The 7 Best Yorkie Toys

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Yorkie Toys

What do Yorkies like to play with?

In the beginning, Yorkshire terriers were bred to control vermin. But soon they became the choice of pets of many animal lovers. Yorkies are small, tough, and shy toy dog breeds but playful balls of energy. What they are most famous for is their unique floor-length hypoallergenic fur.

Yorkies are good apartment pets, they are small dogs but sometimes they can become loud, which might irritate your neighbors. They also need regular dental and fur care. If you can protect them from children and provide enough care and attention, they will be adorable little pets.

However, picking the best Yorkie toys can be a daunting task for all. Many things go into the play of this toy hunt – like what best dog toys will your Yorkie will be fond of the most? – or how flexible should be the material of the toy? – considering how much they are likely to bite and chew toys the moment something wins to grab their attention.

Therefore, we are here to present you with a thorough guide that will help you select the best dog toys for your Yorkshire terriers. To keep it interesting, we have compiled a list of top toys – to provide you with the best options out there – while giving your little fur a wonderful playtime that he will enjoy, tirelessly.

Are you excited to accompany your little champ with the best toys for Yorkies to utilize its unmatchable energy? – if yes, then continue to read on – because we are about to dive into the discussion.

best toys for yorkies

What are the Best Toys for Yorkies?

Yorkies have high prey drive so they are full of energy and need good playtime. So, in order to keep from getting into trouble, you must provide them with regular mental and physical exercise. That’s why you should always keep a few good dog toys around. It will help keep your yorkie entertained. The following toys would be a good choice for your pet.

  • Small ping pong balls, chewable dog chew toy, or rope toys would be good for Yorkies that like to bite. It would help with their teething and keep them calm.
  • Yorkies are intelligent and sweet pets. They get attached to their parents quite easily. So, toys like stuffed animals, plush toys that are soft will keep them happy when you leave home. Buy them cuddly, lightweight, and soft toys.
  • If Yorkies has gotten bored with its regular toys, you can get them puzzles. They will love an interactive puzzle toy; it will keep them entertained for a long time.
  • Yorkies are curious by nature so a squeaky toy that produces sound can be a great toy that will keep them very busy and happy.
Yorkie with chew toy

How Do I Keep my Yorkie Entertained?

Yorkies are bundles of energy so they move around a lot. Toys are a good option of entertainment, but they won’t always want to play with them. The following are some other ways of keeping your pet entertained.

  • Walking
  • Fetch
  • Dog toys that move on their own
  • Nose games
  • Hide and seek
  • Massage
  • Flirt pole
Yorkie playing with chew toy

What Do Yorkshire Terrier Like to Play With?

We have already talked about the kind of toys that are most suitable for Yorkies. Yorkies love puzzles, small ping pong balls, squeaky toys, and stuffed animals. But there are other toys that you should always avoid.

  • Avoid getting them toys that dangle. They would want to jump and bite them, which might harm these sensitive little fellas.
  • Do not buy edible chew toys. The digestive system of Yorkies is sensitive so it gets upset.
  • You should always avoid bulky and tough toys. It will hurt the jaws and teeth of your little friends. Yorkies are tiny dogs.
Yorkie at the pool playing

Top Yorkie Toys

1.    ZippyPaws – Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws - Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Fox, Raccoon, and Squirrel - Large

Yorkies have a particular taste. They don’t go for everything and anything that is placed in front of them. Hence, keeping their picky habit in mind – the toy needs to be eye-catching for them to show their interest – and what’s better to attract a Yorkie than some furry little creatures of timberland by the ZippyPaws.

These toys come in a package of more than 1 toy – containing cute and skinny pelts like a fox, squirrel, and a raccoon – which are cleverly designed to entice all Yorkies in a fun way.

Speaking of enticing, to create a noisy hype and keep the little champ involved in its toys – the skinny pelts contain 3 top-quality squeakers in a single toy – each time the Yorkie hears the sound, it makes him crazier for it.

The inside of these toys is made up of Plush material – which means no stuffing that can turn the Yorkie’s playtime – into your hectic routine of cleaning the overall mess in the house.

