.

Treasure hunt game will basically modify your Yorkies into an amazing doggy hunting machine especially when the dog hazed him. Further, you will observe that your pooch develops good skills in hunting.


Tug-of-war is another game that your Yorkies like to do for fun. The ZippyPaws Monkey is one type of rope toy intended for a dog’s tug-of-war game. You can also pair it with any durable dog toy that you have. For added variety, you may combine it with a game of fetch or hide and seek.


Aside from giving enjoyment to your Yorkies, playing hide and seek will also establish a positive relationship between you and your pooch. Hide and seek is a game of mental stimulation and, at the same time, will reinforce some commands included in your Yorkies’ training.

Basically, start by commanding your Yorkshire Terriers to sit and stay in a place where they cannot see where you will be hiding. However, you need to invest some time and effort in executing this command. Well, that’s definitely fine and be patient in doing your best with your puppy while having fun.

As soon as you become unnoticeable with your Yorkies, select a place for you to hide. Once you’re there, voice out the command “Come!”. Check the time it takes for your Yorkies to find you out.


The game of fetch is generally beneficial for the Yorkies as it may provide fun and let them engage in some exercise. Get your dog’s fave ball, bouncing toy, or plush toy. Afterward, toss those toys and let your Yorkshire Terriers fetch after them.


Building a DIY obstacle course for your Yorkshire Terriers is not only an activity that your Yorkies will enjoy but you and your family members will also get entertained with it. All you need is to bring out the creativity in you and make use of the things available inside your home. You can use blankets and pillows in building small tunnels wherein the Yorkies can navigate.

Moreover, you can also incorporate obstacles requiring jumping over of your Yorkies. Just make sure that it should not be high for your Yorkshire Terriers. Remember that this small dog breed is susceptible to injury.

what do yorkies like to do for fun

What do Yorkies like to do for fun? Well, they really like to chase whoever and whatever they like. Sometimes, your Yorkies will chase after you or other family members. There will also be times that the Yorkshire Terriers run after other dogs at the park. Chasing is actually a great way to let the Yorkies get rid of their extra energy provided that they do not interfere with the house rules.


If you have a lawn or a backyard, your Yorkies will generally have a big area to roam around and play. Mostly, the lawn or backyard has a sprinkler system that the Yorkshire Terriers will surely enjoy playing with. A sprinkler is something that your doggy will find really interesting to bite or chew into.

7-Daily Walking

Aside from going out to play, the Yorkies also love to do some daily walks to have fun. This is actually one form of exercise for the Yorkshire Terriers which is essential for them. Daily walking is beneficial for this small dog breed by relieving some of their tension and anxiety. Additionally, a brisk walk in a park per day will provide fresh air to the Yorkies. You will also find this activity to be an amazing bonding moment with your adorable pooch.

8-Watching TV

Well, television imparts an important role in the daily lives of humans. But, this appliance does not only entertain us, it also tends to be enjoyable for our fur babies. For instance, the Yorkshire Terriers have a great desire to watch television. Actually, that is really surprising but is it a fact.

The Yorkies may not see the actual images display on the screen but this four-legged creature gets delighted with the colors, light, and sound that the TV creates. For the Yorkshire Terriers, watching TV generally stimulates their mind. It helps the Yorkies to get rid of boredom and make them relax.

9-Getting affection

Because of their size, it is obvious that this dog breed is generally adorable and cuddly. Always keep in mind that owning the Yorkshire Terriers needs your attention and most especially your affection. As soon as you do it, you will sooner notice that your pooch will express his affection to you in return. That way both of you will establish a better connection with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Since they are very cuddly and snuggly with their loved ones and on everything soft and fluffy, the Yorkies are comfortable to fell in love with. In addition to that, their silky coat is generally suitable for petting.


A: Actually, signs that may show the happiness of your Yorkies are listed in so many ways. Those include the following:

  • Erected and waggy tail
  • Floppy ears
  • Relaxed body
  • Being playful
  • Leaning on you

A: If you really want to make your Yorkies happy, all you need is to establish a defined space for your lovable pooch. Providing them healthy meals and nutritious snacks together with plenty amount of water is highly essential for your Yorkies’ health. Moreover, you also need to groom your Yorkshire Terriers regularly and let them have some exercise and outdoor activity.

It is not only important for your Yorkies to make him happy but they also need to feel safe. With that, you must have to take precautions to maintain the safety of your doggo. Consider the actual needs and requirements of your Yorkshire Terriers so that you can able to give them specific elements of care. Most importantly, don’t forget to invest time in your dog’s physical and emotional wellness.


A: In order to catch their owner’s attention, the Yorkshire Terriers always try to have nice grooming and long for cuddles. In case they receive a lack of human affection, they usually do not do well especially if left alone for long periods of time.


A: Generally, the Yorkies love to make eye contact and stare at their owner not to begin war but to show their love. Try to look at your Yorkies’ eyes and once he gazes back having relaxed eyes, you will be assured that he is already happy and comfortable being with you.

Final Words

Since the Yorkshire Terriers have a very fun-loving nature, they engage in doing things that will make us laugh in return. This small dog breed has a big and blasting sense of energy that burst out capturing your attention and admiration. In general, all of the above-mentioned activities are what your Yorkies do for fun but they are not really aware of it.

Moreover, allowing your Yorkies to engage in those activities helps them to get stimulated in both their physical and mental aspects. Aside from improving their quality of life, these activities are also a great avenue to establish bonding between you and your Yorkshire Terrier.

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