The variety is found in the size and the amount of toys in a pack. There are two sizes available – 11 and 18 inches. While it is accessible in two different quantities – like a pack of 3, and a pack of 6.

So, if you are looking for toys that are not only long lastingly durable – but also caters from small to medium sized dogs – then this is precisely the one for you!

2.    Outward Hound – Squeaking and Fetching Tennis Ball

Taking into account, that the Yorkies love to bite and grab stuff with their sharp teeth – gives us a reason to find something that doesn’t tear apart the moment it gets in their grip. In such a case, a tennis ball by the Outward Hound is the spot-on choice to play fetch with your little fur.

Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz Fetch Dog Toy, XS - 4 Pack

Keeping the Yorkie alert at all times – the squeaky sound of these balls give the toys a great combo of a bouncy fetch toy and a tennis ball into a single piece of sporty game ball. Moreover, being in a package of more than 1 – the increased number of balls allow an extended fetching time – instead of getting into the lost and found of the toys, at the interactive time of joyful activities with them.

Furthermore, the wide range of variation adds to the desirability of these tennis balls. They are obtainable both in various attractive and vibrant colors – of blue, green, orange and red. While, a number of different sizes are available with multiple quantities (2, 4, 6, and 8) – like from the minimum of extra small ‘XS’ size (comes in a pack of 4 balls) to the maximum of large size (comes in a pack of 2 balls) – that is compatible to all kinds of Yorkie breeds weighing less than 25lbs.

Since the material of the toys matter as well – these tennis balls are made up of gluten-free, compact mesh with a superior quality rubber to give it an extra bouncy touch.

Overall, a great package of diverse choices to pick from – with a fair price, and a reliable fetch toy that doesn’t end up flat in the beginning of an outdoor warm-up.

3.    Lambchop – Plush Squeaker Dog Toy

Like the previous ones we discussed above, this Lambchop is similarly among the type of attention-grabbing toys by the brand of Multipet – that the Yorkie terriers are fond of biting.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan

As the name gives it away – it’s a little lamb with an adorable white body and bright red feet while the eyes are black to add a tiny bit of color variation to the toy.

Since by now we know, that the squeaky sound of toys is among the favorite features of the Yorkies to get entertained with – in order to keep up the excitement level, this Lambchop contains this squeaky sound in it as well.

Other than that – the toy is made up of Plush material – while the only obtainable size of this toy is 10 inch. Although there aren’t as many options to select from – but this particularly toy is enough to provide your excessively pumped-up Yorkie with a calming excersie to utilize that overflowing energy inside.

4.    KONG – Puppy Toy Natural Teething Rubber

As far the teething is concerned, KONG offers multiple toys that are admired by many dog owners.

KONG - Puppy Toy Natural Teething Rubber - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch (Color May Vary) - for Extra Small Puppies

Yorkies enjoy a chewable toy which can satisfy their teething habit by getting between their teeth, now and then – and these toys deliver exactly that by converging all the healthy playful traits of fetching, chewing, and biting – into a single one.

Effectively, the soft and gentle rubber material is not only bouncy – but is great for the gums and fresh teeth of young and developing Yorkies – to assist their chewing and biting needs at that stage.

Apart from that, it comes in two bright colors – blue and pink. While the sizes vary from extra small ‘XS’ to large. To make it more interesting, it can be filled with any treat which is what Yorkie is fond of – while it is adequate for a pup who is older than 9 months or so.

5.    ChuckIt! – Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

What can top a Frisbee, when it comes to chase and fetch toys? – Indeed nothing! That’s why we have also added this product of ChuckIt! to enrich our toy list with some playful items.

ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, Small (Orange/Blue)

For all those high-flying lover Yorkies, it is counted among the most favorite toys of them all.

Moreover, its multi-layer aerodynamic design makes it more appealing in the list of toys – since the inside of this toy is made up of a nylon material while the gentle corners are of rubber – to ensure no damage is done to the Yorkie’s gum during fetching it the half way.  

On top of that, the paraflight flyer are accessible in two dark colors – blue and orange. While the two sizes are simply small and large. It comes with a warranty and great to gift all the hyper Yorkies out there!

6.    Hyper Pet Doggie Tail – Interactive Plush Dog Toy

The Doggy Tail offer the most stimulating toys to get rid of boredom and convert it into a precious bonding time between both the of you.

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toys (Wiggles, Vibrates, and Barks – Dog Toys for Boredom and Stimulating Play)

For all the hyper Yorkies out there, a stuffed toy is not enough to excite then. They want something as hyper as they are – this toy not only vibrates, but also wiggles to create that stimulating effect, but not staying still at its place. To top it off – it also barks with the squeaky sound intact to capture the Yorkie’s attention – easy to operate with an on/off switch on the surface and a battery fitted inside of it.

The overall material is Plush, while there are multiple colors and doggie tail sizes obtainable.

7.    Best Pet Supplies – Dog Squeaky Chew Toy

Last but not the least, these toys of Best Pet Supplies offers a no-mess solution to all the tugging and pulling while the Yorkies are having a blast with their toys.

Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Fun Skin Stuffless Dog Squeaky Toy (Wild Duck, Hare, Squirrel, Alligator Bundle), Small (PT07-08-45-47-S)

Loud squeaking sounds coming from the head and tail of the toy – always wins to divert the Yorkie’s mind at anytime. The moment your little pup at a bite at it, there won’t be any mess – since there is no inner stuffing to get outside in case of being torn apart.

To keep your little fur going, these toys are designed as natural animals – like raccoon, deer, hare, wild duck, fox, snow leopard, and much more – this huge range of diverse styles is enough to not only drive your Yorkshire Terrier crazy but make you indecisively insane to pick the right one.

Luckily, they come in various sizes – small, medium, and large – to cater to whatever sized champ you have.

Note: Keep an eye on your pup while they play with these toys – Because they find it so tempting that they try to eat them (similarly, they do with any other toy they find intriguing). However, being their loving owners – we wouldn’t want them to get into even a bit of trouble, now do we?

The importance of providing toys to dogs cannot be overstated. Toys provide mental stimulation, help develop positive behavior, and allow dogs to express natural behaviors such as hunting and chewing. When a dog is given the proper toys that are suited to their size and personality, they can have hours of fun and enjoyment, leading to better overall health.

The right toys can keep them occupied when they are left home alone, reduce boredom and depression, help relieve stress, and even help with oral hygiene. They also provide an opportunity for owners to bond with their pets by playing together or teaching them how to use the toy properly.

By providing interactive toys that promote physical activity and mental stimulation, owners can help ensure their pet’s well-being in body and mind. Furthermore, providing a variety of safe toys allows owners to monitor which ones their pet prefers so they can replace them when needed or even find new ones that may be better suited for the dog’s changing needs.

To sum up, it’s clear that offering appropriate toys is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner and taking care of your dog’s physical and mental health.

Toys can offer a variety of physical and emotional benefits to dogs. Physically, they provide stimulation that helps keep them active and fit. Toys like balls or Frisbees can help your dog get exercise, while chew toys can strengthen their jaw and teeth.

They can also help reduce boredom by providing an interactive distraction during times when you’re not able to supervise your dog. Emotionally, toys give your pup the opportunity to explore their environment through play, helping build their confidence and allowing them to relieve stress and anxiety in a natural way.

Regularly providing new toys for your pup to explore also helps keep their curiosity going, improving overall mental stimulation that leads to better cognitive development and stronger bonds with owners.


Yorkies are fun, intelligent, adorable, and energetic little dogs. They can be a joy to have around. The playtimes with your favorite pets are always entertaining sessions. They can make you smile cute antics and in return, your pet will get its necessary mental and physical exercise.

One way to keep them entertained is via dog toys. Soft squeaky toys, chewable toys and ping pong balls are the best dog toys for Yorkies and should be on your list when you go shopping. We have tried to make your job easy by enlisting a few famous smaller versions and safe toys designed specifically for Yorkies. Play with your Yorkie.

We hope your search ends here.  



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